200 Days until the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea!

Medal Prediction Update #7

Netherlands: The Dutch are the most recent nation to ascent into the top 5. After constantly sitting in places 6th-8th, Holland has displaced Austria and France to set into another top-five Olympic finish. All of there medals are to come from some sort of speed skating, with 4 in short track and 14 in long track. This is a change from Pyeongchang, as they went down in gold and total medals in long track, but increased in short track. 

Spain: This Spanish nation has only ever claimed a Winter Olympic Medal 2 times, all in alpine skiing. After claiming multiple world championship titles, Javier Fernandez of Spain looks to win a figure skating medal at the upcoming games. His world dominance and rivalry with reigning Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu has lead to some of the highest levels of mens skating. Can he bring home number 3 for spain?

Most Decorated Athlete: Laura Dahlmeier, Germany, Biathlon. 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 0 Bronze




!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KARSTENWARHOLMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!






1. Skjerp deg

This phrase does not bode well for you. It usually means you’re making an idiot of yourself. “Skjerp deg” could be translated as “Sharpen yourself up,” and it’s used in all sorts of contexts.

Teachers use it to tell students to pay attention. I yell it at friends who are doing something ridiculous. Cops use it to tell off criminals who are obviously lying to them, parents say it when telling off their five-year old who has just drawn with crayons all over the new wallpaper.

2. Kos(elig)

This is a common feature of all the Scandinavian countries: We have a word to describe the feeling of warmth and friendliness that arises from sharing simple pleasures of life with people you like.

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In montagna Vocabs

la montagna - mountain
la catena montuosa - mountain range / chain
le Alpi - Alps
gli Appennini - Apennines
la cima - top, peak
il ghiacciaio - glacier
la neve - snow
la roccia - rock
la scalata - climbing
l’arrampicata (f.) - climbing, rock climbing
l’arrampicata libera (f.) - free climbing
scalare, arrampicarsi - to climb
camminare - to walk
la mountain bike - mountain bike
il monte - mount
la parete - side, face, wall
l’escursione (f.), la gita - day trip, excursion
il panorama - view, panorama
la vallata - wide valley
la valle - valley
il fondovalle - valley floor, bottom of the valley
il paesaggio - panorama / landscape
il punto panoramico, il belvdere - panoramic viewpoint

il paese, il villaggio
- village
le piante - plants
gli alberi - trees
i fiori - flowers
la natura - nature
il bosco - wood
il sottobosco - undergrowth, bush
i cespugli - bushes, shrubs
la foresta - forest
il relax - relax
riposarsi - to relax, to rest

i funghi - mushrooms
i mirtilli - blueberries
i lamponi - raspberries
le more - blackberries
i frutti di bosco - fruits of the forest, wild berries
la polenta - cornmeal mush, corn mush
il ginepro - juniper
le mucche - cows
le pecore - sheeps
le capre - goats
i cavalli - horses
le volpi - foxes
gli orsi - bears
i lupi - wolves
il falco - hawk, falcon
l’aquila - eagle
il gheppio - kestrel
il capriolo - roe deer
il camoscio - chamois
il daino - fallow deer

il parco naturale - wildlife park
la transumanza - transhumance, migratory herding
gli animali selvatici - wild animals
le fattorie - farms
i pascoli - pastures, grazing lands
l’alpeggio (m.) - alpine pasture

le terme - thermal baths
lo chalet - chalet, cabin, lodge
l’albergo - hotel
il rifugio - refuge, shelter
la capanna - hut, shed, cabin
la tenda - tent
il picchetto - peg, stake
la fune - cord, rope

gli sci - ski
sciare - skiing
sci di fondo - cross-country skiing
lo snowboard - snowboard
la discesa - ski hill
la pista (da sci) - ski slope, ski hill, trail
la pista verde - green trail = amateur/beginner skier trail
la pista blu - blue trail = low difficulty trail
la pista rossa - red trail = medium difficulty trail
la pista nera - black trail = expert skier trail
gli impianti di risalita, lo skilift - ski lift
la funivia - cable car
la funicolare - funicular railway
la seggiovia - chair lift
l’ovovia (f.)- egg-shaped cable car

il freddo - cold
la tuta da sci - snowsuit, ski suit
gli occhiali da sci - goggles
gli scarponi - mountain boots
i doposci, i moon boot (from the brand)gli scarponi da sci - apres-ski wear 
i ramponi - crampon
le pelli di foca - sealskin
le ciaspole - snowshoes, snow rackets
il maglione di lana, il pullover - fleece, jumper, sweater
il maglione a collo alto - turtleneck sweater/jumper
il pile - pile
la cuffia - headdress
la giacca a vento, il parka - anorak, parka
la sciarpa - scarf
i guanti da neve - gloves

