cropped out

never crop toilets out of your bathroom mirror selfies. it is disrespectful to that machine to cast it aside in favor of your handheld computer

anonymous asked:

Hey Ellie!! Is it okay if I use some pics of ur face to show someone who's going to be doing my makeup? I'll crop everything out but your face! I can come off anon for you too if you want! I'm just starting to get into makeup and I really like some of ur older pics with ur eye makeup!

omg i dont mind at all i wanna kno which Look u like tho so i can remember my glory days 

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tbh I hate it when people are just like "Oh yes! Dan, Phil, and PJ! Who tf is Chris??" Like literally I've seen pictures with him just cropped out like why?? And I've just seen a lot of general hate towards Chris (if people actually know who he is). ((Also not saying that Chris is totally perfect))

recently what i’ve seen the most is people saying he’s manipulating his fans for money. he’s not manipulating us at all - he needs money, his audience gives him the money. he’s a grown man who needs an income, what’s so wrong with that?? if he’s manipulating us then all the youtubers are doing the same thing. it’s not like he’s forcing us to watch his videos.

and that he’s ungrateful to his fans and that he hates his younger audience. that is definitely not true but can anyone blame him for wanting to connect to people closer to his age? he’s turning 28 in a few months.

i love love love his youtube videos but deep down i really hope oscar’s hotel gets him noticed so that he can leave this mess behind and act full time

A dark secret: when black and white came out in about 7th grade I was obsessed with isshushipping . It was bad. I drew a pic of it and cut it out and taped it to my mirror. It’s still there rn I’m lookin at it. That’s why whenever I take selfies in it I crop it out cause, I mean, wtf. What if u see someone’s selfie with badly animu drawn crayon scribbles yaoi at the bottom that’d be pretty wild no


Right, the six selfie challenge! I was tagged by adriellyay and teatimewithyourlocalsassmaster (I’m sorry this took forever to do!) Ya, still couldn’t bring myself to smile on camera, but I included a derp face I cropped out of a group selfie. (Also I recycled two but the rest are all new) Now, as for who I tag: big-nosed-elf, clickthepj, becauseimsostupid, sora-chan73, and hide-deserved-better (Course you guys don’t have to if you don’t want to!)