cropped version sorry

yknow what’s super depressing? the fact that frida kahlo was an extremely vocal supporter of communism and now her artwork is used on useless, overpriced tchotchkes that serve no purpose other than to further capitalism

one very fabulous imperial for @dalirising 。;+*( `∪´ )*+;。

(open in a new tab to get a better view of this one)


WWOOAH, it’s done! :D this spawned from a conversation about swing dancing with queen-schadenfreude, and then she & chaserofchaos didn’t stop me from doing… this. so here are some super-sneaky undercover dai-era handers husbands! (tinyhawke doesn’t look much like himself with his dai hairstyle and his tattoo not showing, but… oh well. must be content.)

thanks everyone who came to the stream while i worked on this! ヾ(〃ω〃ヾ)) you guys were so sweet! ♥ i super appreciate that.


we are the crystal gems, 

we’ll always save the day, 

and if you think we can’t

we’ll always find a way. 

that’s why the people of this world believe in…

garnet, amethyst, and pearl…and steven!