Healing Hands (Part 2)

Ivar x Reader
Healing Hands: Part 2 of 2. 8,341 words.
Here’s Part 1 for anyone that missed it.
Warnings: A little angst, a lotta smut. I wouldn’t read this at work ;)
Wow guys, I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to finish this update! I really didn’t mean to keep you all waiting for so long but life kicked my ass a little bit this month. Thank you all so much for your support and all of your kind words, I honestly never expected such amazing feedback. I was so nervous writing for a new fandom but you all have just been so encouraging and so kind. I really hope that each and every one of you enjoys Part 2 and that it lives up to your expectations! Thank you again, everyone!
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The days that followed Ivar’s cruel rejection were some of the bitterest you’d ever known. You weren’t sure just what to expect from all those hours at the prince’s side but outright exclusion wasn’t something that had even crossed your mind. Everything seemed to be going so well. You and Ivar constantly lost track of time as you engaged in passionate conversations, talking about everything and nothing and whatever was left in-between. You knew Ivar well know, perhaps well enough to call him a friend and you had secretly hoped that he shared these feelings.

You had even started to wonder if Ivar was more than just a friend. Even before that final blissful evening, the chemistry between you both was undeniable. In all of your years of working with patients in all sorts of intimate situations, not one had responded to your touch like Ivar had. Not even the most flirtatious warrior would gasp and whimper in a way that only a lover would yet Ivar practically melted in your hands.

Then, there were the looks. He may have been a man of few words when it came to discussing anything emotional but disappointment was always noticeable in Ivar’s bright eyes whenever you bid him goodnight. Then every morning, that disappointment vanished again when you arrived and exchanged private, flirty stares that were completely missed by Ubbe.

There was no way of really telling where the shy smiles and tantalizing glances were heading but you were certain that they were heading somewhere. That was why Ivar’s rejection hurt even more. You tried to be rational by reminding yourself that you weren’t Ivar’s lover and he had no obligation to explain anything to you but rationality didn’t keep you warm on those cold, lonely nights. 

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ice cream gays & very warm days

yes i did name it that just to piss u off 

based on the iconic ice cream and pool boy photos of 5/15/17

warnings ; none, sfw except for a few sexual jokes

pairing ; phan obviously 

summary ; dan is a bored pool boy who works for a rich and snotty couple on the rich side of london. but somehow, flirting with the ice-cream man who works outside their mansion makes it a little better. 

God, it was hot.

Dan didn’t care how many times he had to trundle down this asphalt street in the blistering heat, he was positive he would never get used to it. He just wouldn’t get used to the ground beneath him practically melting through his sneakers, sweat dripping from his forehead into his eyes and making his hair even curlier than it naturally was. 

Dan pressed his chapped lips together, wetting them with his tongue. He looked up, pushing his hair back on his sticky forehead and searching the horizon. 

Just down the street, there he was. Prowling his usual location, practically right in front of the house Dan worked at for the largest shift of his day, his pink cart shining, the bells tinkling. 

It was a good summer job; cleaning pools. It just sucked ass when the people giving you money are power-hungry jerks with the biggest pool in the UK. 

Phil made it a little better. 

Today he was wearing a short sleeved button up that showed off his lean arm muscles quite well, as well as black shorts. He was standing behind the small cart, digging through the basket for something. Dan grinned, leaning against the cart on his elbows.  

“Hey cutie,” he said nonchalantly, reaching into the cooler and taking out an ice cube, proceeding to press it to his face. 

Phil raised his head quickly, practically hitting it on the cart on the way. Dan laughed as his face went red, and he rolled his eyes. 

“Hey, Dan.” His voice sounded annoyed, but Dan knew he wasn’t. This was just the way they talked. 

Dan examined the piece of ice before shrugging and popping it into his mouth. “You look busy today.” He giggled. “How are you not burning up out here…?”

Phil huffed slightly, standing up straight so he could fully watch Dan, tugging the collar of his shirt up to wipe his forehead, exposing a strip of pale skin of his stomach. 

“Oh trust me, I am.” He sighed. “I burn like a marshmallow. But this is my job, y’know? There’s no avoiding it.”

Dan nodded slowly, almost sleepily, considering the heat was melting down his senses. “I get that.” He glanced down at the cooler, filled with dozens of different colors. “Can I get-”

“Strawberry double-scoop, with sprinkles and a cherry.” Phil made a clicking noise with his tongue at Dan, winking. “Gotcha.”

Dan laughed lightly, watching him open one of the containers. “Damn. Do you memorize all of your customer’s orders?”

Phil shrugged. “Only the cute ones.”

A blush burned at Dan’s cheeks, but he rolled his eyes to cover it up. “Wow. Smooth.”

“You love it.” Phil looked back up at him, smiling like a four year old who had just successfully copied the bill of rights. Happy and bright. If Dan’s heart wasn’t already melted, he was sure it would melt again. 

“A little bit. But don’t get cocky.” 

Phil held out his hand, handing Dan the ice cream. Dan took it graciously, going to dig through the pocket of his slightly skimpy pink shorts. He had gotten them about a week before, definitely not so he could impress Phil. Of course not. 

“Mmh, sorry, can’t let you pay for that,” Phil said lightly when Dan held out the change. Dan frowned, his rosy lips slightly turned down. 

“Why not?” He raised his eyebrows. 

“Because it’s on the house.” Phil reached down again, shutting the container and looking back up to smirk at Dan like a hyena. He pushed Dan’s hand away gently. 


“Won’t Mr. and Mrs. annoying-ass be upset if you’re late?” Phil asked, just to change the subject. Dan scowled at him. 

“Thanks for reminding me.”

He glanced down at his wrist, noting that his arm was considerably tanned since the beginning of summer. 

“Nah, they’re gone by now.” 

Phil nodded, just as something came to Dan’s mind. He snickered, leaning forward on the cart, closer to Phil. 

