it really is over 8 hours since ive seen that kangaroo video and im still not over it

he had the dog in a headlock…practically the crippler crossface…owner ran up and gave him the chin check and the kangaroo is just there processing the fact that the human don’t use its legs

here he is thinking they’re gonna settle it via dropkicks n he gets rocked into another dimension cuz he really zoned out lmfao

Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels Vs. Chris Benoit
[March 14th, 2004]

Earlier this week marked the 12 year anniversary of one of my all-time favorite matches. Triple H defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against his former best friend, Shawn Michaels, and the 2004 Royal Rumble winner, Chris Benoit, in the main event of WrestleMania XX. In a rare moment (at the time), Michaels and Triple H rekindled their D-Generation X partnership to make an attempt to take out Benoit by smashing him through the Spanish announcers’ table.

This would prove to be effective, at first. That is until the “Rabid Wolverine” would make it back to his feet, and ultimately lock the Crippler Crossface onto “The Game” to secure the victory. This would be the first (and sadly, last) time that Benoit held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! What made the deal that much better for Benoit was that at the time, his best friend Eddie Guerrero was the WWE Champion.

Roman's New Finisher

He hinted at a new finisher at a Q&A session at Wizard World, and in my opinion it’s a submission finisher and I have some ideas which ones will benefit him:

1. Crossface. Mainly Chris Benoit’s version with the arm trap.

2. Torture Rack. Personally, I think Roman can do this better than Lex Luger.

3. Inverted sharpshooter. Kinda like Paige’s PTO

What do u think?


This Day in WCW History: Following a month where Kanyon betrayed Perry Saturn to align with DDP & Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Benoit stepped up alongside Saturn to defeat The Jersey Triad for the Tag Title, the Triad takes advantage of a distracted referee by having Bigelow break up a Crossface and help DDP connect with a Diamond Cutter to win their second WCW World Tag Team Championship at Great American Bash 1999.

“A shorter, less-than-telegenic submission specialist who was never meant to make it past the midcard, whose finisher is modified Crossface and whose signature is a diving headbutt, married to a Diva, called one of the best of his generation, plagued by injuries, main-evented WM after an ‘interesting’ royal rumble finish, defeated HHH and won the World Heavyweight Title in a triple-threat by submission in the same night. Yeah, Bryan and Benoit are the same guy.“

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I would never do that to you, Jordan. Because you hate change as much as I do. I WOULD LET YOU IN ON THE SECRET BB.

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I probably would give myself away because I would just curl up on top of you. Pretty obvious who it is.

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I consider doing this at least once a day.