No se si realmente Cross estara en Metadora.. pero igual le dibuje~ >.> 
quisiera poder dibujar a Drainir ;u; pero por desgracia los humanos no son lo mio xDUu

Los fondos tampoco son mi fuerte, lo siento no supe que poner.. :’3

espero te guste! Jakei n.n

I Don’t know if Cross it’s about to be in Metadora.. though i’ve draw him anyway~ >.> I wish I could be able draw humans! D:

He looks like a taller bunny <3 wait.. does he have two legs anyway?! (?)

Cross © @jakei95 ❤


What The Donna didn’t expect nor calculate within her plans was to fall in love. While she tried to keep her political head clear, Tormund (King Henry’s brother) kept inviting her to various activities. They would often dicuss the English Court over a great cup of oriental tea and there as no denying the bond they were making.