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“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!” None of us want to think that we are wretched. When we compare ourselves with others we think we are somewhat better or okay, we don’t realise how wretched and pitiful we are. When Isaiah saw the LORD Almighty in all His glory, he said, “Woe is me, for I am ruined! Because I am a man of unclean lips, And I live among a people of unclean lips; For my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.” When he saw the holiness of God, he recognised his own sinfulness. We can never go to God in this sinful state. Today, we have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for us. He will save us by His grace and make us righteous, all we have to do is place our faith and trust in Him. Would you ask Him to be your Saviour and Lord?

He is with us


In our joy and in our pain.

In the lonely midnight

Keep looking up

Love has called God with us.

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).
This prayer of forgiveness assures us that the vicious cycle of hatred and sin ends on the cross.
Jesus did not ask God for vengeance on the people who sentenced Him to death; instead He prayed on their behalf.
Jesus commands us to “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” (Luke 6:36). Forgiveness and mercy are the greatest gifts that you can give to another, especially to the one least deserving of it.
Love, forgiveness and mercy will bring you great joy. It is the only way to bring healing to your broken relationships. It is the way of the cross. It is the way of the believer. It is the only way to joy.


As of late, I have been lacking muse for my little sunshine and while I have gained it back some, I really want to get it back in gear. Plotting is literally one of my favorite things to do and chat about and I am definitely in the mood for some deep and character building plots / relationships. So, if you are interested in some extensive plotting, please hit the heart and I will slide into your IMs. Mutuals only please!

He was despised and rejected–a Man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. (Isaiah 53:3)
Maybe, you are going through rejection, you feel like no one understands or even cares. Jesus understands. He was betrayed by a friend, denied by another. And when the soldiers came to arrest Him, totally abandoned by everyone close to Him, beaten, spat at, mocked, scourged and then crucified with no one to give Him a word of comfort. And all the while He thought of you. Your salvation, your healing, your deliverance, your peace and your victory. He knows exactly how you feel. He has been through it.
Isaiah 53:3 tells us that, “He was despised and rejected by men.”
You see, He understands. He knows exactly how you feel. He has been through it. Just run to Him. He can comfort like no one can. He will embrace you and take away the pain of rejection. He says to you, “ I love you with an everlasting love. No matter what you’ve done or been through, I love you just as you are. Remember Jesus hasn’t rejected you!

Fight for the Amulet

Arriving in Egypt Argent immediately made his way to the meting point Chris had told him in the letter. A few weeks ago, argent had sent his own letter letting his pack know he was on his way to join them, in the search for the moonstone amulet. The same Amulet protected by the Laurent Family for what seemed like years maybe even centuries, before Simon Laurent on Grindelwald’s orders burned and killed his family. Simon’s sister Juliet who he thought was killed in the fire was saved by an ancient and very evil Alpha werewolf named Fergus, who was after the amulet for more power. He had turned her into a werewolf, making her his Alpha female and a strong vengeful one, wanting to kill her brother who had been bitten and turned into a werewolf as well by his best friend, Argent a bitten werewolf turned Alpha.

Now Argent and his pack, Simon, Thomas Cross a bitten werewolf as well, and a born alpha named Chris Stone where in Egypt after simon had an episode. During the episode, he had seen flashes of where the amulet was hidden which led them to the pyramids they were now searching through, looking for clues and hints that they were on the right track

Chris walked beside Argent as Simon and Thomas where a head a bit trying to break down some writing on the walls. They had already run into serval deadly traps that left them battered and bruised with a few cuts here and there
“…. How is max?” Chris asked not looking at argent but he knew the man could hear and smell Chris’s need to protect and be with his pregnant mate and fiancé. Argent glances at some ancient writing examining it as he spoke “She misses you…. said the baby doesn’t kick as much with you gone….” Argent knew it was torture for Chris to be away from Maxine, he was the one thing that kept her from losing complete control of her Obscurus and it wasn’t easy as she had a child to make sure wasn’t affected when she had a panic attack by her obscurus.

Argent looked over at Chris seeing his fists clenched and shaking to much his knuckles where turning white. He laid a hand on Chris’s more than tensed shoulders giving a reassuring squeeze “The sooner we get this done the sooner we can all go home.” Chris turned to speak but Simon called them over quickly
“We’re close….according to these writings it should be up ahead-“ Simon’s hearing, as well as the others picked up on sounds heard and the familiar scent hit their noises. He heard Chris and Argent growl as he clenched his fists eyes glowing blue “She’s here….” “Simon go get that amulet we’ll deal with this bitch” Chris’s eyes glowed bright as did argent “I’m not fucking listening to you, why the f-“ “Simon go!” Argent growled “If you don’t get that amulet before she does we’re all dead” He looked his best friend in the eyes “Simon go….get the Amulet” Simon took a moment glancing from Argent to the shadows approaching them before cursing under his breath and rushing off, leaving Thomas, Argent, and chris to face off Juliet and her betas

