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jesynelson: Was gonna leave it because people love to write shit all the time and it’s just something we have to get used to but it’s gone to far now and it’s really starting to get on my boobs 🙄 there never has been and never will be a feud between my Perrie winkle and me! I didn’t like the one poxy picture of myself so I asked Pez to crop me out and like a good friend she did and for some strange reason there has now been a story created that me and my Pez hate each other 🙈 biggest load of bulls**t I’ve ever heard! Anyway just wanted to clear that one up with everyone cs it’s gotten a tad out of hand now 👍🏻


frank on stage x nebulas lockscreens

Scream It Louder

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Character(s): Reader X Wonho, BestFriend!hyungwon

Genre: smut, slight sexual tension

Warning(s): jealous smut, slow build, praise!kink, rough sex

Length: 8.5 k words

A/N: For the anon that requested a wonho smut similar to the kihyun one. im sorry this ain’t really my best work, but yoooo Wonho got me feelin some type of way

You scrunch up your nose as you stand behind Hoseok, fingers digging into the hem of his shirt as he drizzles cheese onto the nachos.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” You ask, eyeing the mess of salsa, ground beef, tortilla chips, and cheese on the baking sheet.

He groans, tipping his head back, “Of course I know what I’m doing. God, do I look like I’m 12?”

“Nah,” you respond, grinning cheekily, “More like 15. That awkward mid-puberty boy type of look.”

He swats his hand at your grip on his shirt, pointing the wooden spoon in his hand at the sofa.

“Go and sit and be quiet if you want any food,” he says, turning his attention back to the nachos.

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Coming out of my cage and I’ve been doing just

What she said: fine

almost as if summoned, the blond emerges from the kitchen, wearing the maroon crop-top he blatantly stole from Courfeyrac and a pair of Combeferre’s pajama pants that are far too long for his legs, somehow managing to scowl and look bored at the same time as he eats black olives out of the can. [x]

cleaned up my warm up sketch from this morning; i read elle dameferre’s courferre exchange fic last night and it was REALLY GOOD and deserves a lot more fanart than just my shitty need to draw enjolras in a crop top but win some lose some u know??

I actually kinda wanted Marik to win battle city

imagine this 16 year old asshole kid marching into some government office, proclaiming himself as the new pharaoh, and waving 3 children’s trading cards in the air as if they give him full right to take over

Room Mates and Double Dates - chapter 1

I started this (and abandoned it) last autumn. Resurrecting it now in the vain hope I can resolve the plot hole I worked myself into!

For info, May looks like Lupita Nyong’o, because oh god she’s beautiful!

Being roommates with Bucky had its ups and downs. On the upside, he’d been your best friend for ten years now; he made great coffee; he was understanding of hangovers; he was (relatively) house-trained. On the downside, you were in love with him, and it was your job to help him ease his one-night-stands out of the door in the mornings because he never wanted to be the bad guy.

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i’ve just realised. at this point, steven universe has less active plot than my immortal.

i’m totally serious. my immortal might have been totally nonsensical, but it did technically have a plot and there were ongoing problems to deal with:

  • fighting voldemort, which involved ebony going back in time to stop tom riddle from becoming voldemort.
  • the goths vs preps thing, up to the ministry trying to take over hogwarts and dumbledore becoming a poser.
  • all of the shit going on with snape and lupin.
  • the vampire/ebony/draco love triangle which kind of got resolved when they all started banging each other but it was definitely a conflict early on.

even the “filler” had this stuff crop up, like the times ebony and draco went to a concert and it turned out that the death dealers were pretending to be the band. (i still can’t believe that happened multiple times…)

in contrast, steven universe is barely touching its overarching plots. the diamonds are doing basically nothing, the cluster and malachite have long since been dealt with, bismuth and jasper have been bubbled, and the rubies are lovely but they’re not exactly threatening endgame villains. 

steven universe has less active conflict than my immortal.


jesynelson Was gonna leave it because people love to write shit all the time and it’s just something we have to get used to but it’s gone to far now and it’s really starting to get on my boobs 🙄 there never has been and never will be a feud between my Perrie winkle and me! I didn’t like the one poxy picture of myself so I asked Pez to crop me out and like a good friend she did and for some strange reason there has now been a story created that me and my Pez hate each other 🙈 biggest load of bulls**t I’ve ever heard! Anyway just wanted to clear that one up with everyone cs it’s gotten a tad out of hand now 👍🏻

A formula

@Louis and Jesy’s comments on opposite topics still share a striking resemblance in structure and phrasing. Funny, that.

