i catch myself staring at you when you’re doing simple things: driving, reading, replying to a text. i love watching the shadows your eyelashes cast and how your freckles peek out and the furrow you get between your brow. you always get nervous when you catch me staring, ask me, “is there something wrong?” always check your teeth, send a quick glance in the mirror. but there’s not. i’ve seen you 2 am crossfaded, 3 am crying jags, 5 am no coffee, 6 am after a long run. you always look beautiful, like you are made of the sun.

Numark DJ2Go

Throwing an impromptu rave has never been easier. The Numark DJ2Go ($60) is a small — think keyboard-sized — DJ controller that connects to your laptop over USB, letting you DJ an entire set using real controls while carrying nothing more than your laptop bag. Features include two platters, a crossfader, pitch and level, Deck A, Deck B, Master, and Headphone gain controls, and compatibility with nearly any MIDI-compliant software. Finally, a reasonable excuse to bring your laptop with you to the club.


the world’s first bluetooth DJ crossfader (and they say the latency is zero)


One of the most creative uses of a crossfader I’ve seen in a long time.