cross upside down

Upside-down crosses

If there’s one thing I hate about horror movies, it’s the “demons will turn your crosses upside-down!” trope. 

Y’all know what I’m talking about:

Except apparently demons have the same understanding of how Christianity works as the author of My immortal, because guess what? Turning a cross upside-down is not blasphemy. 

It’s called a St. Peter’s cross, and it’s a symbol of Christian humility. That demon just made the room more Catholic.

Also, guess who else doesn’t have a problem with upside-down crosses?

I am born of shadow.

I am midnight incarnate.

I paint my eyes with black to honor the void; I bathe my lips in the blood-red lipstick I found in my mom’s purse to represent blood.

All I know is the inferno.

My sole is filled with emptiness. 

My eye drips with a blood-colored blooddrop that I drew with mom’s lipstick—this represents my insides being filled with darkness and blood.

Under my head I painted a cross upside down in order to show my true allegiance to the underlord.

My feet are black because of my dark sole.

The vacuum gives me breath.

My left nipple is red in honor of the tides of the blood ocean deep inside all of us. 

My left nipple is red in honor of the moon. 

A Jack Skellington temporary tattoo graces my breast; my spirit flows through it. 

I am complete only in the twilight.

I am dim.


I was completely sold in the underground death metal scene, that was my, that was MY whole identity.

i was very much an extrovert. i had long black hair, like a leather jacket with a lot of logo types .

like if i looked at a photo of myself when i was 17 or 18 i resemble…i was like a hobo. like, ripped up denim, bullet belts, upside down crosses…well i mean not much has changed and i’m still very much that person.

The french subtitles did not translate well. So i struggled past the annoying French voice over to hear what he was saying. This is about 95% accurate though. I enjoy that he said long black hair…he is ashamed of being a natural luscious blonde. Also calling himself a hobo 😂

whatever, Special…Mary Goore was a babe through all his phases.