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Signs a Guy Could Like You

♥‿♥side note: Obviously these are just generalisations, you can’t have a list of things which apply to everyone in an entire gender. Also these signs will show depending how confident they are because everyone acts differently

Body Language//How They Act

-He stands close to you even though there’s lots of space

-He makes a lot of eye contact when talking, especially if you’re talking in a group but he looks at you

-He looks at your lips sometimes

-You catch him staring at you (more than 8 seconds scientifically suggests it’s a big sign)

-Glances across a room, if he does this more than 3 times then it’s a big sign

-He might fidget or even sweat when around you due to nerves

-He touches his hair before or while talking with/ being around you

-He breaks the touch barrier, e.g: touches your hair, hand or arm (anywhere really)

-You notice he makes an effort to look good

-He faces his body towards you, in your direction

-Smiles at you for no particular reason

-He tilts his head to side (because he’s trying to read what you’re feeling)

-Changes the way he acts when he notices your presence

- Their eyebrows raise and pupils dilate just a little when they first look at you (these are the best signs but the trickiest to catch)

- They sit with open legs 


-Tries to keep conversations interesting and brings up a lot of subjects

-Gives you his full attention

-Maybe even tries to keep conversations short due to nerves

-Words things in a way that prolongs the conversation

-Possibly tones down the cursing if you don’t speak in that way

-Asks questions about you

-Brings up things from past conversations

-Doesn’t just talk about things he’ll find interesting

-If they tell a joke in a group, there eyes will flicker to you in order to see if you laughed

-Shares personal things with you or secrets which he doesn’t tell anyone else about

Types of Flirting

-Tries to impress you by bragging or pointing out things he thinks you’ll find impressive, like stuff he knows or can do

-Behaving differently with you, especially in a group

-Starts acting protective, e.g: seems to appear or stand closer when your giving someone else your attention

-May even flirt with other girls to see your reaction, this is quite easy to spot if he glances over at you to see if you’ve noticed

-If he only flirts with you and no one else that’s a great sign

-Laughs at all your jokes (even a little longer than he should)

-Teasing !!!

-Makes fun of or jokes about other guys you know and hang out with

-Compliments, even the small minor ones which seem like nothing

Ways You Can Find Out

- Adopt certain postures when you’re together that aren’t too obvious e.g: hands in pockets or cross your ankles. Stuff that they can see in their line of vision but wouldn’t consciously address. After sitting like that for awhile, see if they have also adopted the same, or a similar, position. Humans tend to subconsciously mimic the physicality of those they are attracted to

- Look at their face for a few seconds (2-4) and then look away. After a second, look back at them. if they hold eye contact with you, that’s a sign they’re interested

-Say something softly or quietly and see if he leans in to hear you, and does he stay closer afterwards

-Pay attention to how his friends act, if he’s told them about you or they’ve worked it out themselves you’ll usually be able to notice by them

-Change up your look, add something or do something different and if he notices and even comments on it, then it’s a sign

Hopefully this is helpful to someone!!! This list was a collab with the amazing blog @datesfordummies ! check them out <3 I’ll also be collabing with them on one of their posts soon ♥ let me know what you’d like me to make a big post on next ^_^

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rpg physics

Nico doesn’t even need to look over her shoulder to see why Honoka had fallen behind after their latest fight. The corners of her mouth tug downwards as she calls back, “Oi. Put those down.”

The others don’t seem to mind, infuriatingly enough. Even Umi apparently sees some sort of usefulness in Honoka’s hoarding tendencies, though she usually ends up selling half their inventory to every merchant they encounter anyway. So no one except Nico says anything, and Honoka struggles to jog along with an armful of wispy feathers.

“But these could come in handy sometime!” Honoka grins. She sputters when some of the feathers stick to her face.

“For what, making pillows?!”

“Actually,” Umi pipes in. “Quadwing feathers can fetch quite a price in some colonies. They are coveted purely for ornamental purposes, of course, but they would be useful to have on hand should our money run low.”

“Like we’re gonna run low! We have way too much gold! Because you keep selling our things and we barely buy anything!”

“Surplus inventory. Better than discarding the items we don’t need.” Umi simply says, and she trots ahead to catch up with Eli as her cue to leave the conversation, sword bouncing against her hip.

“Oh yeah, we do have an awful lot of money,” Honoka muses out loud. “Like… a million?”

“Nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine,” Nico flatly says.

“Whoa! How big is our wallet, even? Is it even possible to carry that much?”

“How should I know? Is it even possible for you to carry all the junk you collect from the monsters we kill?!”

Honoka looks down at her small rucksack, then around at the rest of their party, as does Nico. Rin only carries her hunting knives. Maki somehow manages to stuff dozens of potions into the pouches attached to her belt. Kotori likes to collect ores and their weight somehow hasn’t slowed her down. Nozomi doesn’t even have a bag or visible pockets; for some reason, no one’s ever questioned where she carries her inventory.

Nico decides she’d really rather not pursue the mystery of that last one.

“Huh, good point,” Honoka finally says after a long pause of silence between them. When Nico looks at her again, the feathers are no longer in her arms, but they’re nowhere on the ground when she looks behind them either. Somehow, Honoka had managed to stuff all of them into her rucksack when Nico wasn’t paying attention.

“… I don’t even know, anymore,” Nico mutters.

