Angry (An Anti and Dark fic)


Shitty writing done in half an hour and I thought “Hey, why not upload it, right?” Took inspo from a post that I think @markired had or answered or something where Dark is there for Anti etc, but I just love the design of Anti and Dark as characters and wanted to explore how it would be to write about them. So, yeah! Enjoy!

WORD COUNT: 2326 words

WARNINGS: Um violence, I guess? There’s a drop of blood? And the title kind of describes the general mood of the story lol


It was 7 o’clock. Dark and Anti sat on the couch, dinner just finished, TV on and playing. Dark sat on the armchair as usual, arms straight on the armrests and legs relaxed outward, nonchalantly giving a vibe of power and assertiveness despite being calm and relaxed. Anti sat lazily on the long couch, leaning on the back of the chair, arm resting on the side, and he lazily slumped his weight onto his arm, concentration dissipated. His foot tapped restlessly, his eyebrows concreted in a downward slope showing his mind were elsewhere than what was playing on TV. Dark knew something was up with him. He never just sat there bouncing his foot. He either zonked on the couch and laid flat, or he was hunched over on the edge of the corner playing video games. Something was wrong. He casually watched Anti for a while longer, trying to solve him like a person solves a rubix cube. However, he was smart, and Anti was just as easy to solve as one of those trivial cubes. To Dark, they were simple. And it was simple to tell how Anti was feeling. He was mad. Something, or someone, had rubbed him up the wrong way.

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Keep What Remains, Part I [Gladiolus Amicitia/Reader]

“What do you think about holding onto something when you’ve lost everything else?”

Remember how Gladio mentioned getting a girlfriend during all those years of darkness? Here’s how that happened. Spoilers up to Chapter 13 of the game, so proceed with caution!

Alternatively, [It’s Always Sunny Title Card] Gladiolus Gets A Lady

Not my first FFXV fic, but the first one I’ve posted to this account! I also uh. hear tagging people is a thing if that’s okay ;;??? So I’ll tag people whose stuff I’ve been lurking around!! @blindbae​, @cupnoodle-queen​, @louisvuittontrashbags​, @hypaalicious​, @diabolik-trash-heap​, @themissimmortal and @nifwrites​, if this tickles your fancy. Anyway, hope you enjoy! 💕

It started with a book and some morbid curiosity. Because didn’t it always with you? From the womb to the tomb, that was how you were about these things.

To be fair, maybe it was a bit of prejudice on your part as well—maybe not the kind that got people hurt, or worse, but a judgment call was a judgment call, poor or otherwise. You just… weren’t expecting to see some burly hunter who looked like he could probably crush another man treating the pages of a worn paperback like an infant. It was almost paradoxical, how he was perched on a bench with the book cradled in one hand, reading by the glow of a Lestallum streetlight and looking far too absorbed to just be passing the time between bounties. If anything, he looked like a professor in hunter’s clothing. (You could have waxed something poetic about how they weren’t all that different, but your brain was too fried at this time of night for that.)

That was your first mistake. The assumption.

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