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Do you have a post about starting running for beginners? If not, would you consider writing one? I've looked at running plans online but I don't know how to get passed that mental barrier of, "I'm going to embarrass myself, I don't want people looking at me, etc." which is honestly the only thing holding me back tbh.

Hi, Anon! So far, I’ve only written some practical advice for running in warm weather, but this sounds like a fantastic idea I’d love to write more about in the future. Consider it on my list! If you’re a follower of mine, keep a look out for it in the near future. 

Right now, what I can offer you; is this. Running is kind of an amazing sport because it’s an individual sport. True, someone does end up coming in first but for the most part, the only thing we’re racing against is the time we made last time.

I know it’s only my personal experience, but runners have been some of the most enthusiastic and welcoming of beginners. Yeah, there’s always an obnoxious twat or snob here and there, but don’t let the possibility of their existence keep you from trying something new that you’re interested in. Other runners are too worried about their own times and if a random person on the side of the road took the time to heckle you, they’re doing that because of their own hurting. Assholes, are assholes. We don’t have time for them. I know it’s easier to say than to believe in, but when you become self-conscious you have to build up the nerve to fight that voice in your head and become critical of your inner critic. 

When I started running I was being invited on runs by bonafide cross country runners and walking over half the time, but they were nothing but happy that I was simply out there and hanging out. They always had answers for my questions and never made me feel like a bumbling fool. I think a lot of people would also agree that we want everyone to challenge themselves to something that excites them, and to succeed as well. You already have my support! 

I’ve been failing here I know. Lots of work, a week of beach holidays with some workout on a cross-country track and many walks on the beach, plus another 1 week of work, and now I’m finally on vacation throughout August.

(I have a bikini on, I swear.)

I’m sad to say I’m leaving the fitbit community. My fitbit no longer suited my needs (my training is much more frequent and diversified than what I put here), so I´m a proud owner of a garmin fenix now. :)
For August, I set a goal for 60 kms of running (I still do alternate running with walking), plus a few weekly classes and swimming in the gym. 5k this evening in the park.

Let’s see how it goes!

Black Sheep

My parents sent me away to boarding school when I was a freshmen in high school because I was an embarrassment to the Hale family. I had always been the black sheep of the family, for as long as I could remember. I sometimes wondered if I was really a Hale. Jacob and David could do no wrong in my father’s book, but me, I could never do anything right.

When I did come home, twenty years after leaving Charming David was the only one from my family really happy to see me. Jacob and my father, wished I’d go back to whatever rock I’d been living under. What they didn’t know, is that I had out grown my wild child ways, and had become an up standing citizen.  I was now Dr. (Y/N) Hale, the newest ER doc at St. Thomas. 

I pulled into the parking lot of TM, my car needed an oil change after my cross country drive. Walking into the office, I pulled off my glasses, smiling at the woman sitting at the desk. After all these years, she hadn’t changed.

“Can I help you?” She looked at me, I could tell there was a hint of recolonization.

“I need an oil change Mrs. Morrow.” I smiled at her. 

“(Y/N) Hale, is that you sweetheart?” 

“It is!” She got up hugging me.

“Where have you been all these years?”

I let out a little laugh. “I got sent to boarding school freshmen year, and told I was welcome home. So I stayed gone for the next twenty years, I just accepted a position in the ER at St. Thomas.”

“You’re a doctor? How does your family feel about that?”

“I am. Jacob and dad, wish I’d crawl a back under whatever rock I’ve been living under, but David is happy to see me.”

 “I’m sorry about your family baby.”

I shrugged my shoulders, knowing that you can’t choose your family. “It’s fine, I’ve lived the last twenty years without a family.”

“Let me get one of the guys to do your oil change.” I watched her go out into the garage, going over to a bald, heavily tattooed man. The man looked intense, I had to remember I wasn’t that wild child anymore.

He came into the office. “You need an oil change.”

“Yes, please.” I handed him the keys, taking them he left the office. Gemma came back inside, smiling.

“Come over to the clubhouse, and have a drink with me. Jax and Opie are over there, they’ll love to see you again. Happy will come over when he’s done with your car.” 

I thought that Happy was a strange name for Mr. Intense, but I shrugged it off. Going into the club, Gemma yelled out. “Hey boys, I have a blast from the past!”

Pulling me from behind her, Jax and Opie stared at me. “Holy shit! (Y/N), is it really you?” Jax asked.

“It’s actually Dr. (Y/N) Hale….” I smiled at Jax.


