cross stitch wisdom

How I deal with my needle and waste thread.

I have a cute spice jar that I put all my thread in, and I use a magnet to zap my needle too, and usually my scissors are here too! When the jar is closed the magnet sits on the lid as the lid is metal as well so it sits on the inside and if I loose my needle in the thread I just use a magnet to fish it out. Works well!

So I get so many questions asking about the way I keep my threads sorted for a large project like this. Well this is how.

I take a recipe card (or index card if you wish) And a whole punch and punch out holes for the threads to loop in. Than white the project, the page number of card I am on, and all the thread information. I find this works VERY well! And if it rips or breaks in any way I just transpose the info to a new card and make a new one.

I often will use tape to tape up a rip for a temp I try to wait till most of the holes have ripped before replacing the card!


So I recently taught my daughter to stitch and to make it easier for her to learn I put all the colours on the cardboard pattern for her ease to track it. I also made sure the pattern was marked as to what way was up! And then we are doing full stitches not half stitches again to make it easier.

Just a few tips on how to teach a kid to cross stitch.