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Can you point me the way to any good really weird Tolkien art. Silmarillion, LOTR, something where the ??? is really strong, but in a good way.

Hm, idk if I have GREAT recs for this, or nothing you’re not likely to have already seen. @tolrone​ does some cool/weird/shapesy stuff as well as more standard painterly portraiture, @melkomelko​ just has some really charming b&w + fashion + alive but flatlining elves, @albuum​ does a lot of neat background noldor/elves interacting with mundane environments in ways I don’t often see, also I always get the impression that they’re pushing themselves re: anatomy and movement and composition! … uhhh, go to @croclock​ for dynamic poses, symbolic creepiness, and neglected characters, @eehn​ is of course king of simplified lighting and hot off-kilter palettes and shapes, i LOVE @chechula​ and @s-u-w-i’s lines and character design and …cross-hatching? just plain hatching-hatching? whatever, you know, liney shading, fuck off. @turndecassette hasn’t drawn THAT much silm stuff but all of it is literally my favorite silm art that has ever been drawn, and also, it’s kinda odd. I mean clean and classically beautiful and also, “This adventure takes place on the moon, and under the sea. The moon is under the sea.”


Naruto Shippuden chegou ao seu fim em março, então fiz essa fanart como minha homenagem ❤ - saiu muito atrasada, eu sei kkkkk. Mas, infelizmente, só  consegui terminar agora.
Fico triste por ter acabado, mas muito feliz de ter acompanhado essa história cheia de momentos inesquecíveis e lições, que terá um lugar especial no meu coração. Obrigada Naruto*-*
E agora tem a nova geração, não podemos esquecer hehe =^^=

I added some flat color so the strawberry dress would make sense.

Here’s the last of the cross hatch prizes, Newt in a Summer dress requested by @omgaflyingpig ! Hope I drew her right… and hope you like it <3

The last 3 prizes are going to be full drawings (maybe with speedpaints we’ll see) so they’re gonna take a bit longer… I’ll try to get them done quickly though.