Alex Danvers Week - Day 2
↳ Favorite Scene Or Episode

My whole life has been about being perfect. Perfect grades, perfect job, y’know, perfect sister taking care of Kara. But the one part of my life that I have never been able to make perfect… Was dating. I just never really liked it. I don’t know, I mean, I tried, you know. I got asked out. I just never liked… Being intimate. I just… I don’t know, I thought maybe that was just not the way that I was built. You know? Just not my thing. I never thought that maybe it was because of the other… That maybe I… I mean, I don’t know, now I just, I can’t, I can’t stop thinking about…

“About what?”

Maybe there is some truth to what you said.


“What you said. About me.


Maybe Epic is a comedian and troller, but sometimes I like to imagine him a little more serious than he is(?).


Important scenes of Mon-El (aka scenes that antis ignore) 2x05 “First attempt at superheroing”.