Hope You Like Skulls by  Billy Bogiatzoglou aka Billelis

Art Director and Creative 3D Designer at Bolder Creative

Billelis Is a nickname given to me by my parents in my teenage years of graffitiing and getting into artistic mischief. My full name is Billy Bogiatzoglou and I am a Digital Artist, Illustrator and Art Director currently residing in the UK. I have spent countless hours experimenting, learning and expanding my Digital skill set in order to create a personal style that can be best described as a colourful graphical explosion. Equipped with an overactive imagination, my sketchbook and my beloved Wacom tablet I aim to be a distinct source of creativity.

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Dirty Lowdown Street Photgraphy


Share this or any of my photo’s on Tumblr or Facebook, every time you share one of my photographs I will enter your name into a list for a monthly draw to win a free exclusive print!!

Comparte éste o cualquiera de mi foto en Tumblr / Facebook, cada vez que compartes una de mis fotografías o “como” mi página, voy a introducir su nombre en una lista para un sorteo mensual para ganar alguno de pieza de mi catálogo en línea como impresión libre!

OMG, what a day!

I’m still blinking incredulous in front of my screen. Someone -undoubtedly generous- among the Tumblr editors has thought that ’Hostis Ante Portas’ had to be featured as a Trending Blog and I can only thank humbly such a nice distinction! Many, many, thanks for it and for the the opportunity to welcoming all the new followers of this blog who have felt curious or interested about my work, as well as  thanking  the ‘old’ ones for their continuous and kind support .

If this were not enough, I am happy to thank the same Tumblr Editors (the ’nice ones’, hereinafter) for having featured with a Landscape Blue Tag my pic ’Twilight Talks’.

Thanks, too, to the Lensblr friends for having kindly reblogged  my photo ’Reveries at midsummer’. 

And, last but not least, a big 'thank you’ to Un monde de Papier, Cross Connect and Wonderous World for their recent reblogs of my pics.



The Intriguing Surreal Art and Photography of Giordano Rizzardi

I am writing to introduce my work. I’m an italian artist, in my photos there is a continuous research/transformation of contemporary man, who imposes self-modifications on his body, visible through metallic structures. He does not reveal itself in its entirety but, in his body commodified.

He studied classical art and at the same time virtual environments and new technologies. With this dual preparation, he continues his research in the field of view, from photography to video art, to installation, developing the theme of the human person, which remains at the center of his work.

Giordano’s tumblr


The Wonderful Atmospheric , Rain drenched Cityscapes of Eduard Gordeev

His amazing photography seems to hang on the borderline of fantasy and painting, steeped in intrigue and atmosphere, and catching rain perfectly.


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