30 Free Kurocoins and New Event Announcement!

Couple of announcements today!

First, to celebrate 30K downloads the game is giving everyone 30 free Kurocoins! Be sure to collect them in your inbox!

Next, new event starting in the evening of August 31 JST!

This event is called “Test of Courage Panic!” 
There will be a new event story, illustration, and a new mini game! This time you’ll need to collect ‘Mogu Mogu Points’ or I’ll just call them “Nom nom points.” The more Nom Nom points you get the higher your rank and this time we have Ghost Kuroko, Midorima, Takao, and spooky Akashi as ranking prize avatars! You can also get Ghost Nigou and a yukata for normal avatar wear! 

-Admin Midori

KnB Cross Colors Special Story - (Part of) Seirin & Touou’s Cooking Incident (translated)

This is my attempt at translating (part of) one of the special stories found in Cross Colors, the official Kuroko no Basket smartphone game. There were many parts worth translating in the stories imo (such as Kaijou’s purikura session at the arcade and Midorima holding a ladle in the pool), but this one finally made me get down to it because, well, there’s a great moment between Kagami and Aomine and I LOVE SEEING THEM TOGETHER.

This is a very rough translation because I’m struggling so much with the Japanese language help. If anyone is interested in reading the entirety of the stories in the two game paths (Kuroko and Kise) available right now, maybe… someone… is translating them already? Otherwise, it’s on my to-do list somewhere…

Context of the game and this story: Seirin and the other schools with GoM members are attending a joint training camp. After a day of spartan training under Riko’s supervision, the Seirin members rush to the cafeteria for a good meal, only to find it closed because of equipment checks. Fortunately or not, the kitchen is still accessible, and Riko suggests cooking for everyone… As the Seirin members shudder in fear, Momoi appears and to thank Kuroko for helping her find the missing Aomine earlier during the day, she decides to cook for his school. The Seirin members’ joy doesn’t last long as Kuroko turns even paler and tells them about Momoi’s skills that rival those of Riko. Hyuuga, in a desperate attempt to save everyone, puts Kagami up for the task of assisting Riko, and Sakurai also joins in on Momoi’s side.

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Quick Guide for Cross Colors

If you haven’t heard already, my friend @suzu-yuki is slowly working on translations for Cross Colors here at . The first couple of tutorial steps are translated so please check it out if you need help!

As she’s working on the rest I’ll provide just some quick tips and info to at least have a general idea of how the game works. Bandai prohibits screenshots so I won’t be posting any for this.

The game did just get released so it might be buggy but there’s a maintenance scheduled later on Tuesday so hopefully things will get smoother. 

Please do correct me if you see something written wrong as I’m still also trying to figure the game out.

Updated 7/12

  • The game is region locked for Japan, so you must have a Japanese Itunes/Google account to be able to download it. If you need help please google it and there are results that can help you make an account without the need of a credit card or gift card.
  • Also, because it’s for Japan, it IS in Japanese. It is also a story-driven game rather than a rhythm game or something. There are voice cues to help give you an idea of the context but just a heads up. 
  • Downloading using wi-fi is HIGHLY recommended.
  • There are story tickets and you are given 5 each day and are replenished at 5am Japan time. You can also purchase more in the shop if you want to progress faster and you can get also get tickets from rewards for missions. TICKETS DO NOT ROLL OVER THE NEXT DAY SO IF YOU CAN USE ALL 5 TICKETS BEFORE IT RESETS THE NEXT DAY. However tickets you purchase and earn from other methods will be stored in your item box.
  • Currently there are rookie missions if you’re a new player (we all are). Completing all of these missions (like friending someone, changing your avatar, etc) unlocks a CG. There are also login bonuses for logging in each day. 
  • There are two versions of the ending depending on your choices throughout the game, and there are also 3 different endings per version depending how high your points are. Depending on high your points are for “Vivid Color” and “Deep Color” determines your ending. I’m not sure what the differences are but neither is a ‘good/bad’ ending. Each side has a good, secret, and perfect end.
  • At the moment the only stories available are Kuroko and Kise. Midorima’s story will be added sometime in fall. Other stories (Kagami, Akashi, Murasakibara, Aomine) will be added eventually. 
  • Despite there be only two stories at the moment, you can change your avatar to any of the characters and will be the voice you hear as you navigate through the menu, or click on them to have them say something.
  • You need to do training to boost up your ‘basketball sense’ and ‘tension’ where you fight against other players using your team. You’re given a team by default but as you progress you’ll be able to customize it more as you get more characters. Each time you train you use ‘stamina’ which is slowly restored one every half an hour.
  • New characters for your team appear in a gasha after Q4.  These require Kurocoins. You cannot have more than one of the same character on a team/room but the same character in a different pose is considered a different character. (thanks to suzu-yuki and @chocoboxnow for the info!)
  • Throughout the story there are ‘missions’ you need to clear to progress. They are ‘avatar’ and ‘game’ missions. For game missions you need to time the shooting bar and shoot the basket when the bar hits the red area. Game missions use two stamina bars. You will not be able to progress until you win your ‘game.’  
  • I’m not sure what avatar missions are but I’m assuming it’s with your outfit maybe? Anyhow, different outfits give you different ranges of ‘tension’ points. The lowest is 1 star outfits and the highest is 3 star outfits which give you more points. Everyone receives the Nigou outfits which are 3 stars and the basketball outfits are 2 stars.
  • You can get more outfits by using the gasha. This is different from the team gasha mentioned earlier but for the avatars you use to dress up on your menu. There’s a regular one which uses points and another which have the better outfits which uses the game currency “Kurocoins” As any mobile game, Kurocoins are the rarer currency out of the two therefore the outfits are better. Limited time outfits also use Kurocoins so be sure to use them wisely! More Kurocoins can be purchased from the store (though currently you can’t for whatever reason) 
  • One way to get points other than rewards is by greeting and messaging your friends. So be sure to greet them everyday to get more points! 

So yes, this will be one of those games that will take a long time to progress and finish unless you spend money, but it’s still possible to finish without needing to pay if you’re patient enough. 

Like I mentioned earlier, if you have anything to add/fix, or want to know about something not on there, feel free to drop an ask in my inbox! Happy playing guys!

KNB: Cross Colors info

The PV for the game would be out on web on 21st of September but would debut on Tokyo Gameshow on 19-20th first. 

You don’t have to purchase the game since it’s free but you can purchase the in-game stuff. No exact date of when the game is coming out yet.

It is available in both iOS and Android. 

Edit: There’s an original story for the game as well. 6 Schools having a training camp together (AGAIN). More info will come after 28th September.