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Evolution of a celly/hug: Sid + Horny (26-05-2016)

anonymous asked:

Why has no-one written a fic where Geno keeps seeing Shipachyov in his Team Russia 87 jersey and having a little internal freakout about Sid in a Russia jersey?

I shall remedy this for you right now! Set in the Jerk and Kitten verse. Takes place sometime after 1, 24, 5  but before 3. (Vadik is a Russian diminutive for Vadim (Shipachyov))

Vadik does not like Sidney Crosby.

Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with Sidney Crosby and everything to do with Evgeni Malkin – and is really because Evgeni Malkin does not like Vadik, which is no fault of his own and has everything to do with Sidney Crosby.

Even though Vadik has never met Sidney Crosby in his life.

It’s all a bit needlessly complicated.

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