Juliet’s glowing red eyes fell upon the three men, a smirk on her face that showed her sharp canines as her ten betas moved past where she stood “How sweet of you all to led us here, right to the amulet…..but I can’t let you have it, the Amulet belongs to my Alpha” she growled “Your not having the amulet Juliet!” Argent growled “Fine then” Juliet shrugs “….Kill them

In a split second the ten betas attacked the three men, clawing and trying to bit at them as Juliet stood watching, waiting for an opening to slip by to go after her brother. Argent snarled drop kicking on beta before crushing his throat, moving he balanced a hand on Chris’s shoulder to use as a lift so he could slam his foot into a beta’s head, that tried to sneak up on the Alpha “Thanks brother” Chris spoke moving to help Thomas who was fighting three betas. Thomas moved running at a wall before pushing himself to flip over a beta, taking out a wolfsbane covered blade and slicing open the beta’s throat when it turned around. Looking he saw one beta moving at him, but he quickly ran at the beta jumping so that this beta’s head was between his legs before twisting his body to slam the werewolf down hard onto the ground, While Thomas landed perfectly on his feet. Argent slammed his feet into one werewolf’s chest hard, pushing himself off the ground when he landed before round house kicking the wolf hard enough to crush his skull. Moving to go help Thomas and Chris, Argent was tackled hard feeling claws digging into his side deeply as the beta drew blood before biting into his shoulder “Argent!” Chris yelled rushing over and almost ripping the werewolf off his friend, claws out as he tore into it’s side and chest.

Getting to his feet and ignoring the pain, argent grabbed an extra wolfbane covered blade Thomas had, and dug it into the werewolf’s chest right into his heart “Five more left” Thomas called counting the reaming betas before noting Juliet was gone “Shit!” He moved to go after where simon had gone but someone very powerful grabbed him and Threw him almost completely through a wall. Both Argent and Chris looked meeting the red glowing eyes of a man and immediately both men knew this was Fergus, Juliet’s Alpha.

Fergus looked at Argent with a faint smirk on his face “So you’re the one who bit my daughter, and unlocked what she truly is… saved me the trouble of doing it myself” Fergus referred to Samara, Simon’s mate who was born due to Fergus rapping her mother, making her think it was no-majs when she really gave birth to a werewolf-witch hybrid, a very rare delta no less who’s true nature was locked up by Fergus to avoided Samara being killed by her family, a family she in returned slaughtered. “Either I can kill you all now…..or I can kill you after I kill each and every person you hold dear, your children, your pathetic mates-“ That was the breaking point for Chris’s control as he rushed at Fergus who was blocked by two betas

Claws out chris blocked one punched before leaning back, using his foot to press into the beta’s chest as he flipped him down to the ground before rolling up still gripping his arm which he easily snapped in half. Gripping the beta’s neck he nearly tore it off before turning to run his hand clear through the second beta’s chest and out his back. Pulling his hand free he turned to face Fergus who Argent was fighting, and hurried to help tag teaming with his fellow alpha, just as simon tumbled in one hand gripping the amulet as he tried to fight off his more powerful sister, Thomas rushing to help his friend.

Fergus twisted argent’s arm behind him almost breaking it if chris hasn’t come from behind locking the powerful alpha male into a headlock. Though this did not good as Fergus swift kicked chris’s leg earning a sick snap before flipping him into the ground and stopping the man’s ribs relentlessly to the point where Chris started to cough up blood looking like he was going to pass out. Argent snarled yelling at simon to throw the amulet to him

Simon swiftly kicked his sister hard in the face long enough to toss the amulet before feeling claw in his side causing him to yell out. Argent moved quick grabbing the moonstone and feeling it’s surge of power, as well as something darker. He turned snarling with brightly glowing eyes “You what this?! Then you can have it!” he tackled Fergus and raising the fist the held the moonstone and ran it through the Alpha’s chest pricing the man’s heart clean through. There was a ripple like effect that everyone felt as Fergus’s heart came to a immediate stop and his eyes stopped glowing, going dull and lifeless.

Simon coughed feeling his body which has claw marks and bites, ache as Thomas rushed to help an almost half dead chris. Looking to where he had kicked his sister he saw she was gone almost without a trace “Dam it…..she’s gone….argent she-“ simon’s gaze fell onto argent who’s back was to everyone, something didn’t feel right “…….Argent?….” Out of their view argent’s eyes glowed brighter than before and a almost devilish smirk was on his face “….leave her…..she’s without an alpha male now…..she’s nothing…..” Blinking his eyes returned to normal as he put on a relived expression turning to face his pace “How is chris, Thomas?” “Not good, we need to get him to a safer place where I can treat his injuries….” Standing simon slowly made his way to argent, wary “….Argent….we stopped them, now we have to destroy the amulet-“ he was cut off by a violent growling coming from his Alpha. Was this because of killing Fergus and taking the amulet? He knew the Amulet negatively affected others but did it more so effect alphas, mainly the one who kills the previous owner?

