And to Ben’s (Possible) displeasure, he has managed to unlock another alien that should be female only.

Dubbed, once again, by Gwen as ‘ScreamQueen’, this alien is a Rhythmiren that lives on a planet close by Sonorosia, the home of Echo Echo’s people.

As ScreamQueen, Ben is incapable of normal speech, and doesn’t possess a normal mouth. Instead, ScreamQueen’s ‘mouth’ is a series of holes akin to a phone or stereo pad. Instead of normal speech, Rhythmiren communicate in a series of various noises and singing.

ScreemQueen can adjust the frequency of the singing for varying effects, from a hypnotic wave capable of influencing others, to a lullaby that can send them to sleep. Via the speaker-like ear organs, and the pads on the hands, sound waves/blasts can be fired.

A Rhythmiren’s diet consists mainly of liquids, as well as the vibrations and waves of sound around them. Via listening to the rhythm around them, they are capable of understanding how those around them are feeling. 

ScreamQueen isn’t exactly the most… mobile, however, as that dress hampers proper movement. However, he is rather flexible.