l’escursionista (m.) - hiker, walker
l’alpinista (m.)- mountaineer
lo sciatore - skier
lo scalatore - climber, rock climber
la guida alpina - alpine guide
il maestro di sci - ski instructor
il guardiaparchi, la guardia forestale - ranger, forest ranger
gli alpini - Italian Alpine Troopers
il soccorritore - rescuer

la nevicata - snowfall
la tempesta/bufera/tormenta di neve - snowstorm
la valanga - avalanche
rimanere isolati - to end up isolated (after a storm, e.g.)
scavare - to dig
chiamare i soccorsi - to call for rescuers / help
le ricerche - researches
l’elicottero - helicopter

un panorama mozzafiato - a breathtaking panorama 
conosce qualche posto dove si noleggiano mountain bike?  - do you know were I can rent a mountain bike?
fare una passeggiata in quota - to have a walk at high altitude
ho visto un daino che si arrampicava su quella parete! = I saw a fallow deer climbing on that face!
in montagna si respira aria buona - on the mountains you generally breathe unpolluted air
passerò la giornata a rilassarmi alle terme - I’ll spend my day relaxing at the thermal baths
il coro degli alpini si è esibito in uno jodel - the italian alpine troopers choir sang a yodel
passare una notte all’addiaccio - to spend a night outside/ camp out


maybe you play sports and like languages - here’s an easy way to mix your two passions in life. in french : I “do” du/de la (or “practise” (rare)) + activity, ex : je fais du football / de la natation (same for instruments).

has to do with ice :

- alpinisme (m) : mountaineering

- bobsleigh (m) : bobsleigh

- combiné (m) nordique : nordic combined 

- curling (m) : curling

- patinage (m) : artistique : figure skating / patinage de vitesse : speed skating

- saut (m) à ski : ski jumping / skeleton (m) : skeleton / ski (m) de descente (f) / alpin (m) : downhill skiing / ski de fond : cross-country skiing / ski nautique : water skiing

- snowboard : snowboarding

- hockey sur glace (f) : ice hockey

has to do with water :

- aviron (m) : rowing

- canoë (m) kayak : kayaking

- natation (f) : swimming / natation synchronisée : synchronized swimming

- planche (f) à voile (f) : windsurfing

- plongée (f) : diving / plongée en apnée (f) : snorkelling / plongée sous-marine : scuba diving

- voile (f) : sailing

- volley (m) : volleyball

- water-polo (m) : water polo

ouchy-ouch :

- aikido (m) : aikido

- arts (m) martiaux : martial arts

- boxe (f) américaine : full contact / boxe anglaise : boxing / boxe française : kick boxing / boxe thaï : thai boxing

- judo (m) : judo

- karaté (m) : karate

- lutte (f) : wrestling

- self-défense (f) : self defense

- taekwondo (m) : taekwondo

has to do with a ball :

- badminton (m) : badminton

- base-ball (m) : baseball

- basket(ball) (m) : basketball

- bowling (m) : bowl

- foot(ball) (m) : football / soccer / football américain : american football

- hand(ball) (m) : handball

- rugby (m) : rugby

- tennis : tennis / tennis de table : table tennis

inside :

- danse (f) : dancing / danse classique : ballet / danse moderne : modern dancing

- escrime (f) : fencing 

- gymnastique (f) : gymnastics / gymnastique au sol : floor gymnastic / gymnastique rythmique : eurhythmics

- haltérophilie (f) : weightlifting

- musculation (f) : bodybuilding

- ping-pong (m) : ping pong

- squash (m) : squash

- tir (m) : shooting / tir à l’arc (m) : archery

outside :

- athlétisme (m) : athletics / track and field

- course (f) : running / cyclisme (m) : biking

- golf (m) : golf / hockey (m) sur gazon (m) : field hockey

- jogging (m) : jogging

- lancer (m) de disque (m) : discus throw / lancer de javelot (m) : javelin throw / lancer de marteau (m) : hammer throw / lancer de poids (m) : shot put

- marche (f) : walking

- paintball (m) : paintball / pétanque (f) : petanque

- roller (m) : roller-skating / skate (board) (m) : skate boarding

- yoga (m) : yoga

in nature :

- chasse (f) : hunting / équitation (f) : horse-riding

- escalade (f) : rock climbing (escalader, v : to climb)

- moto-cross (f) : moto cross

- parachutisme (m) : skydiving / parapente (m) : paragliding

- pêche (f) : fishing

- randonnée (f) : hiking / surf : surfing

(from the movie 127 hours, which is almost as bad as Buried)(don’t go outside)

On this day in 1915, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado officially became a national park. Even in cold weather, you can explore the park’s spectacular mountain environments by snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding and wildlife watching. In fact, winter is an especially good time to look for elk, mule deer, moose and other large mammals. Sunrise photo of Dream Lake in 2014 by C. Brindle, National Park Service.


