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Semi-automatic rifle that was produced in the former Czechoslovakia. It bears some resemblance to the SKS, and even features an integrated bayonet, although side-folding instead of under-folding. Chambered in 7.62x45mm, some rifles were converted to 7.62x39 as the Com-Bloc nations began to standardize calibers. The easiest way to tell a 7.62x45mm from a 7.62x39mm vz rifle is the angle of the magazines floor plate. The latter has a very steep angle to accommodate the 7.62x39 cartridge. The other trick is to check the receiver under the rear sight for a cross pin. This particular rifle is a 7.62x45mm model but the seller is advertising it as a 7.62x39mm. He’s going to have an angry buyer. (GRH)

One Direction Preference- You Try To Change For Him (Liam)

“Hey babe,” you flashed a quick smile to Liam as you came bustling into the bedroom. He was tucked neatly under the covers of the king bed, reclined into the mountains of silky pillows you’d accumulated since moving in together. It wasn’t that late, only about 11, but you’d been out and about all day. From work, to your mother’s, to dinner and a bit of clubbing with the girls, you’d barely seen him.

“Hey,” he mumbled gruffly, hardly glancing at you before his eyes returned to the television across from him.

“How was your day?” you tried to stay chipper despite his lack of enthusiasm. Carefully, you unzipped your dress, letting it pool around your feet as you crossed the roof to rifle through his drawers for a t-shirt.

“Fine,” he was just as short. 

You frowned to yourself as you dug out a ratty adidas tee and pulled it over your head, “Is something wrong, love?”


You rolled your eyes, turning around and crossing your arms, “We both know that’s a lie.”

“I’m fine.”

Slowly you crossed the plush carpeted floor to the bed, climbing gently on to the puffy covers. You fell to your bum, sitting criss cross beside him, your lips falling into a little pout, “Li,” you cocked your head to the left, “I’ve been gone all day, please just fill me in. What’s got you all upset?”

His lips formed a tight line, “Exactly that.”


“You’ve been gone all day,” he looked at you, eyebrows raised, “Every single day. It’s like I don’t see you anymore. You don’t make any time for me–for us.”

“That’s unfair, Liam.”

“No. It’s not,” he shrugged, “Is this even a relationship? Do you even want to be with me?”

“What?” you frowned, pain shooting through your heart, “Of course I do.”

“Then act like it.”

You sighed, wringing your hands. You knew you were gone a lot, but you figured he didn’t care. You guys were independent, besides, you saw each other every morning and every night. You thought he was okay with that.

 Slowly, you inched closer so you were directly beside him, pressing a kiss to his temple, “I’m here now,” you offered, an idea occurring to you, “And we have all night to spend some time together…” your voice fell deeper as your lips trailed to his neck.

For a brief instant, you thought you had him, but abruptly he leaned away, “I’m not in the mood.”

You were taken aback by his refusal, “You’re always in the mood.”

“Well then I guess this is a first,” he pursed his lips, “It’s late. I need to go to bed.”

Your lip began to shake just barely–you’d never felt so rejected by him. You’d never realized he was so upset by your busy schedule. You figured he understood since he was always so wrapped up in the band, “Okay,” you nodded dejectedly, “Sleep well. I love you.”

The lights went out with no response.


“Tell her I’m so sorry–” you forced a weak cough from your throat, as you stared at the white tile floor of the master bathroom, “But I feel awful. I really would come in but I don’t want everyone else getting sick–no, no, I understand. Yeah, they’re in the blue file cabinet behind my desk. She shouldn’t have trouble finding them. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Sorry, again,” you quietly hung up the phone.

“Who was that?” you jumped at the voice through the closed bathroom door.

“I–uh, Liam!” you jumped to your feet, quickly swinging the door open, “You’re up?”

His eyes were squinted groggily, hair disheveled from sleep, “I had to take a wee,” he yawned. Some of the coldness from the previous night had dissipated, but there was still a barrier between you, “Who were you talking to?” he nodded to the cellphone cupped loosely in your hand.

“Oh, it was Jess. From work?” you nodded, rolling your lips, “I was calling out for today.”

He rubbed his hands over his face, attempting to wipe away whatever remnants of sleep still tugged at his features, “Why? Are you sick?”

“No,” you shook your head, feeling very naked in just his old shirt, “I figured we could just stay in. Do nothing today? I mean, you’re right, I have been working all the time. And I miss you. And I don’t know–” you felt your confidence fading. His rejection the night before had left you feeling vulnerable, second guessing your every move.

You saw his expression slowly shift as he understood what you were saying, “I miss you, too. And yeah, that sounds good. Doing nothing. I like that,” he shifted from foot to foot.

You felt your nerves calm, “Okay, yeah. Good,” you nodded.

He stood, squirming a bit, “I still have to–” he nodded to the bathroom behind you.

“Oh, right,” you quickly stepped out of the way, “I’ll go make coffee.

"Sounds good,” he agreed, slipping by you.

“And Liam?” you bit your lip.


“I’m sorry about this. About not making time for you. I thought you didn’t mind–it doesn’t matter, though. I missed you, too. We should spend more time together,” you nodded sheepishly.

He simply nodded, a soft smile spreading his lips, “We should–and, about last night,” his brown eyes widened ever-so-slightly, “I love you, too.”


Liam is literally the love of my life and writing this made my heart melt. That is all.

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