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modern witch aesthetics

Sorority Witch: Secretly adding intent to traditional chants and songs, and making enchanted crafts. Always suggesting that this year’s hall theme should be the zodiac. Glamours meticulously applied during rush week- in beckoning red lipstick and hypnotic curls. Charging pearl earrings before an altar of sweet rose quartz, luminous hopeful selenite, and polaroid photos of long-time friends.

Punk Witch: Spell jars in old whiskey bottles. Sigil buttons pinned to a leather jacket. Cursing in a messy apartment with a black jet wand. Reading tarot on carpet strewn with cigarette ash. Skulls- skulls everywhere, man. Using clairvoyance to see through the posers. A walking embodiment of chaos magick with a crooked smile.

Study Witch: Precise sharpie sigils in notebook margins. Amethyst paperweights and bullet-journal spreads written in charmed ink. Cheerful plants on a windowsill with charging agate and citrine. Ponytails pulled tight with strong knot magic and a purse full of lucky spell jars. Fingers always crossed that big exams will fall on the full moon.


based of a scene in steven universe
i was rushed lol
bcuz fking exams

Geno and Error by @loverofpiggies
Cross by @jakei95
Goth by @nekophy
Palette by @angexci

requested by @fucklukes: cuddling/fluff with luke after a long day of studying at university

You and Luke had been moving in opposite directions for the past week at University. You were in different years, and had completely different majors, so your paths rarely crossed. It was exam week, which made every aspect of communication even more difficult than it was before. 

You were drowning in biology and chemistry notes, while Luke was tangled in work for his music studies class. Your final exams before going home for Christmas break were coming up, so the stress levels were high and the relationship levels were low.

You barely saw Luke between classes and study sessions; whether it be a hi-bye over the phone between classes or a quick kiss before leaving the dorm in a rush. You knew that it was just because of exams, but you really missed Luke. There was no time for your relationship in between the overload of coursework and studying. 

Luke was back at the dorm practicing his piece for his music studies class while you were at the library printing off vocabulary flashcards for biology. You couldn’t focus while he practiced, and he couldn’t practice if you needed silence– so this just worked out for the best. 

It had been like this for a week. The back and forths, the halfhearted conversations, the quick sips of coffee in the morning. You were ready for exams to be over so you could spend some much needed time with your boyfriend. 

Exhausted from another day of studying, you threw your bags onto the floor beside the door of your shared dorm with Luke. With a loud huff of exhaustion, you made your way into the small home, examining the room to see if there were any signs of the blonde Australian. 

“Luke?” you called out, setting your to-go cup of coffee onto the counter alongside your keys. 

“In here,” he called, his voice carrying from the single bedroom of the dorm. 

You made your way into the bedroom, slipping through the half open door. You saw Luke sitting on the edge of the bed, guitar in hand, plucking at the tired strings. 

“Hey babe,” he acknowledged, not removing his eyes from the instrument. 

“Hey, are you almost done?” you asked, sitting down on the bed beside him. 

“I can be,” he replied, placing the guitar to the side. “Hey,” he whispered, turning to face you. 

You were exhausted and you could tell that Luke was too by the dark circles around his puffy eyes. “Can we just take a break from studying and schoolwork and notes and everything else tonight? I don’t think this is healthy” you stated, reaching out to hold his calloused hands in yours. 

He breathed in a long sigh, closing his eyes and leaning his head back in relief. “I thought you’d never ask,” 

Luke placed his guitar on it’s stand, sitting back down on the bed and scooting up to the pillows. He patted the place next to him, motioning for you to join him. You complied, filling the empty space beside him. Luke wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your body half on top of his own. You placed your head on his chest, lifting up and down slightly with every breath he took. 

“This is nice,” you said into the front of his hoodie. 

“I agree,” he whispered, leaning down to place a kiss on your forehead. 

For the rest of that night, you didn’t worry about your biology flashcards or chemistry notes. Luke didn’t worry about perfecting his piece or his music studies class. You were there, in the arms of your loving boyfriend, falling fast asleep to the sound of his heartbeat under your ear.


i love timkon and i love captive prince this was inevitable.

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Ness: That’s basically what happened, from my point of view.

Ness: Screamed like banshees, the both of them.

Everyone who has exams, listen up!

Firstly, good luck!

Secondly, and more importantly, you’re not defined by your results. So many beautiful people every year go into exams and feel like they’re not worth it because they didn’t get the grades they were expected to get. But you are worth so much more than a letter and a mark on a piece of paper. You are galaxies and star dust and infinite complexity. You are not a series of ticks and crosses on an exam script. Remember that. Keep the realness of you and your wonder in perspective.

Sending love.