“You said you’re hot, right?”

“Dan, you’re a bloody idiot.” 

Dan picked up the nervousness in Phil’s tone, and glanced back at him from the edge of the pool. He was standing right outside the gate, in the grass, fiddling with his fingers. He looked terrified, which was adorable if Dan was in any position to be thinking so. Dan giggled. 

“You’re not scared, are you?” He spun on his heel, crossing his arms in a soft of challenge. “You’re not gonna get in trouble. They’re gone, remember? Besides, this is my job.” Dan scoffed, pouting slightly. “And they pay me hardly enough, the least they could do is let me have a little fun.”

“I dunno Dan…” Phil bit down on his lower lip, searching his face. “I left my cart out there…” 

Dan groaned, walking over to him and grabbing his hand. “It’ll only be a minute. It won’t melt, it’s in the freezer.” He gave Phil his best puppy dog eyes, flashing him a smile so sweet he was sure to get cavities. “Pleasee?”

Phil sighed, unable to look away for a moment. “Fine. But only for a minute.”

“Yay!” Dan cheered, grabbing Phil’s wrist and tugging him farther into the yard. “I promise, you won’t regret it.”

Phil nodded, pulling his hand away and laughing. “I am pretty hot…”

Without warning he was stripping off his shirt, cannon-balling into the turquoise water, splashing practically the whole courtyard. Dan squealed, shielding himself from the spray. 

“Jesus, give me a warning next time you’re planning on undressing and spraying me.” Dan didn’t realize what he had said until it was too late, Phil had already winked. “Oh, shut up.” 

Phil grinned, swimming backwards and letting the water push his hair back into a quiff. “Aren’t you coming in?”

Dan grimaced. “Er, now that I think about it…”

Phil raised his eyebrows, incredulous. “Are you kidding me?”

Before Dan could think to run, the boy was pushing himself out of the pool, dripping wet. He shook his head like a dog, flicking water everywhere. “C’mere.”

“No!” Dan backed away, giggling at the dumb game he had gotten himself into. “Make me!”

“Oh I will, pretty boy.”

The words made him blush but Dan ignored it, attempting to escape to Phil’s left. Phil didn’t fall for it, grabbing him by the waist and holding him still. 

Dan thrashed, laughing and trying to push him away, but it was no use. Phil nearly flung him over his shoulder, carrying him back to the pool and throwing him in. 

Dan hit the water with a loud splash, the cool sensation flooding against the skin and causing temporary euphoria. When he came up for air, he sighed, running his fingers through his hair. 

“Good, yeah?” Phil asked, grinning and hopping in after him. 

“Yeah,” Dan replied almost dreamily. “Thanks for making me get in.”

“Hey, no problem.” Phil shrugged. “If it weren’t for you, I’d still be out there in the sun.”

Then came a silence between them, but it was comfortable. Dan floated on his back, watching the trees that grew around the courtyard sway in the slight (warm) breeze. 

Finally, Phil spoke again, and Dan popped his head up to listen. 

“You know, I wasn’t kidding about what I said.”

Dan raised an eyebrow, watching Phil play with the water, moving his hands to form tiny waves. 


“About you being cute.” He looked up, the corner of his lips pulled up in a lopsided grin. “You’re my cutest customer, and I mean that.”

Dan could feel his face going pink again and he brought his hands up to his cheeks, whether to cool them or hide the blush, Dan didn’t know. 

“Well I meant what I said too.” Dan snickered softly. “About you being hot.”

Phil groaned. “I thought you meant temperature wise.”

“I did.” Dan shrugged, a strand of hair falling between his eyes. “That too.”

Without noticing, one of them had moved closer, (neither was quite sure who but it really didn’t matter), and Dan placed a hand on Phil’s shoulder. 

“Hey…” Dan trailed his fingertips up Phil’s shoulder to his neck, and then up to his jaw. Phil visibly shivered. “I wanna pay you back.”

“For what?” Phil asked, his voice coming out a bit hazy and distracted, distracted by Dan’s fingers mindlessly moving up and down his cheekbone. 

“For the ice cream.” Dan let out a little huffy laugh. “Lemme take you out for coffee sometime.”

Phil couldn’t even bring himself to argue. He couldn’t bring himself to say ‘no, Dan, that ice cream was free because I really like you and I hope that free ice cream makes you want to be my boyfriend’. 

“Yes,” he breathed. 

Dan smiled, and then sighed, dunking back under the water momentarily. 

“Summer, right?” He said teasingly when he came back up, making a groaning noise. 

“I dunno.” Phil shrugged, grabbing Dan’s waist and pulling him close. “Summer isn’t so bad.” 


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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: HarelyQuinn!Au / Angst

Rated T for mentions of violence, blood, death, brain-washing and mature themes

Word count: 4.4k

Synopsis: The government hired you to cure Kim Taehyung from his madness, yet, every time you see him in that damn white room you lose sanity and yourself a bit more.

Author’s note: I should really really thank my lil Rosie and the sweet Mari for supporting me so much! This is dedicated to both of them <3 and of course feedback is always appreciated!  

part 1 // part 2 // drabble

                                                                       “He whispers things into my brain,

                                                                               assuring me that I’m insane.”


First session

The room smells like disinfectant, medicines and something ferrous you can’t quite define. Everything is white – almost blinding, you think –  the walls, the floor, the table you are sitting behind, the chair in front of you and also the sole window on the left. A window equipped with bars, of course.

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Sleep With Me - Carl Gallagher Imagine

Got this idea and decided hey why not start writing Shameless imagines.  Let me know if you like it so I can decide when to start writing more imagines!

The cool summer night’s air blew your hair over your shoulders as a soft sigh escaped your lips.  Just like every other night of the week, it had been a tough shift at work. About a month ago, you had decided to get a job as a waitress at a local restaurant.  The pay was far from ideal and the treatment from many of the customers was horrendous, but you needed to support your family and waiting tables was the best job you could get as a high school student in Southside.

