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BEIT HANUN : Palestinian children play with a toy gun on May 27 2015 in front of bulldings that were destroyed during the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas militants in the summer of 2014, in the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanun. The Israeli air force carried out four strikes on militant targets in the Gaza Strip early today, eyewitnesses said, hours after a cross-border rocket attack on the Jewish state. The planes targeted training camps belonging to militant group Islamic Jihad in Rafah, Khan Yunis and Gaza City, the witnesses said. There were no immediate reports of casualties.  AFP PHOTO/MOHAMMED ABED                        

January 15, 1916 - Mexican Revolution:  Villista Attack Kills Several Americans

Pictured - Soldiers of Pancho Villa’s Division del Norte.  

In 1914, following three years of civil war, Mexican revolutionary forces, loosely aligned under the revolutionary flag and led by a host of separate warlords, defeated the counter-revolutionary government of Victor Huerta (who himself had usurped power from Francisco Madero, the original leader of the revolution, in 1913).  Following the defeat of Huerta, the revolutionary victors fell to squabbling themselves.  Soon war broke out between several of the most important factions: the liberal, Constitutionalist Army of Álvaro Obregón and Venustiano Carranza facing off against the more radical Conventionalist forces composed of Pancho Villa’s army in northern Mexico and Emiliano Zapata’s peasant rebellion south of Mexico City.

In 1915, Obregón and Carranza inflicted a massive defeat upon Villa’s forces at the Battle of Celeya.  Using barbed wire and machine guns provided by backers in the United States, the Constitutionalists mowed down repeated charges by Villa’s elite cavalry force, the Division del Norte.  The decisive battle greatly diminished Villa’s strength.  The impulsive and violent Villa took out his rage on Americans, who he thought deserved the chief blame for his defeat.  An American consul had informed him that the American government would back his army, but President Wilson preferred to arm the more moderate Constitutionalists.  Villa regarded this as a treasonous betrayal and vowed to avenge his defeat.

 In January, a troop of Villista soldiers attacked a train in the state of Chihuahua which they knew to be carrying mostly middle-class passengers.  Eighteen American passengers were on board, including fifteen American mining engineers.  Shouting “Villa! Villa!” the soldiers riddled the train with bullets, killing many of the Americans.  One survived to report the grisly details.  Villa admitted to ordering the attack, but it was only the first of his raids against Americans.  In March 1916 he and his troops would cross the border to attack the New Mexico town of Columbus, precipitating the American Army’s Mexican Expedition.
Boko Haram crisis: Chad 'captures Nigerian town from militants'

Chad’s army has driven Boko Haram militants out of Malumfatori town in north-eastern Nigeria, a senior official from Niger has told the BBC.

The reported capture of the town, which lies near the borders of Chad and Niger, follows two days of fighting.

Both ground and air forces are reported to have been used in the assault.

Niger officials said Chadian ground forces moved into the town after crossing Lake Chad. It is not known if the operation was approved by Nigeria.

Boko Haram insurgents have carried out a number of cross-border attacks on Nigeria’s neighbours in recent months, attacking villages and military bases.

The Islamist group has seized dozens of people and taken them back to north-east Nigeria, where it controls a swathe of territory.

The Nigerian authorities say they are doing all they can to tackle the militants but neighbours, including Niger and Cameroon, have said more must be done.

Chad has already sent troops to Cameroon to help it counter Boko Haram incursions and last week Nigeria said the Chadian army would be fighting on its territory.

However, it was not immediately clear if the authorities in Abuja had prior knowledge of, or any role in, the operation in Malumfatori.

People who fled the area told the BBC they had seen military planes bombing the town, which is on the shores of Lake Chad.

Some of those who left the town during the fighting are reported to have crossed into Niger.

Meanwhile, reports from the area say fighting has now spread to a nearby town, Abadam.

Nigerian officials have made little public comment. They said they were investigating the reports of fighting in the north-east.

African Union heads of state are due to discuss the crisis over Boko Haram at their summit beginning on Friday.

Ghanaian President John Mahama has said the leaders must produce a “specific plan of action” to “deal permanently” with Boko Haram.

Thousands have died and many more have been displaced because of the group’s six-year insurgency.

GAZA CITY : A Palestinian man sits on a sofa holding a child amidst destroyed buildings in the Al-Shejaea neighbourhood of Gaza City on August 5, 2014, after a 72-hour truce agreed by Israel and Hamas went into effect following intense global pressure to end the bloody conflict. Israel announced that all of its troops had withdrawn from the Gaza Strip after completing a mission to destroy a sophisticated network of cross-border attack tunnels, ending a ground operation which began on July 17. AFP PHOTO/ MOHAMMED ABED


Gaza After the Bombardment

As negotiators in Egypt work hard to extend the truce, Palestinians have been taking advantage of the relative peace to return to their homes and neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip, assessing the vast damage after a month of bombardment. Israel announced that all of its troops had withdrawn from the Gaza Strip after completing a mission to destroy a sophisticated network of cross-border attack tunnels, ending a ground operation which began on July 17. Gaza officials say the war has killed 1,834 Palestinians, most of them civilians. Israel says 64 of its soldiers and three civilians have been killed since fighting began on July 8.

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Palestinians Attend Friday Prayers In Mosques Reduced To Rubble By Israeli Airstrikes

August 8, 2014

Palestinians have attended Friday prayers in mosques reduced to rubble by Israeli airstrikes. This collection of pictures show the result of a near month-long air campaign focused on Gaza City, a conflict that has claimed more than 1,900 Palestinian lives, many civilian, including women and children. On Friday, cross-border attacks were resumed after Gaza militants reprised rocket attacks on Israel. Hostilities returned after a three-day cease-fire, brokered by Egypt, ended after talks on ending the blockade of Gaza stalled. Israel hit back on Friday with a series of airstrikes, one that, according to AP, killed a 10-year-old boy.


Yesterday’s cross border attack was a violent drug smuggling attempt foiled by Caracal Company Commander, Captain Or Ben-Yehuda (photo).
The perpetrators opened fire from 3 locations including a car driving along the border, the IDF responded and killed at least three of the attackers. Captain Ben-Yehuda and another soldier were injured. We are continuing to review the circumstances of the incident.

PAKISTAN, Dhamala : A Pakistani woman gestures beneath the damaged roof of her house, allegedly caused by shells fired by Indian troops, at the Dhamala border village near the eastern city of Sialkot in Punjab province on October 8, 2014. Pakistani officials accused Indian troops of killing four civilians including two children in cross-border firing, while mortar attacks in parts of disputed Kashmir injured one and forced the cancellation of Eid prayers. AFP PHOTO/ Arif ALI