Bad Veins

There’s no way I haven’t posted this before at some point in the last few years, but I was too lazy to check, and fuck you it’s my goddamn blog.

Anyway, 2009, this was definitely my favorite front-to-back album of the year. I love those albums that you can just pop in and can be perfectly content nearly every time to just let it roll–definitely one of ‘em. “Crosseyed” is the clincher for me. It’s the drums more than anything. They’re just so fucking…lyrical, I guess? The fills are just perfect, to the point it’s not just holding a rhythm, it’s actually singing backup.

(Aside: The Appleseed Cast's Low Level Owl Vol. 1 was the first time I think I ever clearly noticed this phenomenon in my life, and it blew my mind, so I feel like it’s something I’ve been tuned to ever since. For all I know no one even knows what the fuck I’m talking about.)

And anyway, since the band is apparently a follower of mine (sup dudes!), I’d also like to mention that the amazing synthy little bridge riff in the middle of this song has been my ringtone since like 2010. I took great pains to carefully edit down a very precise clip to make sure it began and ended perfectly.

Best ringtone ever. Never changed.