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i love the ideas that everyone's sending you for elsewhere university and just the general concept! but also, you know how in college there's those supposed secret areas (my college supposedly has steam tunnels criss-crossing underground)? just imagine what they're like in a college where if you mess up, you are literally in another dimension

there are some places even the Fair Folk don’t know about or speak about or understand

Avoiding the Apocalypse pt. 7: The Second Crystal

Pairings: Eventual Bucky x Reader (It’s almost here)

Warnings: tiny angst.

Word Count: 1.4k

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The next destination that Jamie had indicated to look for crystals was up in the mountains in Europe. When you all returned to Avenger towers you all grabbed winter gear and uniforms and met back in the jet. Tony and Natasha had decided to leave you all to perform other Avenger duties and Tony was assured that Jamie was going to be under strict surveillance. While waiting for Bucky to board the ship, you positioned yourself near the door of the ship and looked outward. You wondered why Bucky was taking so long but then you spotted him and Natasha near the hangar entrance. You watched as Natasha spoke to him with a serious face. You crossed your arms and walked away and sat in one of the seats near the front of the jet. After a few minutes, Bucky finally boarded with a bright smile on his face. He suavely came in front of you, faced you and leaned against the dashboard.

“What?” you asked.

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Catacombs under the City

I wrote a post on this a while back but couldn’t find it again, but thought I’d rewrite it because apparently Revival Angst is In again!

Concept: Catacombs below the Last City. The people are aware of Guardians, aware of how Ghosts bring back the dead. So since the founding of the City, and since the people at least had the means, anyone who died was sealed in above ground crypts. Ghosts were escorted to family burial places, members watched anxiously as Ghosts chose, or more often didn’t. At first it was everyone, anyone, then as space grew sparse and the City grew, it became the young, or the rich. Then someone thought of below ground crypts, and it became the norm for all burials. The City’s underground became a criss-crossing labyrinth of tunnels. The coffins all have handles on the inside, and little Ghost-sized spaces between the aisles are constructed. There are names written on the insides and outsides, names, words, messages of love and ways to get back in touch should the dead reawaken. All coffins are wrapped in a ribbon or paper, an easily broken seal. On occasion families come down to check on the resting places of their ancestors, and replace the seals. Everyone learns their lineage in the crypts.

That lineage is lost to the Cabal.

He Would’ve Loved To See Him

Star Wars (Rogue One) One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Cassian Andor + Han Solo & Leia Organa

Warnings: Rogue One spoilers, alcohol consumption, character death, violence, a lot of crying

Request: “Can you write a Cassian Andor oneshot where the reader is Han Solo’s younger sister. The rebellion wants her to join Rogue One bc she’s really good at smuggling and getting in and out of places. She meets Cassian Andor and they have a short relationship. She survives somehow and finds out she is pregnant with a baby that turns out to be Poe Dameron (I can’t let go of the headcannon that Cassian is his dad). Thanks xx” - Anon

Word Count: 2,434

A/N: I can’t let go of that idea either !! I hope you enjoy the one shot ! I was pretty sad writing it but oh wells. PART 2

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Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

“This tunnel is actually still used today — trains chug through it three times a day to deliver wood to a factory. It’s believed that if couples who are truly in love hold hands and cross the tunnel, their wishes will come true.”

I can’t sleep so how about I share some headcanons about Kouda’s bunny:

  • First and foremost, he’s got a name and even if humans can’t pronounce it, it’s still his name. For convenience sake, he let’s Kouda tell other people that his name is ‘Fluffles’
  • Fluffles is the sweetest little bun you’ll ever meet until he realizes you’re talking smack about Kouda. No one’s allowed to talk smack about Kouda unless you’re Fluffles. Fluffles has full smack talking rights on Kouda.
  • Fluffles is a vindictive son of a bitch if you cross him, like if you keep away his carrot for too long he’ll fucking eat a hole through your left footed socks (not the right ones, nope, you have to suffer with a hole in only one sock so you’ll always notice the difference)
  • Kouda keeps telling people not to call him “a wittle fwuffy bunny bun” because Fluffles will poop in your shoes but nobody believes him
  • They start catching on that Fluffles needs to be Respected™ because although only Kouda can understand him, Fluffles can understand everyone else just fine
  • Fluffles is a ladies bunny through and through, he likes the soft way they pet his ears and their soft smells and their over all softness (Mineta is certain that Fluffles is trying to steal the hearts of the girls away from him and Mineta is 100% right)
  • Kouda always keeps his door open just a little bit so Fluffles can come and go as he pleases, which Fluffles takes full advantage of for snooping around and gathering the latest gossip 
  • Fluffles found some friends with the moles and gophers that live in Yuuei property so he can access their tunnels to cross Yuuei campus in mere minutes (he likes to support Kouda secretly whenever he’s having a bad day and Kouda hella appreciates it)
  • He is THE gossip guy to go to because with all his free time and the tunnels he has access to, he knows exactly who is dating whom and what’s going on with that funky smell in the Teacher’s Lounge (it’s Blood King, he’s lactose intolerant but he’s too addicted to ice cream to stop)
  • No one’s secret is safe and Fluffles gets the biggest kick out of being such an information hub and he literally cannot keep a secret to save his life so Kouda by proxy knows EVERYTHING (the only secret Fluffles has never shared is All Might and Midoriya’s because to share it with Kouda would put him in more danger than Fluffles will allow)
  • Kouda can no longer look Bakugou and Kirishima in the eye because he knows what they get up to behind the gym after training (Fluffles literally ran straight to Kouda to tell him because that’s some NEWS)
  • Fluffles literally cannot stand Aizawa and it’s all because he smells like cats (cats eat rabbits you know)
  • Kouda has repeatedly told Fluffles that Midoriya is 100% human but the rabbit doesn’t believe it AT ALL because he’s clearly a large green human shaped rabbit Kouda, can’t you see it? (Kouda can)
  • Fluffles is equal parts terrified and soothed around Tokoyami because of his bird head (he looks like a predator but acts like a crow???)
  • Fluffles was rescued from the park by Kouda because trappers got his family but he was all the way in the back of the burrow so he was spared
  • Fluffles might have enough sass to making Endeavor think twice but he’s the best…person? to ask about your problems (he’s straightforward and takes no prisoners but he always sees every angle)
  • Kouda wasn’t going to sign up for Yuuei but was encouraged enough to follow his dreams when Fluffles gave him the pep talk of his life

I hope you like Fluffles


  • When asked what Fluffles’s voice sounded like, Kouda admitted that he “sounds like Nagisa from Free 50% Off”

to say with clarity

with a kind of grappling heart
[a fish-hooked pain]

without any forewords
like crossing through a tunnel
and coming.
not to but as an another side

to come with your childhood — the delayed little
phantasm of the roses on the wall

or the apron of mother
and other lands in books

(which are written; will be
 as the color said, the qualia shimmered
 red meant blue
 to you) and from there you live

 got locked to threads

 married with children - perhaps - or money
 a mortgage. Or Steve at the local bar,
 to pay you but your life weaves

 and there-in, like the simple canvas you saw once
 was of the wall, a part, but not whole,
 with fraying edges

 and there-in ; to say