cross cat

Bleach and Miraculous crossover. WIP.

Ichigo is Ladybug, and Rukia is Cat Noir. I tailored their clothing styles to fit their personalities, because I’m pretty certain the Kwamis alter the suits based on who is the hero at the time. 

Couldn’t bring myself to give Ichigo a mask. Just doesn’t seem his thing. So he prolly ordered Tikki to leave it out. 

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally

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we quit our home to wander the streets from which we can see the sunset falling

(thank you anon for the request!! I tried to bring to this some motions. hope they can wash off some longing and sadness you feel the way they sometimes do for me)

original videos of the gifs

here’s the request post