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Since I gained almost 100 followers overnight… A little monday morning check in. Both pictures are unflexed

I’m not a bodybuilder, nor do I ever desire to be one. Right now I’m in an eternal “build muscle mass” phase, because I want to get my oly totals up. I eat a shit ton of food (none of which I currently track), generally train crossfit in the mornings, and lift heavy M/W/F in the evenings. I’m a full time PhD student.

WOD 10-31-16
-for time-
400m walk with barbell locked out overhead (135/95)
Find 1RM shoulder press

Walk completed in 7:44 with 65lb. 1RM was 80lb(PR!)


HAHAHA my face at the end asking if it looked ok …repping that @zojifit shirt!

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Happy to be consistently hitting my 90%!!!! Hence the happy dances 😊😊💃🏾💃🏾 @fitnnappy

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No hard feelings, dude. I wouldn’t ever have believed this possible myself, pre-derby.

Fun fact of the day: I really love the German word “Feierabend”. There isn’t really a 1:1 translation for it. It means the end of your working day/shift but literally translates to “Party(ing) Evening”. I think it perfectly describes what I feel when I leave work. (Like, for derby. Or crossfit.) :)