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Peace - Tony Stark x Reader

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59. “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning… to cuddle?”

Warnings: none

Word Count: ~800

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After a particularly rough mission, the team loaded onto the quinjet and headed home. You sat in a padded seat in the middle section of the jet, your arms crossed and head leaned back. You had gotten no sleep the night before and after the mission, were extremely exhausted. You couldn’t ever sleep on the jet though. You had tried many times before and failed each and every one. 

As you sat, contemplating your exhaustion and hatred for Steve for forcing you on this mission, Tony came and sat beside you. You broke from your thoughts to turn and smile at your close friend. 

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This music video (Better Man Than He) has a lot of cross-sections of the head and vocal tract while singing, and is a catchy song to boot! 

Animal of the Week: Alexandria

Name: Alexandria

Species: Guanlong wucaii

Description: Guanlong is an early relative of Tyrannosaurus. It is a proceratosaurid, the earliest major tyrannosauroid lineage, and Guanlong is among the first known. Like other early tyrannosauroids, it’s a fairly small and lithe animal. It has fairly large arms relative to larger tyrannosauroids, but bears other hallmarks of the group, such as teeth that are D-shaped in cross-section. Guanlong has a large crest on the top of its head - fragile and narrow, it is used for display. At three meters (9-10 feet) long Guanlong is a small opportunistic predator - a known victim of predator traps, into which it was probably drawn by herbivorous elaphrosaurines.

Location: Alexandria is one of our Ambassador Animals. She can be found in the Aspiring Paleontological Prodigies Program wing of the Anning Paleontological Museum, though she sometimes makes appearances in special events.

Fun Fact: Alexandria will eat almost anything you give her - if it’s served to her on a turquoise plate. Part of her ambassador training involved training her to eat off a turquoise plate (by putting delicious, smellier food on it) to make it less likely that she’ll try anything else, such as fingers. We suggest people who interact with her try to cover any turquoise, just in case.

Personality: Alexandria is our only Guanlong. After hatching she imprinted on keeper Jeremy Cruz, and so he raised her off-exhibit. It was during this time that Alexandria’s highly docile and people-friendly nature compared to our other coelurosaurs showed itself. Once she reached an appropriate age, we began training her as an ambassador. Alexandria’s willingness to engage in training sessions made this easy.

She’s proven herself well-fit for the job. She’s highly people-tolerant and doesn’t stress easily near large groups. She’ll even (most of the time) allow people to feel her protofeathers! Of course all interactions are still closely monitored, and she’s overall calmer if Jeremy’s nearby, but if you treat her with respect, she’ll treat you with respect. Just, don’t touch the head crest. She hates that.

Alexandria mostly lives in a suite in the museum. Small groups at a time can come in for visits and demonstrations. She also sometimes makes appearances at demonstrations elsewhere, mostly in the Education Hub, and at special events, such as the annual dinner.

like a heartbeat

It goes without saying that weekend music festivals are quite the adventure, but as bad luck becomes Romee Chandler’s best friend throughout the first day, her adventure doesn’t seem so fun anymore. Or at least that’s the case until Harry Styles shows up, flashing his award winning smile, and helps Romee achieve the adventure of a lifetime.

A oneshot of playful sibling banter, losing yourself to the beat of a song, and two people bonding over their love of The Wombats.

(Or, alternatively, the story of how Romee and Harry from “leather and lace” first meet.) 

(PS. This is a standalone oneshot. You don’t need to read LAL to understand it.)

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No-Show Half Up

Do you ever find that your hair elastic is the one thing that ends up ruining your hairstyle?  Well, preventing this problem is the key purpose of this hairstyle.  Today’s five-step tutorial will walk you through a simple half updo that will hide your hair elastic, no problem.


1) Brush

2) Hair Tie

3) 2 Bobby Pins


1) Begin by brushing your hair into a low half up ponytail down the middle of your head.

2) Grab a section of hair from the front right of your head.

3) Cross the section of hair over your hair tie.

4) Bobby pin the section into place just under the hair tie.

5) Repeat steps 2-4 with the left section of hair.  Finalize with hairspray.

Diagonal Dutch Braid

When the Hunger Games movie first came out, the “Katniss Braid” was a big thing for hair.  While the movie franchise has now ended, this hair fad has not ended for me.  The diagonal dutch braid is such a staple because it is a simple way to keep your hair out of the way for school and sports alike.  Although there are already tutorials for this braid out there, I thought the style was an important one to be included on I’m Hair For You too.


1) Brush

2) Hair Tie


1) Begin by brushing out your hair.

2) Take three sections of hair from the top corner of your head.

3) Cross the top section under the middle section. 

4) Cross the bottom section under the middle section.

5) From the top, front of your head, add in hair to the top section.

6) Cross the top section under the middle section.

7) From the bottom of your head, add in more hair to the bottom section.

8) Again, cross the bottom section under the middle section.  This is a dutch braid that goes in a diagonal direction as opposed to vertical.  Find a more in-depth tutorial here.

9) Continue this braiding process in a diagonal direction to the bottom corner of your head.  Once you get to the other side, all hair should be incorporated into the dutch braid.  

10) Finish off with a regular braid, tie off with a hair elastic, and spray with hairspray.

Remember / Audrey Jensen

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Living with amnesia was hard. Not only on me but everyone around me; my parents, my friends, my teachers and my girlfriend, even. There were things I was supposed to remember but just…don’t. It happened because I fell. I fell at a pool party on water that was spilled on the floor from when someone jumped into the pool. Apparently they splashed me and Audrey, my girlfriend, but I had gotten up to go inside to get a towel. I didn’t make it far because I had stepped on a puddle and fell face first into a pile of rocks. Someone, Emma I think, had told me that Audrey recorded the whole ting on her video camera and it broke her heart. She had blamed herself, for some reason when it was all really my fault. 

