crosses tights

Harry's reaction to becoming a father.

Okay, I’m sorry in advance, BUT THIS HAS BEEN IN MY MIND ALL DAY.

Harry is slumped back against the sofa, his long legs crossed and covered in tight black jeans, a phone wrapped in his big hand, his eyes glued to the screen.

You walk up to him, a wide smile spread across your face, holding the pregnancy test behind your back. Standing in front of him, you circle your hips and lift yourself up on your heels, until Harry looks up to you.

“Wha’ is it, pet?” he asks, an amused smile on his face. He has puffy under eyes, and curls spread across his forehead, and a light scruff covering his chin and jawline.

Without a word, you hand him the pregnancy test, and he hesitates at first, thinking, is it what he thinks it is? Are you serious?

“Tell me what it says.”

“It.. it has two red lines.” he reads in disbelief, looking up to you wide eyed, and his mouth falls agape.

“You’re going to be a dad, Harry.”

Harry gets up on the second you speak your words, his eyes getting glossier from the tears of joy and amazement.

“Wha’? Are yeh serious?” He asks hastily, feeling his heart starting to beat faster. You nod to him, and that’s when he loses it.

He crouches down, hiding his face in his palms, soft cries leaving his lips. He’s mumbling something, something in the lines of:

“Oh my god. I can’t believe this. I’ve waited so long, and now it’s happening.”

You also crouch down to him, tuck a curly strand of hair behind his ear, and stroke Harry’s hand with your thumb, asking him to show you his face.

He finally reveals his now even puffier red eyes, flushed out cheeks and trembling cherry lips, that are still curved up into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

“I’m gonna be a dad.”