Louis_Tomlinson [about people thinking he and Harry were in a relationship]:  Still months on reading ridiculous conspiracy theories. It’s upsetting that I have to read them daily. Thank god for the lovely people on here. Hows this , Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that.  Ohh dear I’ve gone to town today haha. Lots of love to all of you amazing fans !!

jesynelson [about people thinking her and Perrie hated each other: Was gonna leave it because people love to write shit all the time and it’s just something we have to get used to but it’s gone to far now and it’s really starting to get on my boobs 🙄 there never has been and never will be a feud between my Perrie winkle and me! I didn’t like the one poxy picture of myself so I asked Pez to crop me out and like a good friend she did and for some strange reason there has now been a story created that me and my Pez hate each other 🙈 biggest load of bulls**t I’ve ever heard! Anyway just wanted to clear that one up with everyone cs it’s gotten a tad out of hand now 👍🏻

Touhou Characters and Fans: A Comprehensive Analysis

In this article, I will be presenting my in-depth research on the characters of Team Shanghai Alice’s Touhou Project in relation to their fans. The conclusions I have reached after conducting extensive minutes of research through are not based on any individuals, and especially not you in particular.

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angelfairy24  asked:

Can we talk about how Jungkook played Lie and blasted it just to get Jimin to come back to his room? The little shit knew what he was doing. He was all smiles when Jimin came back. He tried to peek into Jimins robe. This kid is so far gone and I love it. What was that stare down? Like Jikook was about to forget they were live with thousands of people watching lol. That subtle lean in? Just kill me now! No wonder Jimin said he doesn't want to travel abroad with Kook because it's dangerous lol

OKAY BUT JUNGKOOK IS SO WHIPPED FOR JIMIN ITS SO CUTE I GET HIVES BC OF IT!!! Like, it’s amazing what he does to get Jimin’s attention. Like I get baffled every single time he does something like this bc it just screams thirsty. 

Jungkook didn’t just try to peek, he legit stared Jimin down, his eyes did not leave Jimin. Like he was so obviously staring underneath Jimin’s robe I’m- just look



Like, Jikook get so wild when they go abroad. Like they adopted a little lizard together, Jimin literally rubbed Jungkook’s chest on stage and Jungkook got all flustered, they slapped each others butts like 194045 times, and now… they almost made out live on video. Iconic. 

so like i was saying [taps mic] reylos need to understand that you dont “love” finn if you erase him constantly like…yeah you may say you love finn but words dont mean shit most of the time

i mean..some of you straight up white wash him? the reylo who made that one edit and used the excuse of “i got it on youtube” still hasnt apologized for her actions. i dont think you realize how awful it feels to look at a picture of finn where he’s cropped out and replace with a white dude. that proves you dont actually care about him.

im tired

More then friends?

Word count: 6.5k

Characters: Shin Hoseok x Reader 

Genres: Smut, fluff, comedy, romance.

,,Move your fucking ass’’  I yelled and tried to make more space for me, since Wonho was laying there comfortable like he owned that sofa. He just looked at me and made a derp face giving me a clear sign that he doesn’t give a shit. Instead of giving me more space, he just placed his one leg on me and turned his head to Tv, ignoring my irritated screams.

,, Can you be quiet a little bit, I’m trying to watch the movie’’ he said and somehow he managed to punch me with his leg. Sometimes, I was really questioning myself why were we friends.

,, Mommmm tell him to move, I can’t even breath’’ I screamed trying to push him away. But once he heard me screaming, he made a mad face and punched me with a decorating pillow. Even tho he was annoying as fuck sometimes, I can easily say that I got used to it. We definitely  never watched a movie in piece. Not even home, or cinema. Every time something like this would happen, or one of us will fall asleep. God only knows how many photos and videos of me sleeping, does he have. What’s even worse, he doesn’t hesitate at all, he just post it on instagram and facebook.

But of course, not like I don’t know what a revenge is. Since he was naturally handsome, he got every girl in the city just in one blink, someone had to show his true self. If those girls thought that he looks so handsome at home, I had to disappoint them. I also had tons of his ugly photos, when he wakes up or while he is eating, yawning and so. So, when he posts my photo, I post something from my collection too and that’s how the fight starts.

