cross bra

zach dempsey: wet t-shirt

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Warning: Just sweet, cheeky Zach Dempsey

Word Count: 299

Gif: @joeck

At Kat’s going away party, she introduced you and Hannah to the famous Justin Foley and charming Zach Dempsey. You knew of Justin and Zach, as they knew some about you. You had Zach in your marine science freshman year. He was top of the class, which aside from the stereotypes is remarkable.

“Sorry boys, can’t have you in Hannah’s house soaking wet,” Kat denied.

“C’mon, it’s not a party without us!” Zach stated.

You caught Zach’s glance, but turned away from him.

“Dry off,” Kat waved them off.

You went out to the backyard, seeing Foley and Zach, still drenched, slurping out of red solos.

“Imma change,” Zach stated. He faced you as he slid pass you. His faded cologne intoxicating you. His hand grasped yours and led you to a bathroom.

He shut the door behind the two of you, pressing you against the door. His chest centimeters away from your face, you closed your eyes and took a breath.

“I missed you,” you exhaled. A small chuckle escaped his throat.

His hair tickled your cheek when you felt his lips meet your shoulder. “I missed you more.”

You wrapped your arms behind his neck, holding him for a hug. To physically have him there meant the world to you. He held your short stature close to him, taking in everything about you. Your skin, your scent, your hair- all of you.

His arms stayed around your waist. Not falling below, not creeping higher. Just around your waist. He was always gentle with you and never pushed your limits.

When you parted, you realized your shirt had become wet as well. You could vaguely, but surely see the lacy texture of your bra. You crossed your arms, covering yourself.

“What is this?” Zach smirked. “A wet t-shirt contest?”

P5つめ | 緋月アキラ [pixiv] 

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“Tae is quite honestly the best Persona 5 girl; well for me at least. Literally satisfying all of my fetishes with her long slender legs, hourglass body, sexy lingerie, really alluring voice (both English and Japanese VOs), and beautiful hair. I also, really love her punk rock fashion and aesthetic, dark colors are the way to go, her spiderweb dress with her leather coat is my favorite. Best girl all the way. Honestly, I really wish she got more fleshed out in the game :(  I would be her “Guinea Pig” any day.”  Also, girls that always tend to cross their legs when they sit happens to be a fetish of mine as well. 

Tae is bae. 

Character: Tae Takemi ❤❤❤❤❤

Series: Persona 5