Prince & Me


When I was 18 in my freshman year of attending Fairleigh Dickinson University I was under an amazing amount of stress as I finished up my first semester (long sad story). My family decided I could go up to spend the winter break with Aunt Gwen who lived in Edina, MN, just outside of St. Paul. Aunt Gwen & Uncle Alan (Leeds) had managed Prince’s Sign of the Times tour, and still worked very closely with him. I had so much fun on this visit with Aunt Gwen: She gave me my first camera for my birthday, which is how I have pictures of any of this… we went to the Mall of America, Byerly’s grocery store (the most amazing grocery store I had ever seen), cross country skiing, walking across an enormous frozen solid lake, amazing fancy dinners out (including one in a rotating rooftop restaurant where you can see a tiny, baby Mississippi River out of the window,) shopping (at Ragstock and all kinds of cool shops), I picked out awesome and amazing clothes from Aunt Gwen’s insane clothing collection, taped copies of lots of Alan & Gwen’s amazing music collection, took long bubble baths with all manner of pricey perfumes, oils, masks, lotions, (you name it!  Aunt Gwen loves the HABA products just like I did especially back then, plus they stayed at tons of fancy hotels…), we had facials at the Aveda headquarters!, my 2nd professional manicure (I think the first was for my senior prom)… And we had TICKETS TO PRINCE’S PRIVATE NEW YEARS EVE CONCERT AND PARTY! But that was days away, and she just took me all around town with her for the whole time I was there. I went to work with Aunt Gwen at Paisley Park Studios. This was the lobby She showed me around and introduced me to a bunch of the people she worked with at the studio. I remember being especially thrilled that I got to take home a few buttons from wardrobe. It was in the wardrobe department that I got this pic of me wearing some sunglasses from wardrobe and holding up Prince’s outfit from the Hot Thing video.

So there we were, walking down one of the halls at the studio, and sure enough, here comes Prince with his girlfriend Susannah, (who was the twin sister of Wendy, of the musical pair Wendy and Lisa, Prince’s bandmates in the Revolution…). Aunt Gwen introduced us, and Susannah just flat out asked if I would like to join them in the studio, and Aunt Gwen (of course) is all “NO, she doesn’t need to go in there”, and I was dying of “yes yes yes please…”  And they let me in.It was dimly lit, with a chair off to the side where I sat, and Prince sat at his Fairlight, which is a huge audio processing machine, and Susannah was kind of next to him but back a bit.  I sat there for about 2-3 hours, quiet as a mouse, listening to Prince work on his new album. He was doing a song called The Line. I was in awe – completely silent (afraid to get thrown out). Prince spoke to me only very briefly, and I was soooo nervous I could barely reply. But still. I will never forget that experience as long as I live. This was during the time Prince was working on The Black Album. I only learned that later when I looked up the words I remembered him singing because it wasn’t something that ever came out in wide release.

Of course, cameras were strictly forbidden! That is my excuse for why this picture is so blurry – I was shaking and trying to be really quick about it! I snapped this just after Prince and Susannah walked out of the room.This is another shot from one of the studios (I’m sure it looks completely different now).   

I have a few more shots from around the studio – I was being very sneaky, I don’t know how I wasn’t too scared. I really was terrified one of Prince’s “people” would catch me and confiscate my camera…The manicure and facials Aunt Gwen treated me to were in preparation for the big New Year’s Eve party thing. I wore a black velvet dress, long black gloves and my great great grandmother’s fur trimmed coat.

At our table was Prince’s younger half(?) brother, John. I think he might have been about 14 at the time. This is John and me from the photo thing at the party.  Again, cameras were strictly forbidden, but they had this setup with a professional photographer so you could have some remembrance of the night.

At the party, I got to meet Morris Day and the Time, and then I was thrilled beyond words to meet Miles Davis, who kissed me on the cheek!!! I immediately ran to a pay phone to call my old boyfriend Matt, because I was dying to tell someone!!! There was caviar (which I tried) and champagne (which Aunt Gwen would never have let me have) and a really amazing concert that I was right up front for… I was too scared to take any photos for most of the night but I did snap this one pic as they were cleaning up at the end of the night

I have always loved Prince’s music, but to watch and listen to him at work was just magic for me. I know I was sooo lucky to have that experience. I will never forget it, but I sure am glad to have these few pics to remember it all. For this and so much more, Thanks Again, Aunt Gwen!

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Can you offer me cardio workouts for beginners? You are so inspirational! :)

Oh sure! And thank you for saying that, that makes me so happy to hear :)


  • Stair climbing
  • Elliptical trainer
  • Indoor rower
  • Stairmaster
  • Stationary bicycle
  • Treadmill
  • Jogging
  • Dancing


  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Cross-country running
  • Nordic walking
  • Inline skating
  • Rowing

Indoor or outdoor:

  • Swimming
  • Kickboxing
  • Skipping rope
  • Circuit training
  • Jumping jacks
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Hula hooping


These Are Your Parents | Lena Dunham

These are your parents.

You are not yet born, or you are very young, and they are gathered for a weekend far away from you, in a house by the water.

