crossfit chicks

4 months of crossfit later..
5-7kg difference I think.
First pic: 26th August when the only exercise I’d done in 9 months was the first month of insanity. The first 3 months of 2014 I spent at home, very depressed, barely leaving the house, on constant suicide watch and eating my body weight in pasta and cheese. The next 3 months I spent in hospital. Then I was discharged, spent some time at home and joined crossfit in at the start of September, when this pic was taken.
Second pic: this morning, after a smoothie for breakfast, after one week back at training after over a week off with a chest infection/tonsillitis and christmas chub! I’m about to go to training and it’s gonna be a tough session with the girls but I need it :)


*pouring one out for a good friend who passed away on Saturday from a long battle with PTSD. RIP*

1/3 mile run
High knees
Butt kickers
One leg deadlift hold
Leg cradle

2x thru
One leg deadlift with kb 35# x10
Jumping lunges x20
Sumo deadlift high pull with kb 35# x10

EMOM 10 mins
10 deadlifts #105/125
20 lateral bar hops

Total reps 147 RXd
Rest 1 min every other min

1 min of kb swings 44# - 27
1 min of wall balls 14# - 23
1 min of push ups - 28
1 min of air squats - 53
1 min of burpees - 16