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Still Star-Crossed...

Benvolio out here acting like he don’t know who Rosaline is.  Acting.  Had the nerve to call her a servant like he didn’t know who she was, a Capulet.

Ninja you knew damn good and well who she was.  She was at all the parties back in the day when her name had clout.  You were in the corner in the back watchin’ from a distance!  Tell me I’m lying!

He came up in that church running and didn’t show one sign of thirst from being out of breath… Now all of a sudden your lips are dry so you lick them in front of Rosaline.

You ain’t slick Benvo.  Trying to make small talk and put your foot in your mouth.  All these years at the brothel and no practice in conversation man for when the day came.  Her Mama and Daddy dead… her man Escalus gone out the country and you ruin this chance.

You should have gotten some pointers from my man Romeo before he died.  He killin’ it being a smooth operator.  You couldn’t even say bye to Rosaline outside the church, you just gone stare like a puppy.  I seen’t you… Lookin’!  I know she sparkles like the stars in the sky so I understand…

But you got work to do man cause Escalus is in the game already.  I don’t even know if he’s deserving but he on 3rd base.  Arranged marriage or not, Imma need you to “hoe” up, to catch up…  Next week bring your charm, your wit, all of what yah working with.

Win Rosaline over and pull at my heart strings.  You can’t pull if Escalus got them all.  I feel so much better… The stress.