He was 4 years older then me, but we never felt that age difference. Since we are childhood friends, we just grew up really close and it just never changed. Our parents are somehow best friends, squad, so it naturally happened to us too.  When we were kids, he was my only friend. Even tho my mother wanted me to make friends beside him, since she was afraid what future will bring to us. He is older, not everyone is willing to have a same person beside whole life. She was afraid that he would change, find new friends and that it will break me. But that actually never happened.

We both always had our group of friends, but beside them we were best friends.  He can be all time with his friends, but at the end of the day he will come to me or call me and gossip about what happened, who got on his nerves and so. The same was with me. I had many friends, but Wonho was my number one. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without him, he was definitely part of it.

But hey, I can clearly say that he was a bully when we were little. When his parents come to visit, once they will send us up to play, he would beat the shit out of me if I do something he didn’t want me to. Everything had to be on his way, and some things never changed. If he decides something, it will be so. I can’t change his mind and I can disagree, but he doesn’t give a fuck.

,, We are going on bbq, you two wanna come ?’’ my mother asked while we were watching Split. Well, at least I was trying to watch it, I was more complaining because of him.

,, Nah, but bring some meat home please’’ I said and continued to watch the movie.

,, Wonho will you sleep over ?’’ my mom asked while wearing her shoes. Wonho simply said yes and politely said goodbye to my parents.

Even tho he was a boy, my parents trusted him. They knew him their whole life so they never minded when he was there. We were more looking like family actually. He comes over when he wants, I go to him when I want. He is even the only person that I went to sleepover. Sometimes, we just recklessly do it, he feels sleepy or he doesn’t feel like going home, so he decides to sleep at my place. Same goes with me. We even have our bedclothes at each other places, since we often do it.

,, Move, I want to make a coffee’’ I said and tried to push him away once more. But once again, it was totally useless.

,, Nah, I’m comfortable like this. We can go out and drink a coffee when the movies ends’’ he said and changed his position placing his other leg on my lap.

The movie was good, but I couldn’t wait till it ends since I really wanted to drink a coffee. It was around 6 Pm, so I didn’t want to go out when it really gets dark outside. Once the movie was done, I disappointedly went to change into something better. I was irritated by the end of the movie. WHAT KIND OF ENDING WAS THAT


I wore my high waisted black shorts, black short crop hoodie with ‘’princess’’ on it and I put my hair in messy bun. I already had a little make up, even tho it didn’t really help, I kindly looked like a little piece of shit, but whatevs.

,, I’m done, let’s go.’’ I said as I placed my wallet in my bag. Wonho lazily stood up and made his way toward the door to wear his shoes. He was wearing a casual black shirt and jeans.

Most of the people thought that we were a couple, since we were 24/7 together and we had similar style. We are always going to shopping together, sometimes we even buy the same clothes, but not because we want to look like a couple, it’s just because we both like it. For example, we always wear our black adidas superstars. We are both in love with them and yeah. Sometimes when we both like the same shirt or hoodie, only he buys it and then he let’s me wear it whenever I want. When I sleep at his place, I don’t even need my clothes, I have some of my jeans there already and I always wear his clothes. It was understandable that people would mistake us as couple, but we really didn’t care since we were really just friends.

Once I locked the door, we made our way to the city. The weather was so nice, it was incredible. I was regretting wearing a hoodie instead of just a shirt, since it was really warm outside. We were walking and he was blabbing some random shit, I always found it amusing how much nonsense gets out of his mouth. Like that guy always had to say something, but it was funny, so I never minded it anyway.

I wasn’t surprised that the city was full of people, since the weather was incredible, everyone was out. It’s a well known fact that Hoseok is a very popular guy here, so most of people were greeting us, every fucking second we had to stop walking so he can have a really small chit-chat with someone. Well, I know that he was annoyed by it, but yeah, he couldn’t just tell everyone to fuck off.

,, Come on, faster, I really want a coffee, you know how I feel without it’’ I said hoping that no one familiar will get in our way.

,, Yeah I know, depresso’’ he said and laughed at his own stupid joke. Well, I laughed a bit too, even if it was really stupid, but that him. He is stupid so yeah

,, Oh shit, come here’’ he said fast and grabbed my arm pulling me closer to him, then he placed his arm around me, making me totally confused.

,, What’s going on?’’ I asked confused.

,, You remember that girl I told you about, that doesn’t accept the fact that I don’t like her?’’ he asked me and he looked at me.

,, Yeah?’’

,, Well she’s there. Act natural until we pass her!’’ he said and laughed lightly. What the fuck? I didn’t actually know who that girl is, since he had tons of them. But what else could I do then help him out in saving his own ass.