You stared straight ahead as you walked under the high school bleachers, taking your typical route to get home.  The purse on your arm was clutched tight to your side. You had lived in Southside your whole life, and had your fair share of encounters with drunks and criminals.

“Y/N…” A soft voice to your side caught you off guard, causing you to come to a halt and take a protective stance.  Once you realized who it was, your muscles relaxed, but the hard look on your face remained untouched.

It was Carl.  Carl Gallagher.  Neighbor Carl.  The Carl who had been your best friend until he went to prison and came back a “changed man”, not interested in hanging out with a “innocent girl” anymore.  The Carl you had secretly been in love with for years.  The Carl who left you heartbroken and alone.

“Carl,” you mumbled in response with a slight nod of the head, letting out a huff and continuing to walk.

“Y/N, please… I really need someone to talk to right now,” Carl sighed, stepping out from the darkness of the bleachers and taking a few steps in your direction.

This immediately caused you to spin around on your heel and cross your arms over your chest.  “Weird, because I’ve needed someone to talk to for the past few months, but I guess we can’t always get what we want,” you snapped, your eyes shooting daggers into his before taking a look at your surroundings.  “Where’s Nick anyways?  I’m sure he’d love to hear whatever you need to talk about.”

The response you gave hit Carl harder than you had expected. He shoved his hands into his pockets and took a few steps back with his eyes on the ground.  He swallowed the lump in his throat before finally meeting your eyes again.  Despite your anger, the look in his eyes caused your heart to sink down to your stomach. Something terrible had happened.

“He’s gone, Y/N,” he whispered before his eyes shot back down to his hands, playing with his fingers.  “Prison again… for good this time.”

His words lacked the gangster lingo he had been using for the past few months.  His posture was no longer upright and exuding confidence.  His eyes were missing their usual playful glimmer.  His lips were not curved into his signature lopsided smirk. The only feature that remained of his recent swagger were the braids in his hair.

A sigh escaped your parted lips and you nodded and stepped toward the anxious boy, grabbing onto one of his shaking hands.  He followed as you guided him around the front of the bleachers and climbed up a few rows.

“Sit,” you instructed, pointing down to a section on the shaky wooden stands.  Once he obliged, you sat down on the row behind him, grabbing his shoulders and pulling his back into your knees.  Without a word, you slowly began to unravel his braids.

Carl did not resist.  Instead, he allowed his head to fall further into you and closed his eyes. It took a while, but eventually his body stopped shaking and his breathing became regular.  The silence lasted for about ten minutes before Carl finally took it upon himself to break it.

“He killed someone, Y/N.  A young boy.  With a hammer.  All because he took his bike,” he explained, his voice starting to shake again.  “All I keep imagining in my head is that bloody hammer and the boy’s mother screaming.  It won’t leave me.  It’s all it took for me to realize that I can’t keep living my life like this.  I just can’t.  How could you tell?” he questioned, his head leaning back further as his eyes met yours.

Your eyes immediately flickered back to his hair as you simply shrugged your shoulders in response.  Your mind was attempting to process everything he had just confessed to you.  The experience he had described would have been traumatizing to anyone, especially someone like Carl.  Carl wasn’t a thug, he was a scared child.  Still, you remained silent.

Carl let out a sigh and reached up, grabbing your hands out of his disheveled hair and gripping them tightly.  “Y/N, I’m really sorry, you know.  I really fucked up big time.  Me going to prison already had put our friendship on hold and me blowing you off once I was out must’ve really been the icing on the fucking cake.  I know you were probably really looking forward to picking things back up where we left off once I got out, and I really fucked that up and there’s nothing I regret more.  You were always the best friend I could ever ask for and I really don’t deserve you at this point, but I’m really sorry and I would do anything to make it up to you at this point.  I need you, okay?  I need you.”

The apology sounded sincere and the sad look in his eyes confirmed this to be true.  You knew he needed you, and you needed him just as much.  Carl had been a critical part of your life since before you could even remember.  If you left out the last year, all other associations with the boy had been positive. He was your partner in crime.  The one you turned to when you were having problems with your family, and when he was having issues with his.  The one you used to melt action figures in the microwave with as kids.  The one you goofed off with in class, and again in detention.  The one who you shared your first kiss with so he could “practice”.  The one who always stood up for you.  He was your best friend.

A small smirk formed on your lips as you pulled your hands away from his and began working at his hair again.  “You were right about two things.  You fucked up and you don’t deserve me,” you teased, combing through part of his hair with your fingers.

For the first time all night, his lips twitched upward into a grin and his glowing eyes met yours again.  “Now that sounds like my best friend again.”

You laughed quietly and rolled your eyes, successfully undoing one of the last braids.  “Yeah, we’ll have to wait and see about that whole best friend title for now,” you joked before your face became serious again.  “But seriously, Carl, I’m not sure what you expected to happen.  I was worried about you.  Sure, prison toughened you up a bit, but you’re still the same old Carl.  You’re still a kid.  We’re still kids.  Life around here is already tough enough.  The last thing you’d need is to end up in a bad situation with what you’ve been doing and get ki—“

“I know, Y/N.  I know,” he cut you off, closing his eyes again.  “I wasn’t thinking straight.  I don’t want to think about it anymore.  Can we talk about something else now?  Let’s talk about you.  How have you been?  I know it sounds selfish since my ego was through the roof and I wasn’t talking to you, but I’ve been thinking about you a whole lot.”

After pulling out his last braid, you began to slowly run your fingers through his soft hair, causing him to let out a content sigh.  “Me? You know, same old.  Dad’s gone again.  Been working at the restaurant a lot more lately.  Gotta love creepy guys grabbing your ass all day,” you said, rolling your eyes before giving his shoulder a squeeze and standing up.  “It’s all done.”