If you don’t yet exist, they are considering you—you’re an inevitability they are not quite ready to accept. And if you’re already alive—chubby, dressed in patterned leggings and Velcro sneakers and a headband with knit fruits adorning it—they are trying to forget about you. Just for the weekend.

They are gathered with the people who knew them before—when they were younger, some would say just plain young, and fancied themselves revolutionaries. They came together, all seven of them, just as they crested into adulthood, and they fell in love: not one on one but as a group, fell in love with the puzzle they made, with every perfect piece.

The men loved the men, and they showed it—by jogging together, by playing tennis in impractical shoes, by hugging tightly after too many drinks, maybe even saying it: “I love you, you know.”

The women loved the women, and they showed it too: by sharing sweaters, by inventing nicknames, checking in by phone every morning.

And the men loved the women, and the women loved the men, in different patterns and variations, some passionate and some accidental. And everyone could forgive, because sex is just sex but friendship is something greater. Everyone loved everyone just right, and that love could save, and for a moment it was bliss.

They had big ideas: About politics and philosophy. About capitalism and sex. About late-night TV and translations of French poetry and whether smoking was actually bad for you and whether you could drive after a vodka (yes, you could). About who their parents had been and who they would never become.

They knew they would never work just for a paycheck, your parents. They would never stay put when they wanted to leave. They would never stop listening to music while they cleaned the house or start worrying about what people in town thought. They wouldn’t just be. They’d be happy.

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Teasing Ashton {fluff/smut}

REQUEST: hi, I have a request for a fluff/smut. Could you do one where one/all of the boys (preferably Ash) is upset or stressed because he has too much on his plate right now and Y/N kinda takess his mind off of it and makes him happy again. it would be awsome if you could do something like that pretty please. I love your blog by the way :)

You laid in your bed starring blankly at the ceiling. Ashton had been acting very tense lately. His break in between tours was very short, and now he and the boys are preforming nightly, doing radio shows, morning shows, and hardly resting. You thought about leaving him alone on the couch in your apartment living room to give him some time to himself, but couldn’t stand to be away from him when you hardly see his smiling face anymore. You slipped into a large shirt you still had from grade school cross country and walked into the living room. Ashton was propped up on the couch channel surfing.

“Hey…” you slightly whispered before sitting down next to him on the couch. Ashton rubbed his eyes before replying with a quick “hey, Y/N.”

“Are you okay? You look exhausted, babe,” you asked him while pushing his ridiculously long hair out of his eyes.

“I’m fine. Just tired and stressed. We have two performances in a few days and we’re recording for the new album,” he explained.

You gently placed your hand over his trying to comfort him. “You need to stop thinking about all of this! These are your couple of days off,” you nudged him and tried to get him to forget about all the stress in his life right now.

Ashton laid down and wrapped his arms around you, bringing you down with him. You were pressed up against his chest and a smile escaped his face. His hand began lightly trail up your bare thigh. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he softly muttered as his lips came in contract with your’s. You could feel his bulge growing in his grey sweatpants, and slide your hand in between your bodies down to the edge of his bunched up pants. You took the palm over your hand and pressed down and moved it in circular motions over him.

“Shit” Ashton said through gritted teeth and moans escaped his mouth.

“Let me take your mind off of things,” you whispered and smirked at him. He nodded in compliance, allowing you to become the dominant one.

Ashton sat up enough for you to slide his soft sweatpants off, and his member slapped his stomach as it was released from his pants. You kissed the tip, and saw his stomach clench. You ran your tongue from the base of shaft to the tip, making his let out a moan that made you smile in accomplishment. You began to take his length in your mouth until he stopped you.

“Y/N I’m so close already,” he said through heavy breathing.

You motioned for him to lay down again and swung your legs over him before pinning him down while a smile formed across your face. He looked so vulnerable under you, and you quickly remember why you were doing this. Your lips collided, allowing his tongue to immediately enter. His arms wrapped around your body and rested at the small of your back.

As your lips moved in harmony, you moved your heat over his length. He let out moans in your mouth, engulfed by the friction between the two of you. Your hips circled around him and you could feel his length twitch under you. He slowly and softly pulled away from your lips.

“Princess, no teasing, I can’t take it,” he moaned into your ear.

“I’m not teasing you, baby,” you jutted your bottom lip out and pouted.

He immediately pushed you off of him and pinned you down. He hovered over you and his bare chest kept coming down in harsh breaths to meet yours. I need you now, Y/N.

- xo fallon

exo as sports

xiumin: weight lifting

kyungsoo: shot put

pcy: discus

baekhyun: basketball

suho: softball

luhan: soccer

tao: high jump

sehun: those cross country walkers that jst walk rlly fast

lay: dodgeball 

chen: rhythmic gymnastics

kai: olympic dog petting

kris: bow n arrow