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The Archangel, 2.25 Pood KB, in black and gold, for Coach Big Mike Gregory.

Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. - Revelation 12:7-9

Last Friday Big Mike and I decided to give our classes something fun to do after the WOD for a little extra work.  Here is a video of Tom from the 11:15 class pulling the prowler.  The first pull he made 190lbs look like it was sliding on butter, so I had to jump on for a ride on round two.  This video is him pulling the prowler with 190lbs of weight, plus my 165lbs, for a total of 355lbs! This doesn’t even include the weight of the prowler itself and the rope. This is a great example of the total body strength that we are building here at CrossFit Central.


Are you Setting the example ?


True Beauty is always evident, no matter the canvas. 

*My friend Jessica Estrada has some of the prettiest butterfly chest to bar pull ups.In CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.5 She completed 3,6,9 and half of the set of 12 unbroken. It was beautiful and awesome. 


I recently got a GoPro Hero HD2 as an early Christmas present from my brothers and I am pretty pumped about it!  I have always wanted one of these video cameras.  They are designed to withstand impacts from extreme sports, stay attached at high speeds and still produce 1080p picture quality.  The camera can also take 11MP pictures, time-lapse photos, slo-mo and arrays of photos. 

Recently, I have been setting the camera up to get video and time-lapse pictures of my classes I coach at CrossFit Central so that I can practice using it before my snowboarding trip.  The first is a picture of David Haynes, a client in my 11:15am class.  He snuck up on the camera and tried to be goofy, only to be caught on its 30sec timer!  Pretty funny if you ask me.  The second is none other than all-star coach Big Mike, also trying to sneak a peek of the camera.  Gotta love the 170* viewing angle!

Expect a heck of a lot more videos from me in the near future as I experiment with my new toy and find new ways to get creative shots in the gym.


The back half of the year has been an absolute blur. I distinctly remember thinking “okay, it’s time to start training for real” and increase my training intensity and volume in order to get ready for the coming CrossFit competition season. MAN! To keep it short, I have been getting my ass kicked something fierce down here in Austin, Texas. From finishing dead last in workouts to feeling like I discover a new weakness in every workout to even, sometimes,  just wanting to not train at all. It has truly been a struggle. 

That word seems to denote a negative connotation. I see it as a comforting reminder that I am extending my limits. There is something rewarding in working hard, every day. It doesn’t mean that I finish first or even complete every workout. It means that after working through frustration, sweat and discomfort; I go home, recover and then think to myself “Let’s try that again.”

Struggling is an indicator, a crossroad. You can decide which direction it pushes you. 

Pictured: Dallas of CrossFit San Mateo. This guy loves the sport. It was good to see the CrossFit bug is all over the nation. 

#TheGrindIsTheGlam – Probably my most favorite hashtag ever. I first saw it used by the gymnastic guru and friend to CrossFit, Carl Paoli. Carl has an attitude about life and hard work that you can’t help but respect.  It seems to me that so many people work a job they don’t like just to have the money to go on glamorous vacations or have the big house and cars that they see celebrities with on TV.  They work hard to have a few moments of feeling larger than life yearly.  What they don’t realize is that much of that is just a part of ‘the grind’ for many of these famous people.  It is what their job entails in order to keep up their image or to please their fans.  Their hard work day in and day out, doing what they love, is what created it.  It may seem that putting on big shows is just the fun part for the artist, but that is also them on 'the grind’. 

The coaches at CrossFit Central give their best to make the grind the glam on a daily basis.  We don’t find ourselves living for the weekend or next vacation.  We live for the moment.  Our job is what makes our daily lives glamorous.  It is through our passion for our jobs, hard work and sacrifice that many of the CC coaches have reached a 'legendary’ status in the local community as well as the global CrossFit Community.  Wake up every day knowing that it is the grind the defines you and creates the glam in all of our lives.  Now, get back to it!


Press Handstand and Plange Practice

Day Eleven

CrossFit Cental. One of the oldest, most well known, and successful CrossFit gyms in the nation. SeeFit stop #11. 

This is one that we were all looking forward to and expecting a big turnout from. In itself, it was pretty cool showing up to be greeted by Jeremy Theil (3rd place in the 2008 CrossFit Games), Carey Kepler (1st place in the 2011 South Central Regional), and the rest of their badass team that qualified for the Games this year. Carey brought a high energy that got us all pumped from the get-go. 

More and more people from surrounding gyms showed up and before we knew it, we had a packed house! After Jeremy’s enthusiastic and heartfelt introduction, we got the ball rolling and as always, saw some awesome stuff. “Bike Mike,” whom a few of us had seen in videos performing crazy feats of athleticism, set our high score on the row for calories with a huge 66 in just 2 minutes! As each member of the SeeFit team manned and judged our respective stations, we got to know a lot of the people competing. 

Once the event was wrapped up, Noah squeezed in one of the recently released Games WODs (3 rounds for time of 8 split snatch (115), 7 bar muscle-ups, and 400 meter run) with the Road to Games crew that showed up mid way through the event. Interested to see how his 8:30 time holds up against all of the Games athletes in less than a week!

All in all, another great event and afterwards we met up with the Central crew at Sam’s Boat to watch Anderson Silva successfully defend his title for the 10th time. Thanks to Jeremy, Carey, Ingrid, and all the others that lent a hand in supporting SeeFit’s Road to the Cure. Day 12 holds a grueling 16 hour drive from Austin, Texas to Scottsdale, Arizona. The drive should pay off when we get to spend the next afternoon at OPT to “get comfortable with the uncomfortable” and work with the 1st ever CrossFit Games champ, James Fitzgerald. Keep following our journey, almost there!