,, No wonder people mistake us as couple, it’s all your fault asshole’’ I said rolling my eyes at him.

,, Hey, it’s not only because of it. You always wear my clothes, so please’’ he said and he tickled me with his arm that was around me. With that move I almost flied away from him what made him laugh since I was kindly embarrassing myself in public.

Once we finally arrived, we sat on terrace under the shadow, I took the cigarettes out of my bag and placed them on the table. While Wonho was greeting some of his friends.  I didn’t want to go with him, since I didn’t really know them. Well, almost everyone knows me as a Wonho’s best friend, but still I am not so good with everyone. When he saw that the waiter was there, he made his way back to me.

We ordered our usual drinks and just started to blab about everything again. I loved the fact that we always had some topic to talk about. Even tho we had a really stupid topics, like for example, Trump and others. But at least we didn’t watch our phones all the time like other people these days. Plus, I loved to gossip others with him, he always had such a great comments that could make me laugh out loud.

That’s why I loved him so much, no matter what, he was the only person who could make me laugh easily. When I’m sad or depressed, he can even sneeze and I’ll be laughing my ass off. People were coming and going, but we were still sitting there and blabbing about everything. Even tho it could be weird to some people, but usually when we go out to drink a coffee, we don’t stay there half or one hour, we stay around 2-3 hours always blabbing about random shit.

,, Let’s go take a walk around park, my ass hurts’’ he said and stretched his hands. I just nodded my head and packed my stuff while he went to pay our drinks. What I hated about him was that he never let me pay anything. It’s just a habit since we were kids I guess. Once when I was annoyed with it, I secretly paid our drinks and God was he pissed off. He was so pissed off like I killed his whole family, he even took the money and placed it in my hand with so much frustration. It was so what the fuck. Since then, I didn’t do it again, if he likes it so, then I just let him be.

,, I can’t believe that Kihyun finally got a girlfriend, I was so surprised when he told me’’ Hoseok said while slowly walking beside me. The sun was already down, so the weather was really pretty. Not to cold, but not to warm, just perfect.

,, Well, he is pretty, why would you be surprised?’’ I asked him. Kihyun is actually really pretty. He has everything. Okay, not really everything, he doesn’t have a great height, but yeah nevermind.

,, Did you hear his pick up lines? They are so horrible ‘’ he said laughing lightly. Well true dat.

,, Let’s go to playground’’ I said and went there running, not giving a shit if he agreed or not. In just a second I was already on a swing, while he was slowly taking his time going toward me.

,, You will never grow up’’ he said and started to swung me. When we were kids, he always used to do that, so hard until I was so scared to that point that I would start crying and screaming.  Then he would beg me to shut the fuck up and don’t tell his mother. But at the end I would always say it, because I was such a little asshole.

Of course this time he did it slowly, just as I wanted.

,, We didn’t go out for such a long time’’ he said pushing the swing lightly. Oh how I loved to go out with him, we were always such a party maniacs. If there was some party, people knew that we would be there together. Even if we go out with different squad sometimes, we end up together at the end. Because we really can’t party without each other, that’s just a no-no.

,, Hyunwoo is making a house party on Saturday, should we go?’’ he asked me.

,, Of course, why not’’ I said and I hopped from the swing going to the nearest bench, while he just followed me.  We were sitting there watching people passing by, none of us did talk so much, but neither did we mind.

,, um hi’’ some guy stopped in front of our bench awkwardly. We greeted him randomly even tho we were a little bit confused. Since it was really suddenly.

,, What’s upp?’’ Hoseok asked him when he saw that the guy is a little bit weird. He looked like he was about to freak out but at the same time he was looking so shy, while his friend was whispering something on his ear.

,, Um, I wanted to ask for your permission to ask (Y/N) out’’ the boy asked while rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. It wasn’t the first time that things like this happened. I was a little bit upset because of it, but I think guys did it because I was always with Hoseok. One half was thinking we are in relationship, while the other one will ask for permission. How weird is that? I started to caught a little bit giving him a sign that I’m not interested in the guy.

,, I’m sorry, but you don’t have my permission’’ he said with a huge smile formed on his face.

,, Why not ?’’ guy asked not giving up at all. This was some stubborn little guy .

,, She is already taken, now shush’’ he said as he placed his one hand around my shoulders making me blush a little bit.

,, Okay, I understand. Sorry’’ the guy said and sadly smiled at me. When Hoseok noticed that he just pulled me closer to him, giving a sign to the guy that he can leave now. I felt sorry for him a little bit, but what could I do? I didn’t want to go out with someone out of pitty.

