crossdressing wonderfulness


(๑>ᴗ<๑) /drowns self even deeper into arstoile hell/

i really hate what people have against disney princesses. its just another way of shaming people for what they love. AND they are NOT all cookie cutter girls.

She proved through her entire movie that you dont need a man at all to be strong or courageous! There was no “and they got married and lived together as a happy couple” thing. All there was was a big frick you to all the stank old men who blabbed about tradition and powerful women proving that they are not to be messed with. Plus she went head to head with an immortal demon bear. Also she wasnt good at everything for no apparent reason. She was a normal(-ish, normal really isnt a real thing since we’re all different) girl with flaws and real emotions and struggles.

This is another example of what I was just talking about. She didnt wait around for her sexually confused love interest to save the day. she rallied her own group of booty kickers, taught them the ways and wonders of crossdressing, then did in a matter of maybe an hour what an entire army of men couldnt do for months! Not to mention how brave this girl had to be just to muster up the courage to even attempt this! (granted she got married in the second one but that movie sucked so i just tend to ignore it tbh)

She was a free spirit in the beginning. Yes, she was dictated heavily by her feelings for John White or whatever his name was, but that didnt stop her from preventing all out war. And in the end she didnt get hitched either! She stuck to her gut feelings but also saw value in natural signs and the advice of others too.

She got me through a tough bit in my life. I straight up bawled when she finally let herself explore her powers and try to live without fear of herself and others. AND she didnt meed a man either. She deserves the title of queen because no matter what crap others put her through in that movie she still pushed through and survived. Not to mention the power this girl can pack! i mean, she froze time itself at the end! and im pretty sure that didnt come from no man either.

This girl i think gets the most heat from others, and the hate for this princess makes me the most mad. Rapunzel teaches girls that even if whoever tells you you’re weak is your very mother, you can ALWAYS prove them wrong. She taught me that Having mood swings was ok, to go out and fight for your dreams, and that keeping a positive attitude can bring out the beat in yourself and others. Furthermore, her realization of her royal status was not by the hand of eugene telling her so. She figured that out by herself and stood up to mother gothel without anyone else there to protect her. And if memory serves im pretty sure she saved eugene more than he saved her.

I could write a book about each princess!!

so you know what, if this is how you roll guys then go for it! Watch the movies ten times! Think of youselves a princesses! and that goes for my dudes and my non-binary babes out there! be a princess! and i’ll be there for your coronation in the front row to cheer you on the whole way!

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