crosses fashion off the list

Comic script

Judy: Nick, I’ve read that your ancestors can’t see the colors red and green. Is that true?
Nick: I can’t really say how my ancestors see their world before, but I can say that I can clearly see my awesome ‘green’ Hawaiian shirt.
Judy: Huh. Well, that crosses it off the list over your tacky fashion choice.
Nick: Not cool, carrots. Not cool.
Finnick: Oooh, burn.

Fun fact: Foxes technically have dichromatic vision, limited to two colors; given their cone cells, cells responsible for colors, have two dominant pigments: light green and dark blue or purple.
Like dogs, they have more rod cells which is sensitive to low light and build more for detecting movements, these cells are however can only see in grey scale; hence why they can see in the dark and easily distinguish well between different shades of grey.