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20 with CEO! Yoongi? Pretty please 😇

✎ things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear ✎
1.4k words ; fluff [ pg-13 ]

Originally posted by mn-yg

a/n: a little late happy birthday to baby yoongi our soft precious rapper, may you be prosperous and wonderful this year as well <3

Yoongi and you had grown up together, both with silver spoons practically glued to your asses. While Yoongi had followed after his father’s footsteps, venturing into finance and accounting to continue his father’s legacy, you chose to step away from the family business to take up photography, a “hobby” your father had scoffed at. However, when their only daughter was talented enough to step up into the spotlight with landscapes and portraits featured only in the best of the best exhibitions and magazines, they didn’t have another choice but to support you. The two of you were far from like, your feigned politeness masking Yoongi’s blatant bites.

Yet, somehow, the two of you always knew that you’d end up together.

When you looked back to the countless days you spent mulling over your major in Yoongi’s apartment near the university as he studied up for his international economics exam, you thought about how easy things were with him, how smoothly the two of you transitioned from being friends attached at the hip to lovers who tied for ‘most likely to succeed.’

It would be an understatement to say that you were in love with Min Yoongi. The man was everything you’ve always dreamed of. The ideal type you always described to him (determined, hardheaded, strong-willed, handsome but also cute), you never thought that it would all come in one package in him.

“Yoongi-ah,” you scrunched up your nose, picking up his slacks from the floor. He rolled over in bed, his pale back seeming to glow underneath the afternoon sun. How he managed to sleep in late when he had piles of work to finish, you’d never know. “Stop leaving your clothes around when you come back at night. It’s gonna smell.”

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Olicity Drabble~ Consequences

Originally posted by itsmamukibhanji

So this would by my dream chat between Oliver and Felicity in say 5x20. This has no chance in hell of happening but hey it made me feel so much better! Enjoy! 


“That door still makes a lot of noise doesn’t it?” she lightly hollered from her seated position along the dust laden floor. He stopped at the midway of the once often used stairs. The time spent unused made them feel weak as if time itself had caused the iron to rot from the inside. Her red rimmed eyes flew towards as he lumbered downward; in turn he gazed at her sadly. Her once bright eyes no longer lit up when he entered the room, now they flickered with despair at the state of their once unbreakable bond.

His nose crinkled slightly in faded humor, “Felicity you know the entire police department is looking for you right?” 

He watched her head tilt in disinterest, “You know I never noticed how damp and dark this place actually was…I guess it takes a change of perspective to see what’s really there doesn’t it?” 

Oliver held back a pained sighed, “How drunk are you?” 

She hiccupped but it wasn’t the one he’d expected, “I’m sober Oliver or should I say Ollie since he’s the person you’ve become since you chose to fight for a relationship with Susan.” 

He padded down the few remaining hard steps and didn’t reply until his feet were over the hard, cold, and still wet cement of the old lair’s unforgiving floors. “So you’re starting with the cheap shots I see…” 

She snapped her head and glared darkly, “No, I’d just rather avoid another pointless conversation with a man I barely know.” 

He shoved his nervous fingers into his pockets and crossed the empty room. She kept her rigid body pressed against the furthest pillar as he himself used to do. Her usually perfect blonde hair was now almost dirty blonde, her nails were chipped, her cuticles were bleeding along the sides, and her skin was pale. “I didn’t come here to hurt you Felicity, I just came to talk,” he breathed in torment as the light flickered above her face. 

She shot those dark, grey, stormy eyes at him for a moment before they fell back to her knotted fingers. Her once brightly colored lips now cracked as she curved them into a dark smile, “Hmmm now you want to talk. Isn’t that just great,” she sneered snidely.  

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Hey guys! I am looking to promote my shop a little bit to get some money together to add some new summer items! If you use the code 5BUCKSOFF you can take $5 off any order of $15 or more. I hope you like what you see! LEVELUPCLOTHING


Serena’s shirt + skirt from Pokemon x&y !  Complete with her little pocket to keep… stuff in….. idk what’s in there i mean she’s already got a purse so…?? ANYWAY ENJOY!  ^_^

Calem’s jacket: x

(Olive’s editing skills continue to be bad)

DDR Battle // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff, parent!phan

Words: 1.7k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Dan and his and Phil’s daughter Emily play DDR together.

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- Foolish -

I got an idea and wrote a thing over the course of a few days that started out trying to take the Cross x Dream comic’s plot and make a Dreamswap version of it, minus the pairing.

Originally I was trying to prove what a hilarious disaster it would be if that same concept happened in Dreamswap (even without the pairing) but then it shifted into something else entirely and actually turned out KINDA GOOD??

Like. I’m pretty proud of this dumb thing.

Original character creators:
Dream and Nightmare -> @jokublog
Cross -> @jakei95
Error -> @loverofpiggies
Ink -> @comyet

Also, since I haven’t had a chance to mention it, DS!Nightmare’s staff is actually more of a weapon than original Dream’s. The crescent moons are sharp; on one end, it’s double-sided, and on the other, the outside is dull so he can dramatically stand there with his hands on it.

Cross: Nightmare, help me the frick out.

Nightmare: Ugh, what now?

Cross: Help me help Ink realize that he’s an idiot.

Nightmare: Well, brutal honesty and harsh criticism are what I do best.

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I wanted to practice my new sketch tool so here’s a bunch of horror rpg MCs from tumblr. I’ll draw more another time :D

Pocket Mirror   Imaginary Friends   Kakurenbo   Cross   XII   Hello Charlotte

Kago to Torii   Dear Mariko   Midnight Rendezvous   Luella Fell

Sorry for poopy tumblr quality