“Argent please….it’s not safe to keep it” Simon said with a wary hand out before Thomas spoke“….remember what chris said… To destroy a moonstone, we have to catch it at it’s weakest point- on the new moon. We have to use the potion chris helped me make of Moly. Only then can an Alpha has to transfer it’s powers to his bloodline by cutting himself and binding it to him with his blood. Only then can he truly destroy it.” Thomas watched Argent “For your family argent, for their sake please listen to us…..” He pleaded as simon reached argent putting a hand on his shoulder carefully “Please….I can’t loose you…fuck, you’re the closet thing I have to a brother argent so please just do this….” Slowly argent’s eyes stopped glowing as he seemed to gain control of himself “…..r-right…..come on let’s get out of here…..”

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sufjan stevens songs gay alignments
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  • neutral bottom: casimir pulaski day
  • chaotic bottom: no shade in the sadow of the cross
  • lawful verse: size too small
  • neutral verse: to be alone with you
  • chaotic verse: the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us!
  • lawful top: go! chicago! go!
  • neutral top: john my beloved
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You did tattoo ideas for the exwires right?? What about Yukio? Or is he the kind of person to not like skin art?

Yukio doesn’t really like big pieces, but he appreciates the meaning of  a tattoo. If he were to get one he’d get a semi permanent one at first, just to make sure he definitely wants this before he gets the real thing done. He would get something small but meaningful, like a cross or a bible verse, or his dads name. 

Or after he gets through this depressed phase thats currently happening in the manga, and all the shit that happens is over, and the Okumura twins are finally fucking free of all the bullshit in their lives, he may get a small tattoo representing he’s now a stronger person.

Or if he had a s/o and they suggested it, and they were very close and he knew they were the one, he would agree to get matching or mismatch couple tattoo

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She figured he deserved the least bit of recognition for his efforts; being the lone Hocotatian amidst an ensemble of humans (well, half human in her case) might not have been the easiest job. Of course, Corrin’s means of showing appreciation always seemed to go back to head pats with a 3DS stylus.

Though, the princess tried to hide a visible wince upon hearing Louie’s proposition to add fried spider on the menu. “I, uh… I’m not sure if I can give you a clear answer on that.”

“I do know of someone who may be interested, but I’m afraid they’ll add it to their personal collection of treasures rather than eat it.”

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five times the batfam made fun of arrow

okay man, i could write an actual fic here but i dont have the will power tonight, so here’s some 5 times/things for your consideration - which is comics bat family somehow crossing into the arrow verse and w o w 

like basically 5 ways we could have the batfam in dctv even tho arrow has stolen all of their villains 

  1. so supergirl low key confirmed batman exists in their earth so like, next crossover event needs to have some batfam in it in some manner or form, but i digress, like we’ve got some universe cross over and one of the bat get to join in cause kara’s like “let me bring in this friend of mine from gotham he has experience with weird shit” and they end up on earth one and its basically “you realize your life is a  bad knock off of ours right like??? since when has star city been the angst town??” (basically kara and steph are friends and steph gets to come complain about arrow because yes)
  2. on another note, what is with everyone in dc having drake as a fucking last name. so we have dinah drake , and basically im not saying tim should just be brought in as a cousin but what is the point of the drake last name being so popular if they dont bring tim in??
  3. we have talia now?? so i swear to god if the flash backs with talia make it so her and oliver have a kid since oliver is basically knock off bruce wayne i will fucking riot 
  4. didnt roy move to bludhaven???? i dont remember arrow plotlines much cause im trying to delete this from my mind but wow is this knock off dick grayson, but ignoring that - roy should bring his new friends dick and jason back to star city to do idk some shit, and like theyre both not gonna put up with olivers shit
  5. fun fact: in season two of arrows suicide squad episode they have a very explict harley quinn refrence that i guess everyone just forgot about but does this establish that batman and gotham actually fucking exists or????

i didnt even answer the question properly sorry babe



 ☽ ● ☾               –     The Good Father once told me quite plainly that any man who married me would need a hard and heavy hand.  She offered a demure smile to her Queen, though mischief glinted wickedly behind her eyes. From her limited experience - those few memories of her lovesick mother - she had come to understand that matrimony was more trial than triumph. From her brief time at the French court, she understood all too well where Catherine’s own animosity came from. The least the maiden could do was lighten the mood. ❝ If you will excuse me for saying so, whispers and observation have given me some insight: Those traits often lie elsewhere than one’s hands. ❞

    Catherine made a sound that was somewhere between a chortle and an admonition. Anyone upon first look at Nimue would never guess that she was capable of such lewd trains of thought. She had the appearance of an innocent, but the Queen Mother mused that no such thing existed at court, perhaps save for the children. 

  “Was I wrong in not assigning you to the l’escadron volant, after all?”

The Bible is full of stories about just how much God’s mercy can change us. In fact, the Apostle Paul is perhaps the best example. He was by anyone’s standard an arrogant and hateful man before he came to know Jesus, but he changed when he met his Saviour on the road to Damascus. If God can change Paul, there’s hope for anyone.
“Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief,” Paul told Timothy. (1 Timothy 1:13
We don’t get what we really deserve. In fact, all of us at one time or another had walked away from the cross but we all have a life-changing story about the mercy of God.
The prophet Daniel was right: “The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against Him.” (Daniel 9:9)