Emoji Questions

My friend did this on Facebook so I thought it would be fun to do here! Anyone can do it and tag me so I can see your answers!

✍ Tattoos: No
😷 Surgeries: Just wisdom teeth
🏥 Broken Bones: No
🔫 Shot a gun: Never even touched one
💼 Quit a job: YUP
🛫 Flown on a plane: Yes but I have major flight anxiety
😨 Gone zip lining: No, but I’m not opposed
😯 Watched someone dying: No
🇨🇦 Been to Canada: No but I want to!
🚑 Ridden in an ambulance: Yes
🗼 Been to Europe: No but I’M COMING FOR YOU EUROPE!!
🌎 Stamps in Passport: Yes
🏛 Been to Washington DC: No
🗻 Visited Colorado: Yes, it’s fantastic
🇲🇽 Been to Mexico: No
🎰 Visited Las Vegas: Yes
🐕 Had a pet? Yes, many.
⛷ Been downhill skiing: No, but I’ve been cross-country skiing
🎶 Ability to read music: Yes, but I’m a little rusty
🏍 Rode a motorcycle: Fuck no.
🏇 Rode a horse: Yes, I rode a lot growing up
🏥Stayed in a hospital: Yes
💉Donated blood: No, I have dangerously low blood pressure
🐌Eaten Escargot: No
🚢Been on a cruise: No and I’m not into the idea.
⛽Run out of Gas: Yeah, and it’s not fun, I won’t do it again
🍣Eat sushi. Yes
👻Seen a Ghost: Sort of? It wasn’t in the form of a person though.

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Check out this view of the Swiss Alps

On this day in 1915, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado officially became a national park. Even in cold weather, you can explore the park’s spectacular mountain environments by snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding and wildlife watching. In fact, winter is an especially good time to look for elk, mule deer, moose and other large mammals. Sunrise photo of Dream Lake in 2014 by C. Brindle, National Park Service.


Today President Obama designated Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument – our nation’s newest national monument and the 413th site in the national park system. Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument will permanently protect north-central Maine’s  awe-inspiring mountains, forests and waters for current and future generations. The approximately 87,500 acres that make up the new national monument is rich in biodiversity and known for its outstanding opportunities to hike, canoe, hunt, fish, snowmobile, snowshoe and cross-country ski. What a great way to kick off the National Park Service’s next 100 years of conservation! Photos courtesy of Bill Duffy (top) and Scott Miller (middle & bottom).


Hills for days

On Sunday my mom and I were supposed to go out and ski the fields but she took the dog for a walk instead, so I went out alone and spent the afternoon bombing hills. Because my brother and I had made tracks the day before, the runs were heavenly. I ate up those hills until after dark. As the sun went down the storm started moving in. I popped on my headlamp and put in another few runs. It feels really good to climb hills on my skis; it is such a good workout and it builds a lot of strength where I need it for running. Then I went back to my parents’ house and feasted on homemade venison stew. Ended the day with Tuli and snuggles on the couch. 

City Hall closed today because there is a serious nor’easter raging outside, a foot and a half has probably fallen already (that is a foot and a half on top of all the snow in my pictures from this weekend). It feels very Little House on the Prairie. I’m having a slow morning with cheddar grits, sautéed greens, italian espresso, some good tunes, the wood stove, ordering seeds, and mentally preparing to go out and shovel.

There were some other nice moments to my weekend; another awesome home cooked meal made for me, book club at my house, visiting with my friend who has the new baby, and catching up with one of my best friends on the phone for over an hour last night. And I’ve got some fun stuff planned for the week ahead!

Life is really good and different. I just feel so goddam grateful. 

Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 9: Winter Sports for the Signs
  • Aries: alpine skiing
  • gliding down a mountain, gravity and balance, incredible speed, strength and agility, fine motor skills, demanding and unforgiving, constantly changing conditions
  • Taurus: ice hockey
  • maintaining balance, moving quickly, lower- and upper-body strength, sacrificing for a team, resiliency, generosity and optimism, pushing each other to the limits
  • Gemini: ice speedskating
  • falling and getting back up again, body control and stamina, improving muscle strength, balance and coordination, finding your pace, fast but elegant race
  • Cancer: bobsledding
  • feeling like a speeding bullet, trusting your teammates and own abilities, great strength required, the wildest roller-coaster ride, driving solely by feel, precision
  • Leo: freestyle skiing
  • perfect balance of body and mind, variety of flips and twists, an open and creative sport, speed, height, excitement, putting on a show for the judges
  • Virgo: cross country skiing
  • pushing yourself, hard work, stamina required, scenic views, balanced tempo, varied track (flat,curved, uphill, downhill), great workout, physically demanding
  • Libra: figure skating
  • elegance and beauty, hard work and body tension, swirling over the ice, unity of body and music, flexibility, the feeling of hovering in the air
  • Scorpio: snowboarding
  • flying down a hill, fast speed, cold air on your face, confidence, taking risks, using all your senses, riding your heart out, falling down and getting up
  • Sagittarius: ski jumping
  • being aware of what every fiber in your body is doing, the risk of falling, the feeling of wind flowing around you, the absence of worries, incredible body tension, perfect timing
  • Capricorn: biathlon
  • the collaboration of body and mind, acurracy, concentration and stamina, strain and relief, the perfect balance of speed and precision, final sprint
  • Aquarius: luging
  • incredible speed, feeling even the tiniest bump in the ice, body tension and concentration, the sleigh responds to every move of your body, danger, trust in your mind and body
  • Pisces: nordic combined
  • air and earth, flying and running, all-round cardio workout, strong balance and flexibility, use of two opposite muscle types, explosiveness and strength vs. swiftness and endurance