,, Thanks’’ I said when the guy went away.

,, I swear if one more fucking person comes to me to ask for permission to ask you out. I will fucking kiss you in front of them’’ he said while his arm was still placed around my shoulders. I froze for a moment because of his words, but then I didn’t want him to notice that so I tried to shake the feeling away. So I just jumped from the bench and told him that it’s time to go.

It’s not like I felt uncomfortable, but best friends don’t say something like that. Or ? Maybe I just overreacted, I don’t know.

Once we were home, my parents were already there, sitting in the living room and drinking coffee.

,, There is meat in the kitchen’’ my father said not even bothering to look at us.

,, Yeah hello to you too’’ I said and made my way toward my room, while Wonho went to take a meat and then he followed me upstairs.

I changed into my pj and took my makeup off.

,, I’m gonna bring some snack and you can find some movie on internet’’ I said and went downstairs again. I took banana juice, chaka-laka chips and some chocolate. When I went back he was already lying in my bed comfortably and waiting for me.

We always spend our time like this, even if I don’t have king sized bed, somehow we both fit on it and just like that watch movies and talk until we both fall asleep. Of course he could just sleep in guest room, but he almost never did.

,, What did you find?’’ I asked him while hopping beside him and placing all the snacks between us.

,, Oculus’’ he said and started eating some meat. I just nodded my head and took some meat too. We didn’t talk so much because he was totally into movie, while I couldn’t even fucking concentrate on it. All I could concentrate was Hoseok. I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said, did he joke?

He probably was joking, not giving a fuck if I was feeling uncomfortable. After all we are that close that he doesn’t have to think twice before saying something. But I would lie if I say that it didn’t have any effect on me. If he was some ugly ass guy I would just laugh it off, but everyfuckingone knows how handsome Hoseok is. I tried to concentrate on the movie, but it was so hard. My eyes were on his face all the time.

,, You know you can lean on me if you don’t feel comfortable like that’’ he said and looked at me. I always used to do that, every time we would watch a movie like this. But this time, I decided to make a little bit distance.

,, I am a little bit tired , I will try to sleep, you can finish the movie’’ I said and turned my beck to him trying to push all my thoughts to side and sleep.

,, Good night and sleep well’’ he said rubbing my back lightly. He knew how much I love that, but that wasn’t a good idea now. Not at all. I just wished him a sweet dreams too and pushed away.

I couldn’t fall asleep at all, but at least I could act it. After some time, I heard him yawning and turning the laptop off before placing all snacks on the floor. Then he went closer to me and hugged me from behind, making his self more comfortable. Even tho that was something he usually did all the time, I felt so fucking uneasy. My breathing got heavy and I was only hoping that he didn’t notice that. I wasn’t sure when did he fall asleep, but that was a long ass night for me.

After that day, I tried to distance myself from Hoseok a little bit. I didn’t want to do or say something stupid that can fuck up our friendship. So I was kindly ignoring him and every time he would ask me to come over I said that I’m busy, studying or something. That was probably stupid of me, but what could I do? If someone ever told me that one fucking sentence could make me feel like this, I would laugh in his face. But yeah. I didn’t want to ignore his messages or something, because he could suspect something and I honestly didn’t want or need that.  

Everything was going so well until Friday came. I was sitting home and reading some shit on Facebook and then my phone kindly blocked because someone was calling me. Of course, that someone was Hoseok.

,, Yes ?’’ I asked trying to seem totally causal. I lowered the sound on my tv and waited for his respond.

,, Hey, I wanted to ask you are you still up for that party tonight? ‘’ he asked me and I could hear some laughs on the other line.  I totally forgot about Hyunwoo’s party and that I said that I want to go.

,, Ah, I would love to but I can’t, I have to study’’ I said lying to him. I couldn’t think of anything else. I couldn’t say that I’m sick because he would come to me immediately to take care of me, since he knows that my parents are always on work. He would be such a  great boyfriend, his future girlfriend should be lucky. Once he stops fucking around and once he find the girl he really loves, she can call herself the most lucky girl on this world.

,, Ah don’t do this to me now. You can study tomorrow, don’t be like that’’ I heard him whining like a little baby.

,, I can’t really, sorry bro’’ I said hoping that it will just stay like that. But I guess that luck wasn’t on my side.