Carl shook out his hair before following you back down the bleachers, grabbing onto your hand and swinging your arms as you walked.  “Hmmph.  Well, they won’t be doing that under my watch anymore.”  He shot you a toothy smile and gave your hand a squeeze.  “I’ve really missed you, Y/N.”

The walk back to your neighborhood was pretty quiet, but it was comfortable.  All of your anger had subsided and you now felt relaxed.  You had your best friend back and were just happy to know that he was safe and out of the game before anything bad had happened to him.  Things would finally be able to go back to normal.

Although your houses were right next to each other, yours came first.  When you finally reached it, you smiled and turned to face your best friend. “Well, I guess this is goodnight then.”

“No.” Carl furrowed his brow before shaking his head and biting his lip.  “Sorry, I mean, do you have to go?  I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight and having you there with me would help.  You know, like old times.”

“Yes, Carl Gallagher, I’ll sleep with you,” you replied jokingly, squeezing his hand and pulling him towards the steps of his house and inside.

“Damn, I didn’t mean like that, but it could really help calm my nerves,” he teased back with a wink, leading you through the surprisingly quiet Gallagher house and to the couch.  “Totally kidding.  I’ll be right back.  Gonna change and grab something blankets… I’ll grab you something to change into, too.”

Soon enough, the two of you were laying face to face on the couch, Carl in his boxers and you in your underwear and one of his big t-shirts. Despite efforts, the anxious boy simply could not fall asleep.

With a sigh, you pulled the blankets down from over your heads and nudged his leg with yours.  “Come on.  If you can’t sleep, I’m going to at least try to get your mind off of what happened,” you proposed, propping yourself up on your elbow.  “Let’s talk about something else.  Let’s talk about us.  You know, all of the stupid shit we used to do.”

“Okay, okay.  I’ll start.”  Carl chuckled quietly and opened his eyes, allowing them to meet yours.  “Remember that time in fifth grade when we made that volcano together for science class?”

He didn’t have to say anything else for you to start laughing. “How could I forget?  It blew up in Mrs. Sullivan’s face.  Had to spend a week in detention, but it was totally worth it.”  You put your hand over your mouth to quiet the rest of your giggles.  “Okay, my turn.  Remember a few years ago when Joey Waters wouldn’t stop teasing me so you beat him up and he peed his pants?  Literally peed his pants.”

Carl let out a laugh, but his body tensed a bit.  “Yeah, of course I remember that.  I think I remember a little more about that than you do, though,” he murmured before rolling onto his back.  “I had heard that he was teasing you because he liked you and was planning on asking you to the school dance.  I would love to say he’s the only one I scared off, but that’d be lying.”

His comment made butterflies form in your stomach, but you knew you shouldn’t think too much into it.  He was just being the protective best friend he always had been. Nothing more.  “Now that’s something I didn’t know.  No wonder I never got a date to the dance,” you said with a laugh, playfully shoving his chest.  

Rolling back over onto his side, Carl flashed a shy smile. “My turn,” he mumbled, looking up in thought.  “Remember that time I got you to practice kissing with me before I went on my date with Rachel?  I even got you to make out with me,” he teased, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“Oh, of course I remember.”  You laughed to yourself, but you couldn’t stop a blush from forming on your cheeks.  The rest of your thoughts would have to remain to yourself.  Practicing kissing with Carl was far from a chore for you. You had long been hopelessly in love with your best friend, and as sad as it sounds, you knew that practicing was as close as you’d ever get to the real thing with him.  How could you not be in love with your best friend?  He had always been there to protect you and put a smile on your face, which was far more than anything anyone else had ever done for you.  Still, you kept this secret buried throughout the years.  A friendship with Carl was better than ruining your relationship altogether over feelings that were not mutual.

“I’m really feeling like I owe you tonight, so yet again I must admit that I probably remember more about that day than you do,” Carl uttered, putting his hands over his face.  “I never went on a date with Rachel.”

A quiet laugh fell from your lips and you raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?  Did she reject you?  Cancel?”

Even though the room was dim and Carl’s hands covered the majority of his face, it was undeniable that his cheeks were bright red.  “No.  I lied to you.  I never even asked her out,” he whispered, his eyes still refusing to meet yours.  “I just… I just needed to kiss you.  At least once.  And that was the only way I could do it.  I’m sorry…”

You could hardly believe your ears.  He had finally begun to admit to what you never thought could possibly be true.  It was all you needed to hear in order to build up the confidence to start confessing as well.

“I lied to you too, Carl,” you admitted, causing him to remove his hands from his face and roll back onto his side to face you.  “I remember telling you that day that helping you practice would be gross and burdensome.  That was a lie.  I’d been dying to kiss you forever and thought that would be my only chance to do it so I did.  And I lied again after that when I told you that I hoped your date would go well.” Flustered with all you had revealed, it was now your turn to cover your face with your hands.

Carl wasn’t having it.  He pulled your hands away from your face and entwined his fingers with yours, pressing his forehead against yours.  “Ah, so you had a crush on me?  How embarrassing,” he teased with a smirk on his lips, but his eyes glowed with awe and affection.

Your cheeks darkened even more, but you laughed and rolled your eyes.  “No, idiot. I was in love with you,” you mumbled, looking down at your hands that were engulfed by his own.

The smirk fell from Carl’s lips and a very serious look took over his face.  His eyes were dark as they roamed your face. “Was?” he whispered, his nose brushing against yours. “Yeah, sure, I was in love with you too. But I still am in love with you.”

You swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat and slowly moved to press your body even closer to his.  “And I’m still in love with you too.”

Moving his hand down to your hip, he pushed you onto your back and carefully climbed on top of you, making sure not to put too much of his weight on you.  His eyes roamed up and down your body in awe before his eyes met yours again.  “Kiss me.”

