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“The Black Lodge”, 12"x12", oil on wood, $450

I’m part of a group show called “Otherworlds” at Confluence Gallery where the final three paintings in my Numbers series are on debut. The show will be up through May 20 in Twisp, WA.

“The Black Lodge” explores the number eight which is associated with spiritual elevation or salvation. Creation results in the combination of the four elements; fire, water, air, earth with the four qualities that form them; hot, wet, cold and dry. Several ancient cultures embraced the concept of the grandmother spider weaving the web of matter, intricately crossing polarities, electrons and protons. Also, jumping spiders.

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   Part of me fears what might happen if it turns out to be Pearl who shattered Pink Diamond. Knowing the SU fandom, the discourse that will follow the revelation will be fucking spectacular in scale, bringing forth a shitstorm the likes of which has never been seen within the following.

People will be scrambling, either defending Pearl’s actions or calling for her immediate demise, while the rest of the following is caught in the polarizing cross-fire. People will get run off the site from anon hate and call-out posts, there’ll be some real life drama until the whole ordeal fades into eventual semi-obscurity because everyone’s too tired of arguing about it.

Eventually SU fandom as a whole becomes one of those Tumblr cursed things™ that’s only spoken about in hushed tones in vagueposts, the evaporating fandom, or extremely long-winded ask responses, created by those who unfortunately had to watch the whole thing from the get-go.

This is the grim fate that awaits us.

Cross-Polarity Pairings

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Generally, compatibility is restricted to signs within the same polarity, or gender. Masculine signs, the fire and air signs, are said to best with each other, and feminine signs, the earth and water signs, supposedly are more compatible. Ultimately, however, compatibility is a flawed concept.  Same-gender relationships are actually just easier, but ease is not directly correlated to benefit.  Cross-gender relationships, although certainly a bit tougher, are perhaps more rewarding in the long run, as the individuals make up for each others’ faults and use their strengths in tandem.

Aries and Virgo

At first, it may seem strange to pair chaotic Aries with the order-obsessed Virgo, but these signs have a lot more in common than it may initially seem.  They are both generous, sensitive, and, believe it or not, perfectionistic.  They both embody the hard shell, soft core archetype.  Aries is the body and Virgo is the mind; Aries’s impulsiveness is softened by Virgo’s need for routine, just as Virgo’s lack of spontaneity is nudged by Aries’s need for newness.  Virgo provides Aries with patience but they’re not too shy and won’t let Aries walk all over them, as can be the case with Aries and the air signs.  Aries helps Virgo establish a stronger sense of self outside of their work and learn to enjoy the simpler things in life.  They nurture one another’s natural curiosity and are able to love each other while remaining independent, a desire of both Aries and Virgo.

Taurus and Aquarius

Although they are traditionally highly incompatible, these two fixed signs have a lot going for them when they get together.  They share the gift of both morality and objectivity, and where Taurus is artistic, material, and hedonistic, Aquarius is scientific, abstract, and restrained.  They are two of the most loyal signs and are also apt to seek a best friend in a relationship.  Where one of them fails, the other prevails, and they can always provide support for one another, even through Aquarius’s erratic behavior and Taurus’s hard-headedness.  Both are hard workers and they are perfectly equipped to help each other achieve their goals.  Taurus helps to ease the edge off of Aquarius, who may seem strange at first, and Aquarius encourages Taurus to develop a slightly more defined personality.

Gemini and Scorpio

For Scorpio, this is at once an ideal and frightening relationship, as they are able to explore the secrets of not just one person, but thousands of people, all of whom exist within the heavenly psyche of the Gemini.  However, the Gemini will never be able to commit to Scorpio as much as they want them to.  Still, this relationship has its merits, namely the lightening up of Scorpio, who so desperately needs to learn to see the silver lining.  Gemini is flexible enough to tolerate Scorpio’s probing, and as they like to talk, it’s really not much of a problem for them to be interrogated.  Scorpio will force Gemini to focus, an area where the Gemini is severely lacking, and if Scorpio succeeds in getting the Gemini to love them and only them, they will both be rewarded with the most fascinating person they’ve ever known.

Cancer and Leo

When Leo comes home from a long day of inspiring and leading, as they always do, who better to see standing in the doorway than Cancer, the ultimate supporter?  Cancer takes care of and appreciates Leo in exactly the ways they’ve always dreamed of, just as Leo gives Cancer an outlet for their love and is able to return it.  Cancer, a cardinal sign, won’t be overshadowed by Leo, no, they will share their podium.  Cancer will keep Leo happy in the home so that Leo can succeed in the world, and Leo will romance Cancer perfectly, opening up to them and showing them their private persona.  Leo and Cancer are both huge-hearted people, so they are well-equipped to handle the humongous weights of each others’ love.

Libra and Pisces

No one is more romantic than Libra, except for, of course, Pisces.  They are at their best together; Pisces is the only person who will let Libra be the boss, and Libra is the only person who will understand Pisces’s all-encompassing kindness and love and who won’t take advantage of it.  Libra’s feelings of being a doormat do not exist here because Pisces will never try to dominate Libra. Rather, they will help Libra come to realize their true self.  Pisces, in return, finally experiences the love they give.  They will truly want to hear every word the other has to say, and will never try to hurt each other.  These two have grand ideas of love that can only be realized with each other.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

If ever anyone were to give Sagittarius a run for their money as far as bluntness, wit, and detachment are concerned, Capricorn would be it.  Although the Sagittarius has quite a few walls to scale with their goat, once they get into the Capricorn’s heart, they’ve found the only person who thinks the same way they do.  Their moral codes mirror each other and they are both hard workers.  Jovial Sagittarius, who has good luck naturally, is finally brought down to Earth by the Saturnian, serious Capricorn, who sees life as one big problem to solve.  They are both fairly headstrong and will command each other’s loyalty, honesty, and respect.  They are the only people who seem true to each other.

Watched both of the new Laci Green videos and to be completely honest I don’t see a problem with them. I keep seeing posts going around of people saying “why am I not surprised”, as if she did some big controversial and horrible thing. I think it’s definitely true that because so many shitty people critique feminism in shitty ways, feminists have become scared to thoughtfully critique their own movement, for fear of fueling or validating the shitty people. I think the questions she raises about polarization and cross-aisle dialogues are valuable ones, that she had been able to raise in a unique way due to her history.

Some of her framing is weird. She used the phrase “redpilled” like she had no idea what it meant, which is obviously impossible for someone in her position, so it must have been intended just for dramatization. That was a poor choice that has already backfired on her, but otherwise it isn’t that cringey.