I wanted to do a “Back to the Future” and “Rick and Morty” crossover, since “Back to the Future” is one of my favourite movie franchises of all time. As per usual I got here late and, after realising it was clearly based on “Back to the Future”, found that almost every reference I wanted to draw from the films had already been done, including the VHS covers. So I decided to draw this scene and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I should’ve made Rick a bit thinner, but hey, next time I’ll get it right. XD

I have to thank @cassafra5 and @alannahkiwi for getting me into the show, which ANNOYED THE SHIT OUT OF ME at first. I couldn’t STAND his belching. But I got over it and binge-watched the whole thing over a two day time span. XD


ITS FINALLY DONE FVKJNVF tho it took me 2 days its so worth heck this is the result of me binge-watching su instead of studying :’^)c

individual frames under the cut!! ♥

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I really like this idea of Yuno being a Ghoul and helping Yukki-kun to survive in the world of Ghouls and Humans ♥ :)


Yukki as Ghoul ♥