crossed keys inn


Crossover: Poirot shows up at The Cross Keys inn

Sherlock is not at all afraid or weirded out by sex. He mentions sex more than anyone else on the whole show. Sex is just another part of life, one that he may or may not have actual experience with, and he isn’t afraid to talk about sex as it relates to other people. The only exception is when women attempt to make a sexual connection with him.

May I draw your attention to these moments:

*Sherlock pointed out to everyone that Sally sucked dick for so long her knees showed obvious bruising
*Sebastian told John that Sherlock loved to deduce who everyone in university was banging
*Sherlock asked John if he fucked Louise Mortimer that night at the Cross Keys Inn
*Sherlock commented on how out of breath Mycroft was on the phone and assumed aloud it couldn’t have been because he was just having sex
* “Is that a British army browning L9A1 in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” - “Both”

Now Sherlock isn’t afraid of this, just as he isn’t afraid of people insinuating his sexual history.

*He let John think he slept with Janine, and after all of this John STILL doesn’t know that isn’t true
*He didn’t correct Mrs Hudson when she guessed they might not need the second bedroom upstairs
*He kept the orgasm ringtone, possibly just to annoy John
*He doesn’t feel the need to correct anyone (Kitty, Irene, Hudders, Angelo) who assumes or asks if he and John are just platonic

Sherlock is blatantly alarmed by sex when women try to seduce him

*Janine and the “bridesmaid, best man, bit traditional” line
*Irene and “Have you ever had anyone… let’s have dinner”

And Sherlock was uncomfortable when Molly mentioned all of the sex she had been having. But let’s be real, lots of people would be uncomfortable by that curveball.

The biggest issue, and a severe contradiction, is that Sherlock is afraid of his own sexuality. He knows he’s gay, he’s not upset by or ashamed of that. What he’s afraid of is what sex/love/sentiment is capable of, and that is the destruction of everything he holds dear. I very much believe something happened in the past that lead to a death of someone he loved dearly and if only Sherlock had been able to keep his head clear of all sentiment he thinks would have been able to save them. This fear will come full circle in the 3 Garridebs moment in series 4 when Sherlock’s guard is down and he is responsible for John’s severe injury. However, unlike the person in Sherlock’s past, John will survive and prove to him that “friends protect people” and alone doesn’t have to protect him anymore. After that, Sherlock, the man with impulses and a normal porn preference, will have no problem slipping into a sexual relationship with John.

like i’m kind of offended on moftiss’ behalf when ppl say that johnlockers are reading too much into the show. like. reading too much into like. every episode? into every scene? the stuff we’re seeing didn’t just spring into existence from nothing. it’s not random. it’s carefully orchestrated by a team of award-winning professionals. every single second of footage we see is carefully curated. from the vitruvian john to the heart between them at the fireside in the cross keys inn to john thumping his mug on the table when irene flirts with sherlock to the mention of the dancing lessons to damsel in distress to you keep me right to i was so alone and i owe you so much.

all of these things are telling a cohesive story. and you know what? they’re telling it for us. their queer audience who is so hungry to see ourselves onscreen. and so deserving and so patient. we’re ready. we’re desperate. and they’ve made something intricate and beautiful and challenging just for us. some people think they aren’t talented enough to do this, but we know that they are. some people think that they don’t care enough about us to do this, but we know that they do. it’s coming. it’s nearly here. and it’s ours. it’s ours.