,, I don’t care. You are going, be ready at 9 Pm, we are going to pick you up’’ and then he just hang up. Shin Hoseok, everyone. Once he said something, it will be so. I punched myself in frustration, wanting to scream out loud so badly.

What if I do something stupid? What if I say something stupid? Now when he said that I’m going, he will fucking push me out of the house, doesn’t matter if I’m ready or not. That won’t be his problem.

The whole fucking day I was nervous, the only thing that was on my mind was getting drunk and that’s all. It would be better if I just get drunk till I feel like a dead person and die on toilet trying to throw up, then facing Hoseok again. I just need some time, but yeah.

The time flied fast as usual and I was already sitting in front of the mirror doing my makeup. I straightened my hair and wore my olive green shirt dress with black fishnet tights. Since I was already planning to get drunk I decided to wear my timberlands instead of high heels. Once I was totally done, I placed my stuff inside my bag, took my bomber jacket and waited outside. Since they weren’t there, I took one cigarette and put my earphones in.

After short time, I saw a car parking near my house giving me sign with the lights that it’s them. I turned my cigarette down, since I didn’t know can I smoke in the car and made my way toward them. When I was there, Wonho went out and hugged me before opening the door for me.

,, Hi’’ I greeted both Hoseok and Hyungwon in car. The whole ride I was quiet as fuck while they were blabbing all the time. Sometimes I said something, because I didn’t want them to notice that something is different.

The ride was actually really short, but to me it was so fucking long. Once we arrived I jumped out of the car not waiting for him to open the door for me. So I just walked in front of them  a little faster.

,, Wait’’ I heard Hoseok’s voice from behind, so I immediately stopped and turned around. Hyungwon was greeting some people on the parking while Hoseok made his way toward me.

,, You look good tonight’’ He said smiling at me. Damn how good he looked. He wore simple black shirt, ripped jeans and of course bomber jacket, just like me.

,, Thanks, you too’’ I simply said and forced a smile back at him. Once Hyungwon was done with greeting the people, we made our way in.

There were a lot of people and somehow I liked that. That was only bigger possibility for me to get lost. While people were greeting us, I greeted them fast as possible and made my way toward the room with drinks. I didn’t want to waste my time, I wanted to get drunk as fast as possible.

I took tequila, grabbed the lemon from the table and put a little salt on my hand. I licked the salt fast, drank the tequila and ate the lemon, making a derp face hoping no one will see it. When I was about to drink another shot, but I felt a hand on my back.

,, Already drinking ? ‘’ Hoseok asked me and I just nodded my head before I took the second shot. He laughed and just took a shot him self.

I expected people to come to Wonho all the time, usually I would be annoyed, but this time I was kinda grateful for that. While he was talking with people, I noticed familiar figure standing in the corner and dancing. It was my friend Yura with her cousins. Without thinking twice, I took one small glass of tequila and made my way toward Yura.

She wasn’t surprised to see me at all of course, but she was glad that I came to them, since she was kind bored. Her cousins weren’t the party type like she is, so I was more then happy to get all hyped with her. We cheered and started to drink immediately, while the girls were looking at us shocked. I guess they didn’t get used to it at all.

The music was more then good and after those shots I already wanted to jump around and dance like some freak. Even tho the alcohol already got me a bit, I didn’t want to stop drinking. So we just continued to drink our shots and dance. When the song Or Nah came, from The Weeked, we couldn’t control ourselves at all, we were dancing and rapping like crazy.  I felt a hand around my waist but I couldn’t care any less since I was already almost drunk.

,, Why did you run away?’’ I heard his voice whispering on my ear, but it was loud enough for me to hear. I froze just for a moment, but drunk like that I didn’t give a fuck honestly.

,, I didn’t ‘’ I said and take another shot with Yura. While I was licking the salt of my hand, I could feel Hoseok staring at me, but all I cared about was alcohol. This time we didn’t just stop by one, so we decided to drink another shot immediately and Hoseok joined us.

That’s why I wanted to get drunk so badly, once I’m drunk all I care about is alcohol and having fun. We were dancing and drinking all the time, but all of sudden some drunk guy passed by pushing me a little bit with his shoulder. Since I was drunk, I turned around ready to fight.

,,Watch out you little piece of shit’’ I yelled pissed off. Wonho grabbed my arm and pushed me aside when the guy turned around, he just smiled apologetically.

,, Watch out your girlfriend man’’ he said and Wonho just nodded his head. Since I was drunk as fuck I ignored the girlfriend part, while Yura was totally shocked.