Without hesitation, you tangled your fingers into his soft locks and crashed your lips into his.  Your lips moved in perfect rhythm with his, both of you expressing years of locked up passion and emotion.  It wasn’t long before he had asked permission to take off your shirt, and did the same yet again before removing the underwear off of both of you.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured into your skin, kissing up and down your neck before pulling back and looking into your eyes. “Are you sure about this?  I wouldn’t want to hurt you or make you do something you might regret.  If—“

“Shhh.” You let out a breathless giggle and put your finger over his lips, causing his eyes to widen.  “I’ve waited long enough for this.  Don’t make me wait any longer,” you mocked, pulling his lips back down to yours.

The night was filled with the passion you had desired from Carl for so long.  Of course, he stopped many times to make sure you were okay and to check that he wasn’t hurting you.  When he wasn’t stopping to check in on how you were doing, he was pausing to tell you how beautiful you were or to remind you how much he loved you.  It was all you needed to finally put your mind at peace and for Carl to fall into a deep sleep, his mind clear of everything that had occurred earlier.  You fell asleep underneath the blankets, your legs tangled with his and your head pressed against his chest.

The next morning, you awoke to someone nudging your arm. With a yawn, you opened your eyes, which immediately noticed the smirk on his lips.  “What?”

“Remember last night on the way here when you said you’d sleep with me and I joked it’d help to calm my nerves?” He chuckled and wiggled his eyebrows at you. “It worked.”

You rolled your eyes and buried your face back into his chest, laughing softly. “How long have you been waiting for me to wake up to say that?”

Carl laughed and squeezed your hips.  “Oh, you know, about an hour.  I got impatient.”

Before you could comment back, you were interrupted by the sound of someone running down the stairs and approaching the couch you two were on.  “For fuck’s sake, it’s about time, you two.”  It was Lip.

It was about time.

Title: Five Times VI, the One Time (Reader x Matt Murdock)

Summary: Five times you almost two Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did

Word Count: 1357

A/N: Omg… The final part of Five Times *sobs* I hope you enjoy and I’m so glad you all keep reading my imagines…ugh I love you all!






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At Jo’s annual New Year’s Eve party, a game of spin the bottle goes a little awry when Dean misinterprets Sam and Cas as a couple. 2k

[ao3 link]

Written for the 2016/2017 Destiel Secret Santa Exchange!

It’s fifteen minutes to midnight and Dean’s pretty sure he’s right on the edge of being drunk. Everything’s going a little hazy around the edges, and a warmth that wasn’t there earlier is filling up his body and wrapping him in an embrace that isn’t too bad, if he says so himself. Dancers are gyrating all around him in a sway of movement, and the music is blasting so loud that Dean can’t hear himself think. Overall, everything’s perfect.

“Hey, there’s Dean!”

Well, almost perfect.

“Hiya, Sammy,” Dean groans, plastering on a smile he doesn’t feel like giving. He turns around and is met with the image of his brother practically tumbling forward, beer bottle centimeters away from the tips of his fingers. He looks blissed out beyond belief with his half closed eyes and breath reeking of whiskey, but that’s not what has Dean acting so sour.

“Whoa, watch it!” Cas calls as he swoops to the rescue. He dips down and catches Sam just in time before he falls flat on his ass, and the drunken giggles that erupt from Sam’s mouth would be freakin’ adorable if they weren’t directed at Cas.

Dean knows he’s being petty. Cas is a great guy, one of Dean’s best friends actually, and he shouldn’t act like some bitter wine mom because Sam snatched Cas up as his boyfriend before Dean could get his head out of his ass. And yet, Dean can’t help but feel the pangs of jealousy when he watches Cas and Sam interact. They’re always so touchy, hands brushing absentmindedly like they aren’t even thinking about it, whispering jokes in each other’s ears before breaking out into fits of laughter. They’re so domestic it’s disgusting.

“Thanks, Cas,” Sam mumbles under his breath. He tries to take another swig of beer, but Cas takes the bottle away before he gets the chance.

“I think that’s enough for now,” Cas murmurs in low tones, setting the bottle down on the nearest table. “I’m strong, but not strong enough to drag your weight three blocks back to campus.”

“But Caaaaas,” Sam whines with puppy dog eyes out in full force. “It’s not even midnight yet!”

“All the more reason to quit while you’re ahead. Don’t want to miss out on a New Year’s kiss, right?”

Sam giggles and tosses his head back. “Right,” he responds. “Wanna be awake for that.” He puckers his lips and brings them close to Cas’s cheek, who bats the faux kiss off with his hand before they both break down in laughter.

“Ugh, screw me,” Dean groans into his beer.

“Tried it; wasn’t a fan.”

Dean grins at the new voice behind him and spins around. Jo, the host of this New Year’s Eve party, is leaning up against a couch with a bottle of champagne in her hand and her girlfriend Anna clinging to her side, both covered in lipstick stains and reeking of smoke.

“I’m crushed, Harvelle,” Dean says in mock offense, bringing his hand up to his chest. “Are you saying that our drunken night in the Impala meant nothing?”

Jo laughs, high pitched and tinny. “Not entirely. It was the night I figured out that dick isn’t exactly my thing, after all,” she replies with turned up lips, nudging Anna next to her. “And that redheaded girls are.”

“Aw, you’re making me blush!” Anna squeals back in delight and knocks her hip into Jo’s.

“You’re all disgusting,” Dean mutters under his breath as he turns away, but doesn’t get far before Jo’s fingers wrap around the hem of his jacket and pulls him back.

“You’re not going anywhere,” she chastises with a wagging finger. “It’s game time and you’re our first participant.”

Dean quirks an eyebrow up at Jo but doesn’t get to ask what the hell she’s talking about before the entire room is called into order with Anna’s loud whistle.

“Okay, listen up everyone! It’s almost midnight and we haven’t played any games yet. Who’s up for a little round of spin the bottle?’”

The wolf whistles that ring out through the room echo around Dean and he finds himself being pulled forward with Jo’s clinging fingers.

