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how were you taught to go about the idea of poché? i am still very confused on what it actually is? i was told its a pocket but is it a pocket cut out of the wall or just the stuff in between the boundaries of the wall?

Areas of an architectural plan or section that are filled-in, often by cross-hatching or solid black, to show wall thicknesses, floor thicknesses and all other solid areas that intersect the plane of the section cut. via

You can see in the example below the full thickness of walls and floors filled black while elements in plan or elevation not cut have texture.

The Sustainability Treehouse


Here is a short video preview of some of the cross-hatch brushes from my latest set, which will be released this Wednesday (July 1st).

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“Rather than use another piece of costly paper, Austen would turn the page sideways and continue writing at right angles…”

Cross hatched letter by Jane Austen. Learn about her letter writing process here

More women artists.


I did some journaling last night using a crossing method that was often used on letters and postcards back in the 1800s in order to save paper. It not only makes it harder to read if you aren’t familiar with the handwriting, but also gives your writing a really cool pattern.