cropped pullover

Wanna One as Forever 21 Shit

[REQUESTED] lol ok so im not saying the members are fake butttt if they had to be a rip off or cringey shirts it’d be like this?? also idk i dont really buy stuff from F21 but i online window shop and IRL window shop there A LOTTT so ya i guess i can do this accurately?? 

requests are open for anything else toooooo

Jihoon: Rainbow keyboard cover or weird ass metalic “platform” shoes with hard laces

Jaehwan: uneven muscle tee that says RAP LIFE across the chest

Daniel: clean shirt thats comfy but says something like SUPER DREAM in a green box (rip off supreme ok idk)

Seongwoo: “holographic” one piece swimsuit that has something like SUN BUM on the butt

Sungwoon: Nice pair of sunnies that seem too nice and u almost don’t wanna buy them because its too suspicious

Woojin: Nice warm jacket that is well made … but it has drawn on pockets and an orange happy face emoji on the sleeve orrr some weird rip off of gummy worms in the checking out bins

Minhyun: The super nice pair of diamond earrings that only has one set avaliable and u want them but one of the earrings is missing a back

Baejin: pink loofah or  those weird headbands with pom poms attached to them that seventh graders wear

Jisung: a super comfy and cute sweatshirt but it says MADE TO BE A STAR on the sleeves

Daehwi: cropped long sleeve pullover that says PARTY on it in Comic Sans orrrr a weirdass gaint phone case that has watermelon cut outs floating inside

Guanlin: windbreaker that actually looks super cute but has no protection from any wind and coldness orrr a starightup maroon beanie u see laying on the ground in the shoe section

im so orry im actually about to go to sleep and i jst RLLLLLY wanted to post something ugh i couldve made it better im so sorry!! hopefully u still enjoyed though i cant come up with anything else at the moment
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