“Everyone sit in a circle!” Anna commands, and the rest of the partygoers follow her instructions. Dean plops himself down next to Jo, and when he turns to his right Benny’s sitting by his side, bottle of whiskey clutched between his fingers as he chats with Jess. Bela and Ruby sit next to Anna, whispering into each other’s ears, while Lisa and Cassie file in accordingly. But what catches Dean’s attention is Cas sitting directly across from him, blue eyes glancing downward while a still drunk Sam topples to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs.

“The rules are these,” Jo announces with her palms raised in the air. “One person spins the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on is their partner. Said partners will go into a closet for seven minutes- no exceptions. And whatever you two do in there? Well, that’s up to you.”

Whistles ring out once again and Dean feels his cheeks heat. Knowing Jo, she’s gonna rig the bottle in one way or another, and his mind is already racing with whom she’d pair him up with. He locks eyes with Lisa Braeden across the room, and her answering blush only makes him want to get away faster. He likes her well enough, but imagining being shoved into a closet with her for seven minutes will no doubt be awkward beyond belief. Cassie is another option, he realizes quickly, and his gut churns at the thought of being paired up with his ex-girlfriend. Either way, it’s going to be horrible, weird, uncomfortable.

“How about we begin with…Dean?”


“C’mon, it’ll be fun!” Jo exclaims while pushes the bottle in his direction. “Give it a go and see what your future beholds,” she says while waving her fingers in the air.

He grunts once but doesn’t try to fight her on it. Instead, Dean spins the bottle as fast as he can and prays to whoever’s listening that it doesn’t land on anyone unsavory.

It spins around for longer than anyone could possibly think necessary before slowing down. It flies by Ruby and Bela, Benny and Jess too. It looks like it’s gonna land on Sam, but the bottle slows to a stop right in front of Cas instead.

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Balloons - Fred X Reader -

A/n Sorry for my absence! This is for a contest. My only warning is cursing and that I may not have gotten all of my mistakes.

Your name: submit What is this?


Several groups gathered in the stone hallway, some were just mingling with one another, others comparing notes from the day’s classes. Neither being the case for our group.

“Any sight of him yet?” Currently, Fred, George, and I were standing together outside of Snape’s classroom. I quickly look around.
“Nope. Do you think he’ll know it was us?” My voice barely above a whisper I try to appear as innocent as possible. The two boys share a look of amusement.

“Who else would come to mind?” Fred slings his arm around my shoulder. “Yeah, pranks are our trademark.” George mirrors his twin. “What do you think he’s gonna do to us?” A small bit of adrenaline rushes through me, I’m still pretty new to the pranking scene, but I’m having the time of my life.

“Probably the usual,” George states simply. “Just depends on how long this time.”

“How long do you think it will be this time Georgie?” As he speaks Fred’s eyebrows wiggle. I can tell they’re trying to make me freak out, but I now genuinely want to know.

“Well, how long is it normally?”

“About two weeks.” They unison actually started to put me on edge.

“How does this compare to some of your other pranks?” I know it’s kind of unreasonable but I was actually starting to worry.

“Not at bad as some.” Fred states. “But worse than others.” George finishes. Their arms tighten around me slightly.

“Nothing to worry about though, (Y/N). You’ll have us.”
“Fred, I know the both of you. You’ll only try and scare me more,” My eyes land on a black cloaked figure sweeping down the hall. “Snake on deck, boys.” My voice drops to a whisper as we watch Snape make his way into his classroom.

Little did he know that we had filled to whole room with balloons up to the ceiling, but they aren’t any normal balloons, they’re full of paint.
Snape opens the door to his classroom thus triggering a small set of fireworks. The sparks from the explosives pop the paint filled balloons coating the contents of the room in a thick layer of paint. Laughs echo off the stone walls as Snape comes out also covered from head to toe in a rainbow of paint. He makes direct eye contact with us. I feel the twins’ arms leave my shoulder and a pair slide around my waist. My feet leave the ground, one of the twins was now carrying me over his shoulder. He starts to flee the scene of the crime
“What are you doing?” A small yelp leaves my lips as I feel myself being let go of slightly, the twin is now holding me bridal style. Getting a better look at his face I see that Fred is the one carrying me.
“Aren’t we going to get in even more trouble for running away?” Panic lacing my voice, the two boys laugh.
“Better than being hit.” Again they respond in unison as we whip around a corner. Out of nowhere a door forms on a once-blank wall, before anyone else could follow us we made our way inside. Fred plops down on a cushy maroon couch, still holding me in his arms. The three of us sit and catch our breath, a few seconds later laughter echoes through the room.
“Did you see the look on his face? Priceless! Can we do that again?” I somehow form words through my laughter, adrenaline pumping through my system. I lean my head back onto Fred’s shoulder, laughter shaking both of our bodies. Soon the three of us were a laughing mess on the couch.
Our laughter fades and a peace settles in the room, soon we’re in a full-fledged conversation. Clock sounds, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. Eleven strokes.
“Guys were going to get in even more trouble if we’re in the halls now. Should we stay here until morning?” Fred’s arms were currently wrapped around my waist and his head on my shoulder, me in his lap and George’s head was in my lap. A silence had hung in the air for a while. I got no response.
“Fred? George?” I squirm a little to try and wake them up. “Boys? Boys.” Nothing. “Boys!” I finally raise my voice, not much, but enough. The two stir, George rolled over onto his back and looks up at me.
“What do you want woman?”
“I don’t know if you noticed but it’s 11 p.m. and if we get caught in the halls we’ll be in even more trouble.” Fred finally lifts his head.
“Well, who says we’ll get caught?” He wriggles his eyebrows at me.

“They probably looking for us anyway, we’re bound to run into someone if we leave.” I lift my eyebrows in testament. “We should probably stay here until morning.”