*Doyoung can’t dance.

Characters: Doyoung, Taeyong, Reader

Pairing: Doyoung/Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 3K

You didn’t want to go out that night, but you had been pulled off your bed and into a pair of tight pants by your friends for that exact reason. They had looked at you, dead in the eye, and called you out on being an absolute anti-social slob for the majority of your week-long break from college. You, in a fit of denial, had thrown up a finger at Y/F/N and slipped on a bralette under a mesh long sleeve that sparkled when the light hit, a pair of black jeans, and some cheap, patent-leather boots that hugged your ankles uncomfortably so that you could limp around a pro-perspirant club. Your hair fell against your shoulders in light waves, the texture deemed silk-like by Y/F/N, and your makeup was the perfect ‘sexy-natural’. So why did you feel like you were wasting an entire night?

 You were on your third vodka-soda and your fifth rejection of some greasy frat-boy wannabe when your friend slid into the stool next to you, calling for a water and a few napkins from the bartender. The man nodded in response, turning towards the refrigerator as your friend turned towards you.

“If I didn’t know better,” she said, “I’d say you were a pretty lame person to be sitting at a bar by yourself.”

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First Impressions-Clayton Keller

Originally posted by werenski

If anyone actually goes to BU and/or knows a lot about their hockey program, I’m gonna apologize in advance because I am 100% sure this is an inaccurate representation of the everything about Boston University. Vague details and made up names galore, but purely for the plot (I say as I skew reality for the likes of a fic). Before this imagine I was not super aware of Clayton Keller but now I am SUPER AWARE of him and he is slowly but surely making his way up my (ginormous) list of faves. This fic kind of took on a life of its own, and I’m not sure how well it fits the original plot, but I kind of really love it anyway

@arizonacoyotesgirl16 said: I SAW YOU WANT REQUESTS! so I was wondering if you could do a Clayton Keller one for me! Maybe where you both act like you don’t like each other but like each other and you always show up to the others hockey games? And take you time on it and have fun okay love!

Check out my series Torn Up!

I sat in the passenger’s seat of Clayton Keller’s car, pouting. Maybe it would be worth it to raise a fuss and ask for a new partner. I knew that my team captain would be unhappy if I asked to be assigned to another guys’ team player for the week; the designated pairs had already been together for a day and a half and spirit week responsibilities were assigned specifically with certain people in mind. And before yesterday, I didn’t know that I hated Clayton Keller with the fires of a thousand suns. No one, not even I, could not have foreseen the figurative nuclear explosion that would occur when the two of us were forced to spend an excess of time with each other.

It wasn’t that Clayton was always an asshole, it was just that he seemed to go out of his way to act like one around me. All because of the one joke I made about how he had skated during one of his past games. Granted, it had been a rough game, and everyone knew that half of the guys’ team-especially Clayton-had been sick. I meant the chirp in good fun, but as soon as the words “ankle skating like Dylan Strome’s brother at World Juniors” left my mouth, Clayton refused to be civil to me, and that was that.

“You don’t even know Stromer or his brother, so stay in your lane. And don’t criticize my skating when you go around looking like you’re trying to cross-country ski on the ice,” he had said, dropping any and all niceties he had been cultivating around me in two seconds flat. The thing about Clayton was that he normally didn’t curse, or at least that was what you were told. Not off the ice, anyway. When he was around me, though, he wasn’t the same nice, polite Clayton that he presented to the rest of the world, that was for sure.

I tried to explain myself, to tell Clayton that I didn’t really mean anything by what I had said, that it was just a dumb chirp, but he wasn’t having it. He even went so far as to suggest that I was only saying these kinds of things about his skating because I was on third line this season and had “finally realized you aren’t all that.” Now, I was used to getting chirped for similar stuff, it was part of playing the game, but Clayton’s sensitivity toward literally anything I said had inadvertently made it my mission to be critical of his every move. So, he bitched at me more, and I picked on him more. It was a vicious cycle, and it was only 36 hours into spirit week.

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Friends came from all around driving through the night to meet up the next morning to go riding at Mammoth. We rode all day finding untracked areas on the mountain, got back to base camp and decided it was time to hit a hot spring and let our muscles decompress. We gathered all our gear to make it across the snow covered Owen’s Valley to Crab Cooker hot spring which we figured was empty. Some people boot packed others cross country skied, skinned and snowshoed to get out there. Apparently we had similar ideas to the other people that had already beat us to the tub, but we waited patiently for the hot spring to empty since both groups couldn’t all fit. Moments later the neighbors left and we soaked our muscles until midnight enjoying the dark skies and the Sierras, counting shooting stars. Some things are worth the wait. #worththewait