crossfit candy

You can either accept this as an insult or a reality.  For me, it’s a reality.  I’m weaker than people that have been doing Crossfit longer than me… no big deal… I’m confident where I’m going.  You can be, too.  Log your times, push yourself harder, leave everything on the floor.  What’s holding you back?  Double unders?  Practice them at home.  A running warm-up?  Practice some 400m on your street.  You got this ;)  #crossfitcandy 


Be Ready to be CRAZY INSPIRED!  The title of this video is called “Women - Evolved.”  I love what the directors had to say about it:  "The sport of fitness never ceases to amaze me with it’s rapid ability to create a stronger human body. Especially for women. Previous generations of women are brought up to believe ‘thin’ is healthy and eating less or dieting is the avenue to success. This is not the way.

We are at the forefront of a health revolution. A revolution consisting of… women of all ages tap into a potential which was previously dormant, creating a new generation of strong self-confident women that no yoga or zumba class could match. These women are still your mothers, sisters and daughters but they can now lift, run, squat, and press.

Women are setting the bar higher these days and it is great to see. Keep up the astounding work, ladies. I applaud you.“  #crossfitcandy

CrossFit, at its core, is about the hard truths of life. Good things take effort. Results don’t come easy. Sometimes, to get to a really good place, you have to go through a really bad time. Heavy things are hard to pick up. Strength takes guts. And, if you’re a cheater, you’re an asshole. These are essential truths.
—  Lisbeth Darsh   #crossfitcandy

The BEST advice I ever got from theangrytherapist.  I probably didn’t know it at the time, but he was talking about life, too.  I thought it was pretty unconventional for a therapist to tell a patient, “Go Crossfit, you’re life will get better,” but wow, he was right… I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to me (b/c it’s been the catalyst for so much positive change).  Angry runs a really cool community over on his Tumblr, totally interactive, even if you’re not ready for (or can’t afford) one on one therapy.  You should check it out.  You’re life will get better ;)  -Kayla  #crossfitcandy