“We’re all going to sleep on this one couch?” George still not in a fully awake state has clearly forgotten that we’re in the room of requirement.
“I’m about to be captain obvious here. George, we’re in the Room of Requirement. The room of fucking requirement, if we require it, the room will give us what we require.” I stare at him blankly a bit too tired to deal with his sleep induced stupidity. “Come on, get up Georgie.” I lightly push him off my lap and unravel Fred’s arms from around my waist. Standing up I walk to the middle of the room. I draw a blank.
“Wait… do I just ask the room for beds? Or?” I hear Fred sigh in the background.
“Sir, are you judging me?” I turn on my heels and cross my arms at him, a look of mock hurt sitting on my face. He simply saunters his way over to me a smirk on his face. Getting a bit too close for comfort I feel my face start to heat up. Out of the blue, he places his hands over my eyes.

“Fred? What are you doing? Why are you covering my eyes?” The only reply was a mischievous giggle.

“George? What is he doing?” The pitch in my voice raises slightly. “Fred, George. Answer me. What’s going on?” Fred removes his hands from over my eyes. My eyes adjust to the light and I take in the room.

The couch was still there, this side of the room is the same. I turn slightly to my right, the twins, okay. More to the right, a fireplace. More to the right. “Oh, shit. When did that get here?” now there was a plush looking Texas King bed covered in maroon sheets with golden swirls embroidered into the duvet. I stop fighting the urge and full on sprint to the bed and catapult myself onto it. “Oh, Merlin! It’s so comfy!” A satisfied sigh leaves me as I sink into the cushy goodness. Soon I feel two bodies fall next to me. I climb under the thick covers and wrap myself in them. Just as I start to embrace comfort my blanket is ripped away from me.
“Hey! I was comfy. Why would you do that?”  I whine as I lazily grab at the sheets, sleep still trying to take over. Both twins slide under the covers, a pair of arms wrap around my waist. The powerful grip of sleep soon starts to take over. The arms around my waist pull me in tighter and the owner buries their face in my hair. A content sigh leaves the two of us as we both slip into sleep.

At some point in the night, I must have turned over. My heavy eyelids flutter open and are met with the faded white of one of the boys’ uniforms. I roll back over to my other side to see the room covered by a cast of shadow, the only light was a slim moonbeam. One window is visible from where I am. A tree branch dances in the wind; a starling perched on one of the branches is cuddling into its nest. My eyes continue to focus on the scene beyond the window. Soon sleep once again takes me in its grasp.
The sun began to peek into the room. A warm wash encouraging me to open my eyes. Once again I’m met with the white shirt of one of the twins. Not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of the embrace, I cuddle in closer and close my eyes once more. Almost as soon as I close my eyes I can hear the sound of the other twin shifting in the covers. The twin holding me also stirs slightly.
“Fred, did you finally pluck up the courage?” A light whisper is heard behind me. A small chuckle leaves the older twin. I can feel strands of my hair running through fingers.
“Not yet, I think I’ll ask her soon though.” The arms around me tighten me. The two boys continue to carry on a conversation. Eventually, my body becomes stiff from laying in the same position for so long. A squirm slightly and open my eyes once again.

“Mornin’ boys,” A weak greeting leaves my lips. “What time is it?” I rub my eyes and roll onto my back. The arms that were formally around me were now behind the head of the owner. George sat up, stretched, and made his way to the clock ticking away in the corner of the room.
“8:30. How long are we going to stay in here?” The redhead paces over to the nearest window and began to watch the people below. We all knew that sooner or later we’d have to leave and that the longer we wait for, the more trouble we’ll be in. We bask in the silence and wait out a few more minutes. Mentally preparing myself, I pick myself up from the bed and walk over towards an ornate body length mirror sitting in the corner of the room. My hair was a mess, the neat pony I once wore was now a loose chunk of hair at the base of my neck. My mascara had left chunks and marks underneath my eyes and my clothes sit in disarray. Thankfully this is the Room of Requirement, sitting beside the beautiful mirror is a mahogany dresser, on the top of the wood is a hair brush. I take it and begin to fix my hair, my (h/c) locks finally going back into place. I smooth out my clothes and wipe away the previous day’s makeup leftovers. Turning on my heels I’m greeted with both twins now presentable and holding out a conversation. The two laugh and gesture together. I make my way over to the pair and link arms with them.

“You two ready? We might as well get our punishment now than let it add up to even more.” I look between Fred and George, my eyes staying on Fred for a few seconds too long. He seems to have noticed and flashes me a wide grin. Looking away, we start to walk towards the door.
“Who do you think we’ll run into first?” Not quite to the door yet, George speaks up. “I bet two galleons on Snape. What about you, Fred, (Y/n)?” The younger boy digs in his pocket and pulls out two aged galleons. Fred pulls out two as well and gives his brother a challenging look.
“I say, McGonagall. What about you, (Y/n)?” Knowing that the aged teacher probably knew the majority, if not all, of the school like the back of her hand I had to agree with Fred.

