In an apparent act of attempted intimidation, someone in New York chained a massive cross to Gay Street in Greenwich Village, the LGBTQ neighborhood, on Good Friday. Over the next few days the cross moved to different locations, always chained up so nobody could move it. 

New Yorkers responded the way they know best: by drinking champagne and painting the cross in rainbow colors.

“To be honest, I’m a Christian, and the cross means, love, peace and hope. And it was clear the owner of this cross did not share those values,” Gay St. resident Micah Latter, whose gate the cross was first chained to, told HuffPost. “Whatever [this person’s] point, [it] was lost in translation. Their actions were pointless and annoying.” […]

On Sunday, Latter and ten neighbors and friends gathered to paint the cross the colors of the LGBTQ rainbow flag. They drank champagne and changed the locks so the original owner can no longer move it ― they’re now calling it “The Love Cross.” […]

”Neighbors and strangers came together on Gay St., all approaching the meaning of the cross with different personal views, yet we all shared the same love and support for the community that we bonded over,” Latter told HuffPost. “For two hours on a Sunday, it was just random strangers, tourists, straight couples, gay couples, kids and neighbors spreading love, painting rainbows on a cross, getting to know our neighbors, and drinking champagne on Gay St. It was a magical NYC evening!”

This city. (via the Huffington Post)

Limited Fairy Tale Gasha

Starting tonight at midnight June 1 JST until June 5th there will be a limited gasha set featuring Fairy Tale avatars!

The lineup is as follows:
Midorima: Nutcracker (The Nutcracker)
Kise: Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
Aomine: Captain Hook (Peter Pan I’m assuming if he matches with Kise)
Kagami: The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
Murasakibara: Hansel
Kuroko: Puss in Boots
Akashi: Genie of the lamp

One try at the gasha is 100 coins and you get one of the 4star avatars as well as 125 coins-worth of items such as bottles and keys! (similar to the New Year gasha)


Takao searched far and wide for the elusive Midopenguin. He traveled to mountains, forests, tropical islands, rocky cliffs, and even a land in the clouds. He saw many strange (some would say frightening) creatures, but not the one he sought. Finally, in the middle of an icy tundra, he spotted it. At last! The mythical creature that had haunted his dreams as long as he could remember. He held his breath as he approached, but the beast paid him no mind. He vowed to stay as long as his presence would be tolerated. 

Reader, he married that penguin. 

New Item Event~ Let’s Laundry!

No you’re not imagining the title

New Item event starts today at 4pm JST and will run until May 28th!

This event’s avatars are Murasakibara, Fukui, Akashi (again, really???), and Reo!

The “Start Dash” CG’s for getting a certain amount of items within the a certain amount of time are Mayuzumi and Mukkun, and the “Last spurt” CG is Akashi!

Good luck! 

jakei and youmna collab animation

hello ^u^

as the announcement said me and @jakei95 are going to do an animation collab! :D

so we had three ideas we couldn’t choose from and they are:

1. cross!sans vs color!sans

2. X!gaster vs othertale undyne

3. vg!jakei vs vg!youmna

and i’ll be asking you guys to choose from them three :D

to choose you can comment down in the comments and we’ll take the most requested and it’ll be turned into an animation collab!! >:D

good luck.

also here is vg!jakei’s design if you’re wondering~~


Priest Midorima and Assassin Takao!

I’ve been wanting to make these outfits for a while but honestly thought it would be too hard…and some of it was indeed a huge pain (I never want to make a hat again) but now that they’re done it makes me really happy to look at them so I guess it was worth it. And anyway, my next project(s) should be way easier.