,, Look, you are like Chihuahua, your fucking small, but think you’re a Doberman. You gotta stop because I can’t beat everyone’s ass up’’ he said pulling me closer to him. I just ignored him and continued to dance and drink.

,, How much did you drink? ‘’ Hoseok asked me when I was about to drink another shot.

,, I don’t know’’ I said and drank it fast before he could stop me. I couldn’t even stand clearly, so first time in that night I was thankful that Hoseok was there so I could lean on him.

,, I think we should go home now’’ he said grabbing my arm lightly.

,, No, I don’t want to go now’’ I whined. You know when you are so drunk and when you just want to dance and drink some more. That’s how I felt.

,, No, we are going’’ he said placing his arm around me, so I couldn’t run away. He said to Yura that we are going and she hugged me and said that she will go soon anyway. Once we found Hyungwon, we took our jackets and made our way out. This time Hoseok didn’t bother to greet anyone back, since he had to deal with drunk me, but Hyungwon in other hand did take his time, so Hoseok just took his keys and went out.

I didn’t even realize how much I needed the fresh air once I was out. Thanks God Hoseok’s hand was around me, because even if I wasn’t in heels, I would probably end up kissing the ground. He unlocked the car, pushed me inside somehow and sat in the back with me. Probably afraid that I will throw up or something.

,, Jeez you are so fucking drunk (Y/N)’’ he said while I was just lying there in the car totally lost. In a short time Hyungwon came, to him it was a funny to see Hoseok dealing with drunk me. So he was just laughing lightly while I was acting like dead person there.

,, You are lucky that Jesus loves you (Y/N)’’ Hyungwon said driving looking on the road and laughing lightly.

,, What do you mean Jesus loves me ? Did he say something to you? Oh my god tell me his exact words’’ I said all of sudden totally hyped up.

,, Shut up, you are drunk’’ Hoseok said pushing me back to the seat while Hyungwon was laughing his ass off.

,, Drive us to my place’’ Hoseok said to him and he just nodded his head.  I wanted to protest at first, but after all, just thinking about dealing with my parents drunk like this was already freaking me out. My parents always stay up till late when it’s weekend.

Once we arrived, Hoseok greeted Hyungwon and helped me get out of the car. I didn’t know how much time it was, but I was pretty sure that it was totally late.

,, Listen, I have some family as guests, so you have to be really quiet.’’ He said and I just nodded my head. He unlocked the door and placed his arm around me again to help me walk. I kept my mouth shut even if it was pretty hard for me. I was really giving my best to walk normally, but it was so fucking hard.

Once we were in his room, I fall on his bed immediately. I was drunk so much that didn’t even want to change or take my makeup off, all I wanted to do is just lay there and sleep. Wonho didn’t turn the lights on, he just closed the door and turned the tv on. He wasn’t drunk as I was, he did drink some shots, but he could deal with alcohol.

While I was lying there like a dead cat, he took one of his shirts and threw it on me. Then at my surprise he started to change in front of me. Not like I never saw him without a shirt, but drunk like that I couldn’t control my thoughts. God, whatta nice body he always had. No wonder that all those girls were after him. All of sudden I started to think how does he kiss. I always wanted to know if he is a good kisser. I wanted to see was that a reason too why he had all those girls under his spell.

,, Take a picture, it will last longer’’ he said with a smirk on his face, making me blush and look away immediately. He was just in his shorts and he had a shirt in his hand.

,, Are you shy all of sudden?’’ he asked me coming closer to me. In just a second he was standing in front of me, while I was half lying on his bed. He gave me his hand making me confused. I wanted to act it off, so I have him my hand and all of sudden he pushed me up, pulling me close to his body. His arm was strong around me, not letting me lost my balance and fall back on his bed.

,, Why don’t you stop acting for a change?’’ he asked me, looking me directly in my eyes, making me shake a little bit.

,, Do you think that I didn’t notice how much you want me ?’’ he whispered quietly into my ear. I honestly didn’t have any comment. My mind was blocking like never before.

,, Do you think that I didn’t realize how heavy your breathing got last Saturday when I hugged you from behind?’’ he asked me once again. So he did notice. I was so fucking shocked that I couldn’t even say a word.

,, I-‘’

,, It’s okay babe. I really didn’t have this in my plan for tonight, but with you watching me like that, do you really think I can control myself’’ he said slowly kissing my neck. Damn, I didn’t even realize how much I wanted it, until it really happened. Without even noticing, I pushed my head to the side, giving him more place. He was kissing my neck leaving wet love bites, while his hands were holding my hips strong.