“McGonagall, she’s been teaching here for how long now? An eternity maybe. She could probably walk this building with her eyes shut. She could even be waiting for us.” Fred laughs and stops in front of the door, now unlinked. He looks back and forth between his brother and I. Once again our eyes lock for a second too long, but this time a glimmer of mischief flashes through his eyes.
“I still say, Snape. That man probably waited out there for us all night. I raise my bet, four galleons.” I look back at Fred, grins quickly make their way onto our faces, we both look back at George. Fred walks closer to his brother, arms crossed.
“Then how about you go first?” George walks past his brother and peeks his head through the door. “Coast is clear. Let’s go.” He creeps out through the doorway, Fred and I behind him. The three of us quickly try and make our way through the halls as inconspicuous as possible. We were on the brink of freedom as we see a swipe of green making its way down the corridor. Fred quickly pushes George back into the hallway, right in front of McGonagall. Fred grabs my hand and bolts towards the lake. Soon we’re blocked by trees, the two of us laughing and trying to catch our breath.
“Do you think she saw where we went?” Giggling I peek out from between the tree and Fred. A streak of green can be seen in the hallway. a dot of ginger next to it. Fred pulls me back behind the tree, my body in between him and the tree. My giggles cease as we look back at each other. His face starts inching closer to mine, my eyes shut and our lips meet. So many old feelings resurface, I’d been waiting for this moment since 2nd year. My hands find their way to his shoulders and his to my waist, it continues like this for a minute or so. We broke apart for air, a smile spread across my face.
“So, (Y/n), what do you say to a trip to Hogsmeade?” He wriggles his eyebrows slightly. I’m about to respond but I’m interrupted by the sound of a throat being cleared. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the signature emerald robes of McGonagall. Her eyebrows furrowed, arms crossed and lips pursed.
“I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon. Three weeks detention, be at my office at 8 o’clock sharp.” With that, she sweeps her way across the courtyard. Fred and I turn to each other. I laugh, a snort making it’s way out, once again we start walking.
“How about a trip to detention first?” I plant a quick kiss on his cheek and run off back my dorm. Just as I’m about to ascend the dormitory stairs Fred grabs my wrist. He opens his mouth as if to say something, but instead, he simply smiles and walks away. Butterflies fill my stomach as I continue my climb. I open the heavy wooden door, balloons float towards the new draft of air, one balloon sits tied down on my bed. Written on it is a simple yet endearing question: ‘Will you be my partner in crime?’

I cast an Avis charm and send the birds down to him with a note. Written in the note is the simply reply: ‘Always.’

Happy Valentine’s Day @fairytalesandtimetravel!!! I had so much fun talking to you this month, though I apologize for how infrequent it got as the school year decided to slam everything down on me. Now this is a bit more St. Patrick’s Day than Valentine’s, but I loved your prompt and pulled in some of my own experiences as well ;)

“Doesn’t this country know it’s summer?” Emma grumbled as she pulled her beanie more snugly around her ears.

Her new beanie, made with genuine Irish wool (dyed green, since Mary Margaret said it matched Emma’s eyes), because it was the end of June and Emma had foolishly believed that she could wear summer clothes on this trip around the British Isles.

But apparently Ireland hadn’t received the message that the summer solstice had passed two days before; the rolling green hills were capped with low-hanging gray clouds, blocking any sunshine from warming the air. Everyone had bought out the gift shop’s supply of wool sweaters and scarves the night before, after the news report that the next few days were sure to be more of the same. As she dubiously eyed the path up to the castle, Emma had yet to decide if there was a constant drizzle or if it was just that foggy, but either way the weather was chilly and damp.

And the most infuriating thing of all? The island still managed to be one of the most beautiful places she’d ever been to.

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charity-angel  asked:

Oh, please, by the Force, please let Obi-Wan be disappointed in the dancing at Hondo's because he can do better. And demonstrates it :)

He was drunk.

He was so drunk that he was pretty sure that their drinks had been laced with something stronger then alcohol because one and a half ale did not cause Obi-Wan to get drunk.

‘Should have known a bunch of pirates would get you drugged…I should warn Anakin.’ Obi-Wan sulked as he watched the dancers that were moving around the table and…ugh they were terrible, honestly just terrible.

Obi-Wan could dance better, he could do a much better job.

A hella good job too!

“Ah! You look pouty my friend! The entertainment not to your liking?” Hondo wrapped an arm around Obi-Wan’s shoulder, grinning at him like the self satisfied and most likely to betray them pirate he was.

Swinging slightly glassy eyes at him, Obi-Wan gave a loud snort that seemed to echo a bit between the laughing and hooting of the rowdy pirates drinking around them. “You have karked dancers, I can do better.” He lifted his mug and took a big swallow, ignoring Anakin suddenly swinging around in his chair to stare at him.

Hondo laughed loudly and patted him on the shoulder. “If you say so my master Jedi, how about you prove it?” He chortled, obviously not believing Obi-Wan would do such a thing.

Obi-Wan looked down at his mug, raised his brows slowly…and then he shrugged. “Why not.”

Placing his hands on the table, Obi-Wan smoothly pulled himself up with the Force and landed on the table on his feet in an easy jump before Anakin could stop him, the knights hands hovering in the air with his mouth open, locked on the word he had been about to say.

Hondo’s brows hit his forehead in surprise and then he rocked back on his heels, arms crossing over his chest in surprise and amusement. “So if he falls off the table, its not my fau-” The captain choked on his word as Obi-Wan sashayed down the table, the redhead smirking.

Now, Anakin knew his master could be sex on legs, Anakin knew that Obi-Wan could dance like someone raised from the cradle to do so and he knew that Obi-Wan.

But it had been some time since he had seen his master dance with this kriffing war.

The way he could twirl on light steps, gracefully avoiding the cups and plates on the table, hips undulating, hands moving along his sides with a half lidded eyes and teeth catching his bottom lip in a highly suggestive look.

Kark, everything about Obi-Wan was currently highly suggestive.

“My friend.” Hondo leaned his hands on Anakin’s shoulders, eyes never leaving Obi-Wan as he twirled with ease around one of the other dancers. “Are you sure I could not tempt Master Kenobi into working for me?” He leered.

He wasn’t the only one.

“Try it and I’ll cut your head off with my fancy laser sword.” Anakin growled quietly under his breath.

The captain laughed loudly even as Obi-Wan suddenly knelt, leaned forward and stole someones glass with his lips and teeth, easily tipping his head back and swallowing the content before dropping it into his hand with a happy smirk on his face.

‘Kark, I either need to save Obi-Wan from these pirates or just…save him.’ Anakin snorted and then firmly snagged his master’s wrist and pulling him down into his lap, catching him tightly. “No master.”

“Awww Anakin.”

“Boooo master Jedi!”

Anakin just flipped the laughing and booing pirates the middle finger.