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Evolution of a celly/hug: Sid + Horny (26-05-2016)

Superhero AU snippet

This has been chilling on my hard drive for a while, and I figured I’d take advantage of this random burst of productivity to actually finish the scene.  Oops it’s over 2k words, WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN??


“Shit. Shit. Are you okay?”

Sid is staring at him with wide, panicked eyes, the arm he’d flung across Geno’s chest as he hit the breaks still pressed against him, pinning him to the seat. Geno manages to nod, still a little shaky, and reaches up to squeeze Sid’s forearm.

“Fine, Sid. Little bit …” He plucks carefully at the seatbelt and bites back a wince. “Little bruise, maybe, but fine.”

“Jesus.” Withdrawing his arm, Sid leans forward, resting is forehead against the steering wheel as he sucks in desperate, greedy lungfuls of air. After a second he lets out a laugh that sounds like it was punched out of him. “I’ve really gotta start limiting my near-death experiences off the ice, I swear to god.”

Geno can’t help but laugh a little in return at that. “Everything okay. We’re both safe, not much hurt.” He lets himself rub a hand between Sid’s shoulder blades and feels muscles begin to unclench beneath his touch. “Lucky Sid was drive. Best reflexes.”

The laugh that gets him sounds a little more natural, and Sid straightens upright again. “Okay. We’re both okay. We—” His eyes narrow suddenly, and he leans forward to peer out the windshield, through the smoke drifting over on the wind. “Shit,” he spits out again, already scrabbling at the door to shove it open and jump out.

“Sid!” Geno hurries to follow, managing to snag his arm as he rounds the front of the car. “Sid, stop. Is highway; not safe to jump out like—”

“There’s a fire starting in one of the cars; I think a fuel line might’ve gotten severed. And there are people trapped.” He yanks his arm away, fixing Geno with a stare he’s never seen on Sid’s face off of the ice. Commanding, Geno thinks vaguely, and then Sid is telling him fiercely, “Call 911, and stay here.”

He’s off before Geno can even think about stopping him again, sprinting straight for the pile-up ahead of them, weaving around the other cars stopped like theirs and the people climbing out to gawk at the wreckage. For the space of several breaths, Geno simply stands and watches. It doesn’t take long, though, for his eyes to narrow and his jaw to set. Stick close to Crosby, he hears, the echo of his mission assignment ringing clear in his head. Whatever it takes.

God only knows what someone with those abilities might do, might get away with in chaos like this, Geno thinks, and ignores the order to follow at a run in Sid’s wake.

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