cross crossovers


ITS FINALLY DONE FVKJNVF tho it took me 2 days its so worth heck this is the result of me binge-watching su instead of studying :’^)c

individual frames under the cut!! ♥

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Crossember day 17: I CHOOSE YOU!!

This is the team that I chose for him. I love pokemon and undertale so… I love this!! ^-^ I think Zangoose will be the first pokemon of Cross in this case. I don’t know why, but, there’s something similar in them (maybe the scar or the pose xD)

Cross!sans belongs to @jakei95

Crossember challenge belongs to @byutak

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a Squidmas gift for @tamarinfrog featuring all of her loveable squids (and octo)….in the Sonic Universe! \o0o/

I just wanna say, I absolutely love all your characters– including the ones from Random Doom and your original works, and you keep doing what you love Tammy; don’t ever let anyone bring you down ;v;

so i wish you and everyone reading this a happy christmas and merry holidays~~ nvn/

Team Splatjam, Team Vitamin Ink, Team Petal Splash, and Team Toxink all belong to @searching-for-bananaflies@cafe-cardamari


i heard you headcanoned Cosmo’s voice as Roger Craig Smith… F3c

and ANOTHER bonus to go with this!


Iwatobi Swim Club: WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED. 




Karasuno Volleyball Club: *runs for the hills*


*one season of character development later*


Entire Fandom:


How come no one’s done this yet really? Well, I found like one pic, but I expected more. So, here’s my remedy! Gaster as Guzma fits too well… I could also picture Sans as Guzma and Undyne as Plumeria.
Another thing I was trying to do with this drawing was spend less time on it. Geez, I just have to spend like 5 hours on each piece. That isn’t good if I want a higher output.

P.S. Sans forgot his bling out of laziness, not my forgetfulness