,, Only God knows how much I wanted this’’ he said and kissed me roughly, pushing me back on the bed and hovering over me. In just once second I felt his hands all over my body, pulling my shirt dress over my head. But he didn’t stop touching or kissing me, even just for a second.

,, You look so fucking beautiful’’ he said when he stood up, just to take a good look at me, only in my black underwear and black fishnet tights. Then at my very surprise he grabbed my tights and ripped them off, pulling my black panties down with ruined tights, just in second he grabbed my legs and speared them apart, making enough space for him to place his head between. I almost screamed out loud when I felt his tongue on my clit. He was eating me out like there was no tomorrow and all I could do is try to be quiet as possible.

Then all of sudden, he placed his two fingers inside my core. I opened my mouth and tried started to breath heavily, because I couldn’t moan. It was too risky.

,, So wet for me’’ he said and started to move his fingers in incredible speed. I didn’t moan,, but my breaths were so fucking deep. When I was so close to orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of me and stood up on his knees.

,, How tasty you are’’ he said while placing his fingers in his mouth and looking me directly in my eyes. I was so frustrated because he didn’t finish what he started, so I just tried to calm myself down and catch my breath. He didn’t want to lose his time, so he just took off my bra and started playing with my breasts immediately, squeezing them and sucking them.

,, You were good girl for now, but you will have to be really quiet’’ he said and I just nodded my head in agreement because I couldn’t wait anymore.He took of his shorts and threw it somewhere in the room, hovering on top of me again.

,, Now tell me babe, to whom you belong ?’’ he asked me rubbing his dick against my clit. My I couldn’t control my breathing at all, so it was really hard for me to speak up.

,, Tell me’’ he said again, a little bit more harshly.

,, To you Hoseok’’ I spoke up hoping that he will continue the game he began.

,, Tell me what do you want babe’’ he said with a smirk placed on his face, while still rubbing his dick against me.

,, I want you to fuck me Hoseok, please’’ I said almost crying. I fucking needed him inside and I couldn’t take it anymore.

When he heard that he slammed his dick inside me without waiting any second, making me moan quietly. He didn’t wait till I will get used to his size, he started to fuck me hard immediately. His thrusting was becoming faster and harder with every move. But I didn’t mind it at all, in fact I loved it.  At the beginning it did hurt a little bit, but soon the pain turned into unbelievable pleasure.  

,, So fucking tight’’ he said with heavy breaths following his words.

Then all of sudden, he stopped, he started to fuck me slowly but hard. Pulling his dick out slowly and slamming it back hard and fast. He cut my breath every time he slammed it back. I couldn’t control myself anymore and I started to moan quietly. Then at my surprise he flipped me over, pulled my ass up and slammed his dick inside again. He placed his one hand on my mouth and started to move incredibly fast and hard.

While his one hand was on my mouth, his another one found it’s way toward my clit. I couldn’t control myself at all, I wanted to scream and moan in pleasure so hard, but I couldn’t do that. When he started to rub my clit, I couldn’t take it anymore. Feeling his hot breath on my neck, his dick inside me and hand on my clit was too much for me.

,, Cum for me baby’’ he whispered on my ear, I guess that he felt my walls tighten around his dick. Since he started to move even faster, harder and deeper as before. With every move I could feel him hitting my g-spot and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I finally had my orgasm, oon after it, Hoseok reached his own too.

We were both breathing heavily lying there.

,, You know, you could just tell me, not avoid me the whole week’’ he said and he took the shirt from the floor he gave to me before. I wore it and I took my panties from the floor, wearing them fast too.

,, Sorry.’’ I simply said and made my way toward the bathroom to take off my makeup. I couldn’t believe what just happened. After all this, I was totally sober again.

When I came back, he was already in bed, with his clothes on. I just hopped in and he placed his arm around me again.

,, You know, we should do this more often from now on’’ he said and kissed my cheek slowly.

,, Hoseok, I don’t want to be one of those girls you fuck around’’ I said quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. Even if it was dark, I could see him smiling at me.

,, No, you will be my girlfriend. Everyone thinks that we are in relationship anyway, so we’ll make it true’’ he said and kissed me softly.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: i swear to god if someone does not tell us why evan and delirious muted everyone in their call while on gta i will flip my shit these fuckers are so gay for each other and i thank nogla for not cropping out tyler's end of the "muting" conversation why did evan crop it out though i swear to god im going to throw hands