cross fit work out


I’m on week 3 of cross fit.
I work out 3-4times a week here and try and walk on my free days.
My coach told me the sky is the limit for me and I can only get stronger.
He was also impressed with my already showing strength.
I definitely can already see a difference in my body. My arms are my toned again and my legs are solid.
I’ll update more frequently
maybe not so much


A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest…because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.
Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

6 “facts” about CrossFit that simply aren’t true 

2. CrossFit is dangerous and you will injure yourself.

“There’s an assumption that you’re going to get hurt or get sick to your stomach,” said Tom Higgins, coach at CrossFit Victory City.

CrossFit emphasizes technique and safety, yet the misconception that injuries are inevitable runs rampant. Unfortunately, at this point, there are few studies to verify this one way or the other. The one peer-reviewed study included only 43 participants. Another more in-depth study is in process, and early results indicate that CrossFit’s injury rate is no different than general fitness workouts and even Olympic and power weightlifting.

Mikel Blount, a coach at CrossFit X-Factor, says in four years of being part of CrossFit she has yet to see a major injury. “As a coach, we spend a lot of time watching people and their movement, making sure that people don’t get hurt. Making sure that you’re lifting something you’re capable of lifting. You’re doing things in the best way possible so you don’t get hurt.”

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Wrestling with the Dead. Chpt 1

WWE Imagine

This is a work from my head, it is not requested and I’m not sure if I will do a part two, if you guys like it, then I will. Let me know, nicely if you don’t like it please.


    You stare in horror from behind the brick building you hid behind. In front of you stood 4 men. There were two posed and ready to pounce as a third who held a gun to the fourths head, his arm around the fourth’s neck, holding him in place.

 “I mean it! I’ll do it! I want the keys to your car and the fob to your bike!” The third man yelled, shifting his weight from foot to foot nervously.

“Hey, hey easy, easy, we don’t want any trouble, just let him go and we can talk about this, we aren‘t the bad guys here, we are just the guys who want to get through this alive.” The bigger of the two men said,    putting his hands up close to his head.

 “BULLSHIT! KEYS NOW!” The third yelled, jamming the gun against the temple of the fourth man.

   You had seen enough, you didn’t know what had happened prior, but you couldn’t let this happen. Slowly, you stepped out from behind the building, pressing your index finger to your lips, begging the two men facing you to remain quiet as you crept to where the third held the forth captive.

   As soon as you were close enough you took aim and slammed the butt of your gun against the back of the third man’s head, just at the base of his neck, knocking him out cold. Quickly you moved your aim to the now shocked men standing in front of you.

 “Who are you?” You ask, voice trembling slightly as you take aim at the bigger man, who runs his large hand through long dark hair. “Why did he want your car keys? How did he know you had a bike?” You ask the questions quickly, kicking the gun away from the hand of the man who was unconscious on the ground in front of you.

“Well, I’m Roman, this is Baron, and the one you just rescued is Seth,” Roman continues, pointing to men next to him. When you say larger, you mean bigger, muscle wise, but the one named Baron, he was huge, must be about 7 foot tall, covered in tattoos. Seth was the runt, he was built but slender, his hair falling delicately into his face from the bun it had been previously tied in, his eyes wide with alarm, as he hadn’t seen you coming.

 “And he wanted our car keys because he wanted to put as much space between us as possible, you see, he killed a friend of ours a few days ago, Sasha, we had been tracking him since.” Seth continued, readjusting his shirt as he moves between Baron and Roman.

 “What were you going to do to him when you found him?” You ask, your voice shaky.

“What do you think?” The one named Baron finally speaks, his voice ominous.

 “I guess I cant blame you, I’m Y/N by the way.” You say as you back away from them, your eyes shifting between them. “But this was none of my business, so I’ll be going now.” You back away further, putting some distance between you and them.

 “Just like that? Hey! Wait!” Roman calls as you turn and take off, around the corner you had appeared from, up the rattling stairs of the large brick building, scrambling through the creaky second floor and out the window, your feet hit the fire escape hard, the whole thing rattling.

“Please! WAIT!” You hear from behind you, and you think it was the one named Seth, but you weren’t sure. It didn’t really matter, you wouldn’t ever see them again. You took off across the small field behind the brick building, into the woods on the other side, quickly weaving in and out of trees, your chest heaving as you try to put as much distance as you can between yourself and them.

 Soon the sound of their voices fade behind you and you slow to a brisk walk, catching your breath. You look back on what happened, thinking to their faces again. Roman, the big one, his olive skin was beautiful, his left arm was covered with tribal tattoos, he had long dark hair, and glacier blue eyes.  Then there was Steph, no it was Seth, yeah Seth, he was built, he looked like Jesus, long dark hair and dark eyes, his skin was a perfect tan. But he was built. Like a..Cross fit Jesus? Or a Jesus that worked out A LOT.