When I woke up, there were people surrounding me and tubes were hooked up to my body and an oxygen tube shoved up my nose. I woke up with no memory of my new home, I cold barely remember moving away from Chicago two years prior. I couldn’t remember meeting my new friends, meeting my girlfriend and falling in love with her. But she does. And that’s what hurt the most when I woke up. Everyone was patient with me, waiting day by day for me to remember but also helping me make new memories that would eventually be lost, too. 

My stupid brain wouldn’t decide if it wanted to forget new memories or old ones. 

I had found Audrey crying in the library. 

I was told by a girl named Brooke that Audrey was tough before all of this, never showing true emotion and she bottled everything up but once I had my accident, Audrey would stay in my hospital room while I was stuck in my coma crying her eyes out and talking to me; and when I woke up, not knowing who she was, she cried almost everyday. Even when I returned to school, not knowing who Audrey was to me, no one would tell me, she would avoid me, crying when she saw me and running to the bathroom or to the library like today. 

She was sitting in the True-Crime section, sitting with her legs crossed and head in her hands, shoulders shaking and convulsing. Her hair was a mess probably from tugging at it or running her hands through it. The days that Iv’e spent at school with everyone, I watched her. I watched her glare at people or sulk down the halls, my favorite thing to do was to watch her smile when her best friend told her a joke or said something stupid. She had a pretty smile that made me gush inside. The first time I felt the butterflies, I asked Brooke Why do I feel this way? And she merely answered, You’re in love. That put everything in perspective. But i hated watching her cry. Her face would crumple and er small shoulders would hunch over like she was caving into herself. 

Watching her do that now, I quietly sat down in front of her and coughed. 

“My memory fails me sometimes,” I started, tucking a stray piece of hair behind my ears. “I don’t always remember your name, or who you are, but the one thing that always sticks in my mind is that you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in the whole world.” 

She didn’t stop crying, in fact this made her cry harder, but she did look up at me and offered me her hand. I took it, shifted so i was sitting next to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. 

“I don’t know how hard this it for you, I won’t pretend I do but it does hurt me to see you this upset but if you are willing, I want to learn how to love you again.” I whispered, squeezing her hand. 

“Yes. Yes, I want you to love me again.” She cried. I didn’t have anything to say back, I just let go of her hand and took her body against mine letting her heavy tears soak my shirt. I placed one more kiss on the top of her head, smiling a little bit. 

French Braid | Back to the Basics

Welcome to I’m Hair For You’s Back to the Basics month.  This month, tutorials will consist of some of the most basic and well-known hairstyles that are essential to your knowledge.  This week’s tutorial features the French Braid.  The French Braid is great as either a full head braid or as a small accent.  Its continuous incorporation of hair makes it very tight and clean, perfect to keep the hair off your face.


1) Brush

2) Hair Tie


1) Brush out hair.

2) Begin with three medium sized sections of hair at the front-centre of the head.

3) Cross the right section over the middle section.  (The right section is now the middle.)

4) Cross the left section over the middle section.  (The left section is now the middle.)

5) Gather some hair from the right side of the head and incorporate into the right section.

6) Cross the right section over the middle.

7) Gather some hair from the left side of the hair and incorporate into the left section.

8) Cross the left section over the middle.

9) Continue this process down the head.

10) Once you are at the nape of your neck, where all of your hair is now incorporated, begin a regular braid.

11) Continue this regular braid down to the bottom of your hair and tie off with a hair elastic.  Spray over with hairspray to hold in place.

like a heartbeat

For: Andrada @kittnstyles

By: Leesh @mackabees

It goes without saying that weekend music festivals are quite the adventure, but as bad luck becomes Romee Chandler’s best friend throughout the first day, her adventure doesn’t seem so fun anymore – at least that’s the case until Harry Styles shows up, flashing his award winning smile, and helps Romee achieve the adventure of a lifetime.

A story of playful sibling banter, losing yourself to the beat of a song, and two people bonding over their love of The Wombats.

Word Count: 6467

Warnings: Mild language, alcohol, sexual references

Main Pairing: Harry/OFC

“Honestly, between all the monkey emojis, it was like sexting Curious George.”

 Quinn almost spat out her coffee across the dashboard of my car, shaking her head as she snorted in laughter. “I think it’s time he gets tossed to the curb,” she said, still chuckling to herself as she wiped the slight drool that escaped from her mouth mid-laughter.

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Will Ant Necks Give Robots Super Strength?

by Txchnologist staff

The next step toward robots with superhuman strength might come thanks to the tiny ants marching around at your feet. Engineers think the insects’ necks–made of soft, flexible tissue that can support huge weight–could hold important clues to advanced design.

Researchers at The Ohio State University wanted to know how this single joint is built to withstand the full load capacity, so they started looking at its mechanics, structural design and material composition.

“Ants… can lift and carry heavy loads relative to their body mass. Loads are lifted with the mouthparts, transferred through the neck joint to the thorax, and distributed over six legs and tarsi (feet) that anchor to the supporting surface,” the authors write in a paper published recently in the Journal of Biomechanics. “While previous research has explored attachment mechanisms of the tarsi, little is known about the relation between the mechanical function and the structural design and material properties of the ant.”

Find out more and see pictures below.

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