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Hey I'm new to tumblr and your one of the very first blogs I followed and I really love all your stuff! 💗 I was wondering if you can tell me some blogs that I should start following!👱👱

hi!! welcome to tumblr! I’m so glad that you’ve joined and that you like my blog💛 there’s so many great blogs out there, but a few of my faves are: baguelss , faebee , ulgey , cigarettestainedsmile , bagelkid , artkid , childous , crosion , trulydying , buzzflower , artyparty98 and sooooo many more! Enjoy💖

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How do you know Celia ?

Well bascially she kept on liking my picture on instagram and tumblr and so one day i decided to message her and i was like ” Why are you so obsessed with me ?” and she was like ” Well Lydia, i can’t help but like all your picture you’re so perfect and from far away you look like Beyonce!”..At this point i couldn’t resist i mean she was practically BEGGING and she told me i looked like Beyonce. It turned out were from the same city, we did a photo shoot ( ) and then kept on doing more.

Jk she’s my sisters Best friend