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Help Needed, Crossstitchers/Embroiderers

So, my grandma is probably gonna pass soon (in and out of the hospital, can’t be by herself anymore, had to move into a nursing/hospice care home), and she gave my Dad her embroidery kit and old, unfinished embroidery work. 

She wants me to complete the unfinished stuff and then display it.

Problem is–I don’t have her level of skill, okay. Here’s some of her finished work (they are about 50+ year old works because she was apparently really into it after she had my Dad).

The problem is is that I do not have adequate level of embroidery skill (I’ve taught myself some, but not enough), and I need practice. Does anybody know of any really good online tutorials or stitching techniques similar to those seen here that they can show me/teach me, resources, anything would be nice–

–to help me so I can complete her unfinished ones, preferably before she passes…and if not then at least before her funeral so we can display them then? 

It’d be a nice tribute. I have about 3 pieces to complete. Any help would be appreciated.