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J-Dub Reviews - Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

I don’t quite remember why this one was never used. I think it had something to do with him being unable to review the game itself. Not sure if it was because he didn’t get a review copy or something. I just know that something had came up so he couldn’t use this card.

YCPT - Board Games

Justin was going to do another review series but on Board Games. The idea here was to use this as a standard title card for that series and just have the title of the board game on each individual title card. The idea never came to be though. I think he had to scrap it for other things.

J-Dub Reviews - Tomba 

The Tomba review was suppose to be part of the month/series of reviews for Monkey Paw games he was doing. This review kept getting pushed back and unfortunately was most likely never made. I don’t remember the reason for the delays but it was one of the reviews he was looking forward to making.

YCPT - Princess Crown

At the time I was most likely gonna stop doing YCPT title cards but I had promised Justin that I was gonna keep making title cards for the rest of season 4 of YCPT. He thought I was going to stop by the end of that year when we had talked about it, so he was surprised when I showed him this card on Skype. This was suppose to be an upcoming review before he passed away.

I miss you, Justin. Rest in peace.