cross dressing


(( I actually got into cross dressing when I started cosplaying. I mean, I’d done a little bit here and there growing up, but once I started dressing up for cons, it helped me ease into a comfortable place. I realized how much I enjoyed being androgynous and started transferring those styles/preferences into my everyday life.

It’s not easy trying to find clothes that can mask your natural anatomy convincingly, but that’s when you start messing around and having fun with it.

Some basic tips for transforming your appearance:



The links are just a few sources that I quickly looked up, but if you’d like to find styles and methods that you feel more comfortable with, feel free to do your own research, there are endless sources out there. :) Most of my development came through my own experimenting, so play around with styles and see what fits.

Last but not least:
Don’t stress about pulling it off or not, just dress in a way that you enjoy. People are going to think what they will, and it may not be what you want, but don’t let it bother you. If you’re comfortable with yourself, and know who you are, no other opinion will matter. Just be you. :) ))


Guys I think it’s time to talk about my favorite cuttlefish, the giant Australian cuttlefish (Sepia apama)

Giant Australian cuttlefish gather in huge numbers in the Australian winter to mate.

There are way more males than females so competition is EXTREMELY intense.

They wrestle

Try to freak each other out with hypnotic color displays.  It’s great.

So naturally the smaller males don’t stand a chance in all this ruckus. So what do they do?  They cross dress. 

So the little males pull some color changing shenanigans and do their best impression of a female. And it works. The males generally have longer arms and have a different color pattern, so the sneaker males pull up their arms and adopt a more female color.

So called “sneaker males” will pull up their arms, put on a “female” color pattern, and meet up with the females.  Females often mate with the sneaker males and what’s EVEN CRAZIER is that the sperm from the cross-dressing males is used to fertilize a higher percentage of the eggs than the macho men. Since female cuttlefish mate with many males then choose which male’s sperm to use to fertilize the eggs, they must prefer these small clever males. You go little man!

(.gifs came from PBS’s NOVA episode Kings of Camouflage)


13 stunning photos show the gender-fluid world of Pakistan’s hijra

In conservative Pakistan, where religious extremists wage continuous battles against the government in the name of a strict interpretation of Islam, male cross-dressers, transgender Pakistanis and hijra individuals are often forced to choose between hiding who they are and life on the streets.

See more of the breathtaking photos 

Crossdressing feels so good, and seeing others who crossdress is so exciting. Its always nice being around others who crossdress whether in person or online. Its nice having friends who can relate to dressing. Reblog this if your looking to meet other crossdressers.


Listen up kids! I have good news in these dark times- or at least, I think it’s wonderful news.

It’s easier to girls to dress up in a masculine way; as a girl so inclined, I can very readily say this. It’s much harder in this society for boys to be feminine than for girls to be masculine- because being feminine is silly, and it isn’t respectful. Feminism is a movement which hopes to change this, for boys, girls, and anything in between.

David Walliams’ The Boy in the Dress is a big step forward in changing the perspective of gender roles, cross dressing and trans rights. Cross dressing and drag have been going on for thousands of years, and of course people have tried to make changes on people’s opinions on it in the past; it isn’t a new issue. However, I think now is the best time for our voices to be heard a little more safely; and so, it’s really wonderful to have Walliams’ book shown on BBC One on Boxing Day, with thousands and thousands of viewers.

Watch The Boy in the Dress on i-player, and discover Dennis’ journey in accepting his femininity in a vastly male environment! It’s a beautiful programme which shows the acceptance of Dennis’ family and friends of who he is.

Now, there are many places and people who are far off from this sort of acceptance; but this programme is a great start.