For the Cursed Child - Honestly, you know there’s an issue if Draco is a better father than Harry. Don’t get me wrong, I love Draco and I loved his characterization, but… Harry was horrible. Why did they have to butcher his personality so much? He is completely out of character and it makes no sense- Draco is even a much better father than he is. While Draco cares about his son immensely and is worried when he’s upset, Harry is the entire reason for his own son’s suffering.


“Y/N, please let me in I want to know what is wrong”. 

“Leave me alone, Crabbe was just being mean”. You sobbed against the door.

“Whats going on”? Crabbe asked coming up behind Draco.

Turning around Draco formed a fist and hit Crabbe straight in the nose.

“If you ever hurt her again I’ll do worse than that”. Draco said turning back to the door.