Lyrical Digital Portraits by Bear Kirkpatrick

American artist Bear Kirkpatrick creates digitally manipulated portraits. His work approaches the qualities of oil paintings by old master painters - often incorporating imagery of other eras which lends to that effect. You can see more of Bear Kirkpatrick’s work in our previous post.

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Meet an international network of artists connected by their interest in vernacular traditions and indigenous knowledge

SITE Santa Fe was the scene of an extraordinary convergence last week as artists from Anchorage to Buenos Aires gathered for the opening of SITElines2016

The show, the only major biennial devoted to the Americas, is titled “Much Wider Than a Line.” Taken from Leanne Simpson’s Dancing on our Turtle’s Back, the phrase refers to territorial cross-connections that transcend national borders.  

Selected by a team of five curators, the 35 artists from 16 countries are united by interests in vernacular culture, indigenous voices, and natural materials.  

Identity, race, and borders are ongoing themes in the exhibition, where performance meets ritual, de-colonial practice meets social practice, and craft is high art.  

From top: Marta Minujin. Benvenuto Chavajay. Jorge González. Graciela Iturbide. Jonathas De Andrade. Pablo Helguera. Juana Valdes. Aaron Dysart. Maria Hupfield. Xenobia Bailey.


Marco Polo title sequence

creation by The Mill 

Marco Polo, series based on a true story in Kublai Khan’s court in Thirteen century China. The creative team at Mill wanted to visually represent the metaphors of the show with themes of greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue & rivalry by contrasting them with various images of beauty, grace, and authenticity. Important note on the last image: in the drop hides an ‘easter egg’, a skull !

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Selected by Very Private Art (thanks to M)

Dirty Lowdown Street Photgraphy


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Artist Uses Ordinary Drywall to Create Beautiful Wall Sculptures

Sometimes the mark of a true creative is their ability to make use of any medium to generate eye-catching artwork. Bernie Mitchell puts his unique brand of creativity to work as he constructs artistic murals out of nothing but drywall. The Canadian contractor currently lives and operates out of Ontario, drawing inspiration for his fantastic drywall creations from the beautiful natural surroundings of his country. Mitchell infuses a love of nature and animals into his work, transforming the walls of his clients into works of art.

For Mitchell, this line of work started off simply enough—he was first a professional drywall finisher before he began to experiment on the raised surfaces, making use of wheat and barley stalks and pieces of leather to fabricate intricate carvings. Today, Mitchell continues to offer his talents as a contractor but also has an unmatched affinity for creating speciality pieces. His preferred subjects are birds, and his subtle carvings bring a certain element of flair to an otherwise dull section of wall.Check out the video, above, to see Mitchell sculpt an elegant scene of a wolf mother and pup. Via MyModernMet

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Paintings by Mircea Suciu

Mircea Suciu is an artist born in 1978 in Romania, currently based in Cluj, Romania. He works with different materials such as acrylic, oil and often combines them with monoprint techniques. For a long time, his works were based on images he found in newspapers, magazines, and other media. The themes he chooses is mainly socio-political and psychological orientated.

For Mircea, the process is at least equally important as the final image. He likes to work in series in order to exhaust the imagery and to transform them in a way that the viewer gets different perspectives on a certain topic.

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OMG, what a day!

I’m still blinking incredulous in front of my screen. Someone -undoubtedly generous- among the Tumblr editors has thought that ’Hostis Ante Portas’ had to be featured as a Trending Blog and I can only thank humbly such a nice distinction! Many, many, thanks for it and for the the opportunity to welcoming all the new followers of this blog who have felt curious or interested about my work, as well as  thanking  the ‘old’ ones for their continuous and kind support .

If this were not enough, I am happy to thank the same Tumblr Editors (the ’nice ones’, hereinafter) for having featured with a Landscape Blue Tag my pic ’Twilight Talks’.

Thanks, too, to the Lensblr friends for having kindly reblogged  my photo ’Reveries at midsummer’. 

And, last but not least, a big 'thank you’ to Un monde de Papier, Cross Connect and Wonderous World for their recent reblogs of my pics.



The Brilliant Concept Art of  David Levy ( Vyle-art )

David Levy is a leading international concept artist. He studied industrial design and architecture in France and the Netherlands respectively, and is currently working in Los Angeles, California as senior concept artist in the movie and videogame industry. He has contributed to projects for many game platforms and recently worked on the development of Prince of Persia 3 and Assassin’s Creed both at Ubisoft in Montreal. In Los Angeles he has worked on the major motion pictures: Tron Legacy, from Disney, The Thing, from Universal, Prometheus, from 20th Century Fox and Ender’s Game, from Odd Lot Entertainment. He also worked for imagineering, Disney doing architectural roughs. His interests and unique skills in video gaming, film and industrial design make him a sought after expert in his field. He currently is a senior concept artist at Lightstorm, working on the avatar sequels.


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Cross Connect Magazine, for artists on Tumblr

(Full article here)

Hi there, I am Martine the Hamster! My first article here! I was saved from the street by Very Private Art in 2014. Now I am earning a living by writing some articles. Today I will present you an exceptional community of online art curators. If you are on Tumblr and passionate for art, you probably know this Community already.

Many creative professionals like artists, designers, photographers and illustrators have received significant public attention after being featured in the Cross Connect Magazine. If your artwork gets the attention from them, the result is like dropping chewy mints in a bottle of soda – it explodes!

This article is a humble tribute to Cross Connect Mag, as it is sharing similar goals as Very Private Art. Without Cross Connect Mag, we would not be able to reach so many art lovers on Tumblr. Actually, 13 Curators are posting almost every day trendy artwork they spot. As it is, they get way more impact that an average Tumblr account.

I hope one day they will accept me to join the team. I recommend personally some curators, I don’t know them all so it is just subjective, others can be great! So if you are an artist, Submit to them!
Clisawork (Great content selected with sensitivity)
- Yellowmenace (mostly for Asian-related art)
- Turecepcja (my favorite, she is helpful and passionate about Tumblr.)
- Littlelimpstiff (very eclectic)


The Wonderful Atmospheric , Rain drenched Cityscapes of Eduard Gordeev

His amazing photography seems to hang on the borderline of fantasy and painting, steeped in intrigue and atmosphere, and catching rain perfectly.


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