cross eye symbol

Bird Guy

So, regarding the recent events of DHMIS6, I think it’s been made apparent that Bird Guy is actually part of Roy’s “teacher” programs. Or, at least, that’s what I’d like to refer to them as. However, Bird Guy was different, because he was the one who was meant to represent a “real life” figure in order to endorse more of the teachings the puppets had learned so that it would stick in their brains more. He wasn’t real. Before we start jumping to conclusions, I’d like to point out that Roy seems to be speaking through the teachers, evidence through when Red Guy sings, and sees Roy. After Roy is introduced, the microphone starts talking and encouraging Red Guy to continue singing. Now, if Bird Guy is part of the program, then that means he was malfunctioning.

Example 1: During DHMIS2, he began questioning the meaning of Time, which seemed to go against Tony’s (Roy’s) lesson, causing him to begin shouting at the puppets. It seems that Bird Guy had begun to step out of line in that episode and cause the puppets to start thinking: Or, at least, one of them. Maybe when Tony caused Yellow Guy’s ears to bleed, he was making sure that none of the information Bird was saying got into his head. Red guy, however, didn’t bleed, but he covered his ears.

Example 2: On the episode of his “death”, DHMIS5, he began interfering with the song and began to refuse to participate. When he said “I DONT WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!”, he must have been reffering to his role in the songs. In previous episodes, and even shown in the final, he had grown a strong bond with Red and Yellow as each one slowly began to mature. Yellow, being the closest to Roy, could never make it out of the teacher-student interactions, but still expressed how he missed Bird Guy, while Red showed how he missed his friends by continuously trying to contact them, and reminiscing on times when they were all together. Bird Guy didn’t want to help put his friends in misery and watch them be subjected to brainwash any longer, and that was when Roy decided it was time to remove him.

After the unplug, Bird Guy returns, but something is different. The colors may have to do with Roy trying to make the scenario more ideal for the puppets, due to them being their favorite colors instead of what they were originally. The sketchbook has cross eyes, perhaps symbolizing how they may have been dumbed down so that the students don’t have as much of a chance at being able to escape. Bird Guy could also share this new trait, but this is all speculation. Whatever Roy may be trying to do, his goal is clear: Keep them in that sheep mentality, and make sure they don’t step out of line. Why he’s doing this, I can’t really say I understand truly, but this is just my take on the series.

Ok so 10 months ago I was at a Micheals art store and saw this one fuzzy poster (the one on the left) and was freaking out because…
Well, look at it wow (Slenderverse fans will see it) and I couldn’t get it and was really upset and forgot about it, but I went back today and just wow 
I ended up buying it and it came with another one (the one on the right) that also looks like a whole bunch of eyes just wow geez.