 But the one that really burned bright in your mind was the tall one. He was ripped, but much more subtlety, his long hair was dark and his gaze was chilling, his tattoos covered his arm and from what you could see of his chest through his t-shirt and vest, black line work poking out at the nape of his neck. His eyes were almost black, but the way he looked at you…You shivered at he memory.

  You jumped as a moan startles you out of your thought, the shuffling of feet headed for you making your heart race and adrenaline pump. You put the gun in the holster that hug under your left arm, pulling the medium sized knife from the holster that was gripping your thigh, over black faux leather pants.

  If it was just one, you could do it quietly, no need to bring any attention to yourself with a gun shot. You really needed to invest in finding a silencer, but you didn’t want to venture that far into the city, it was dangerous, ever for someone as quick as you.

  You ease towards the source of the groans, your knife in hand. It seemed to be coming from around a large cluster of bushes, you couldn’t see through them, but it sounded like one, maybe two geeks, nothing you couldn’t handle. You make your way to the edge of the bushes, the trees were sparser here, you could see the brick building from where you stood.

 “AH!” You couldn’t help the scream that flew up you throat as very NOT-dead hands knocked the knife out of your hand to the ground, and you after, toppling over you, pinning your hands to the side of your head.

  “Well aren’t you a pretty one,” The man on top of you said, giving you a slow once over, licking his dirty lips. He dirty, his shaggy dark hair was thick with grease and he reeked.

 “GET OFF OF ME!” You screamed, writhing under him, trying to free yourself from his grip.

“Hey, HEY,” He growled down at you, moving his grip so that he was holding both your wrists in one of his, smacking you hard across the face with the other. “You just hurt my friend, I don’t take kindly to that you see.” He continued, grinning evilly down at you.

 “HELP! HEL-” You started to scream before a grimy hand clamped over your face, your eyes watering as you struggle under him. You knew it was in vain, you had run, those guys were probably 30 miles from here already, you thrashed, trying to break free.

 “SHH shh! Shut up bitch!” The man on top of you struck you hard once more, sending a high pitched ringing to start in your ear. Your eyes watering as the stinging pain in your face intensified.

“Good, now this is what’s going to happen-” He starts, but suddenly his grip on your hands disappear, you immediately grab your gun, aiming at him, but before you can take your shot, you see what happened.
 large tattooed arm clamps around your shoulders from behind, pushing your amrs down, forcing you to relax the grip on your gun.

 “Hey, Hey it’s ok, you’re ok now.” His long dark hair falls in his face as you turn. It was Roman. You turn back to the man who attacked you. Your eyes widen with shock. Baron had him, he was hitting him hard, over and over.

 “No! Baron stop!” You screamed, jerking out of Roman’s grasp suddenly, flinging yourself at Baron, knocking him away from the man, his grip hard on your arms as he holds you up right. You stare up at him, your eyes wide with horror. “You’ll Kill him!” You sound frantic, panic lacing through you.

“Good! You know what he was going to do to you? What he DID do to you?!” Baron’s voice was loud, angry as he raised his hand to your face making you flinch. His face softened a fraction, then hardened again as he looked over your shoulder, your eyes following as you watch Seth and Roman restraining the other man.

 “W-why did you follow me?” You breath quietly, stepping closer to Baron as they yank your attacker to his feet.

 “Let me GO! She deserves what’s coming to her! She hurt Sal!” The man struggled uselessly against their grip. A shiver runs through you when the reality of what could have happen hits you.

“Hey, it’s ok now, I wont- WE wont let anything happen to you.” Baron tries to comfort you as you sob quietly, feeling exhausted. The bushes behind you shake and you both whirl to face them, your guns aiming for the source once more.

“It must be the Geek I heard earlier.” You whisper, as you both walk around the hedge, Baron’s eyes were hard once more as you both finally see the walker making the noise, He was stuck in the bush, flesh handing from his face as he snapped at you. Baron raised his gun, “Hey, no!” You hiss, your hand resting on his, pushing the gun down.

“Do it quiet, no need to draw more.” You look up at him, the tension from your connected hands sending shivers down your spine.

“Watch.” You breath, holstering your gun and reaching for your knife, but you come up empty, your hands touching the rough tan leather, groping for what wasn’t there. Then you remembered, the man had knocked it out of your hand.

“Here.” Baron offered his, pulling a larger knife from the sheath on his belt. You take it and smile gratefully as you walk towards the walker, easily sinking the blade to the hilt into it’s skull, then yanking it out, handing it back to him.

“Thanks, for everything.” You whisper up to him.