cross stich


I think I’m having an existential crisis… 
I was cross-stitching it for two years. And then I finished it… well, nothing happened. But not only this. While I was working on this I had a constant thought “It would look better then I’ll finish it”. And now I have no such hope. It’s already finished and it’s surely wouldn’t get any better =\ 
And now I’m like “why did I even thought it was a good idea? why I was spending my time and money for this? nobody wanted or needed this except for me. and, at the end, even I don’t feel like it was the thing I wanted and needed”.
So I’m just sitting, looking at it and thinking “wait… so what was the point of all of this?”. 

ID #56778

Name: Cora-Beth
Age: 22
Country: United States/ United Kingdom

I’m originally from small town New York, but currently getting my master’s in Medical Anthropology in England (here until September). I’m writing my dissertation of medicine/healing in witchcraft.
I’ve never had a pen-pal, but I’ve always wanted to give it a go.
One day I’ll learn Korean and Russian, but for now I’ll spend my free time crocheting and cross stitching, binge watching tv shows and movies, and attempting to improve my hand writing. I’m an avid collector of teas and books that I swear I’ll get to one day, I promise. I love to travel, the little I’ve done, and am looking at the Peace Corp in the next few years.
One day I hope to have a house in the woods with small farm with alpacas, and my own tea shop.

Preferences:  20+ and snail mail please


small devotional acts inspired by a series created by Mouse @heatherwitch

- Particpate in your local Pride (Loki was genderfluid pansexul after all)
- Volunteer and/or Donate to help the mentally ill (Loki was the patron saint of madness)
- Put cinnamon in your coffee
- Wear more green and orange
- Be kind to every dog you meet
- Offer to give your friend a haircut
- Burn mistletoe incense
- Take up embroidery/cross-stiching
- Learn to tell if a snake is poisonous or not
- Always have a lighter, or matches
- Become comfortable with your scars
- Consider getting a pet snake
- Indulge in a glass of mead, whiskey, scotch, or bourbon
- Explore and overcome your past pain and trauma
- Play a good natured practical joke or prank on someone
- Think of him on April Fools’ Day
- Wear faux snake skin
- Accentuate your lips with adventurous lipstick colors and glosses
- Give him gifts on both mothers and fathers day

Feel free to add your own!!