Sabi and Cross

Sabi was asleep, until suddenly, she heard a noise coming from the door at the end of the room. Eyes wide open; she realized it was Cross – his stance as if he’s about to leave at any given moment.

Sabi: Where are you going…? You know, it’s really late, and dark outside…
Cross: It’s nothing. I just need to check on something, that’s all… Besides-

Cut off, it was only now that he noticed how Sabi was already there, beside him. Holding tight onto his sleeve, their eyes met, and he could see that hint of desperation inside both of hers.

Sabi: Please… just tell me the truth…
Cross: I’m just a bit worried. Here…

Before she could protest, he pulled her into his arms, embracing her softly yet with a force, as if he never even planned to let go since the very beginning.

Cross: Don’t think about it too much. I merely want to make sure that this place is safe for you.  You understand that, right…?
Sabi: Well, of course, but… I just can’t let you off that easily… What if something bad happens to you?
Cross: I promise, that won’t be the case. I’ll be extra careful for you.

It wasn’t hard to tell that while saying that, the sentiment of insecurity never left – nor him or the words that were spoken.

Sabi: I’m trying to believe what you said, I really do… however, it won’t change the fact that every time something’s going on, you always end up getting hurt because of that… because of me…
Cross: Don’t say that. You know it’s not true… Hey, it’s just an inspection. I’ll return as fast as I can, so we can spend the rest of the night together – just the two of us, alright?
Sabi: I…

Without bothering to even listen, he vanished. It wasn’t long until Sabi’s legs finally gave in, letting weakness overcome her whole body, and pulling her down onto the cold ground.

Sabi: Always… it’s always the same. He just won’t listen to me in times like that – especially then, when he really should. Why does he have to be this way…? I mean, I’m more than familiar with this side of him – his protective side. After all, it’s one of the reasons why I love him in the first place, yet…

Hours pass, and as a result in the search of diversion, she started to prepare a meal inside the kitchen, for when Cross finally returns.

Sabi: I’ll briefly add a bit of salt, and sprinkle of… Ugh… what am I doing? … And I thought cooking would be a good distraction, but it certainly isn’t.

The sensation of fear kept lingering deep inside the atmosphere, and while time was moving on, so it did, too – getting worse within every second that would pass.

Sabi: Cross… I hope you’re fine, I truly hope so… Even though you promised that things would go well, I can’t stop thinking about you, and the danger you’ve exposed yourself to… Well, I guess for now, I’ll just have to eat without you…

After several hours straight, Sabi decided it would the best if she continued waiting inside her bedroom. Not only that, but she also found an old book that somehow piqued her interest.
That is, until all of a sudden, she heard a loud and troubled noise coming from outside the front door.
Concerned, she carefully approached the sound – her hand slowly reaching for the doorknob.
But what she saw next…

Sabi: N-No… No, please… Oh god, what happened…? Cross!!

Badly wounded, he lay there, not able to move even an inch, or any part of his body.
Holding back her tears, whilst trying not to panic, Sabi quickly got a hold of him and, with all of the strength she had left, moved him back into the house – placing him gently onto her bed.

Sabi: I told you… I told you not to go… I begged you to stay here, with me… You…

As her mind wandered, her words trailed off – leaving her in a state of sheer tranquility.
It was then when she noticed, that one of his hands already reached out to hers, fondly caressing it in a motion that would tell there’s nothing to worry about. Not anymore.

Cross: It’s all good… Besides, I have to do this. If that’s what it takes to keep you safe, then I will endure it, no matter what…
Sabi: Don’t just do this for me… You’re the most important part of my life, so if I were to lose you… If I….

Eventually, she became too exhausted to simply speak. Of course, even under conditions as such, he could still sense that she was about to collapse on the floor if nothing would be done. Instead of letting that happen, he swiftly pulled her closer, allowing Sabi’s head to rest on top of his chest – making her fall asleep immediately.

The next morning when she woke up to, she realized the empty bed underneath her, as well as the blank space beside her.

Sabi: … Huh? W-What… Cross? Where is…

Confused, she started to look around, wondering where he could’ve gone.

Sabi: No way… did he really…?

When Sabi became aware of the open standing door, she instantly followed the trail to where she thought he went. She remembered that there is this special place they both genuinely like. It’s mostly on top of a small hill, right amongst a cherry blossom tree. Whenever they can, the two of them come to visit and spend their time sitting beneath it, enjoying the company they give each other.

Sabi: There you are! Finally… I got so scared when I saw you were gone… What are you doing here anyway?
Cross: Hm…?

As expected, he really was there, quietly sleeping below the grand tree. Once he opened his eyes, a faint smile was plastered over his face, and he tenderly took Sabi’s hand into his – drawing her close against his body, so that now both were in their usual spot.

Cross: I’m sorry you had to wait. Now that you came, I suppose I can tell you – or rather, show you the reason why I’m here. Look.

He pointed to the sky. A beautiful mixture of yellow and orange covered the horizon. Right above was a dark blue ocean that had just begun to fade away, and make room for the sun that is slowly rising; a spectacle of infinite colors, expanding endlessly.

And if he could,
and without a single second thought,
he would give all of that into her hands,
and entrust her with everything he has

because all he really needs, is already there – right beside him,
like it has always been.

Cross!Sans by: @jakei95
Sabrina by: @swthedragonarist16

(Slightly late) Happy Underversary!! Have a happy screenshot redraw of the XTale comic

I’m completely new to tumblr but still wanted to post this here so I can have a bit of hope @jakei95 will see it. Props to one of the best series ever (absolutely love it I legit can’t wait for 0.4) Such a great job keep it up and congrats!

I hope to see more tacos and chocolate in the future :D