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lol i tried to animate… anyway trapper is really cool and i needed to draw him looking really cool, here ya go

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I ship Shuka and Rikyako~

Enjoy a shukarika gif dump then!! ( ゜ω゜ )ゝ

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ships that could have been everyone’s otp if we were born about 15 years earlier (3/?): Dennis Wise/Gianfranco Zola

HI HELLO I was lucky enough to get a second meet and greet with Panic! at the Disco and here is my pic!!

So I walked in and I shook everyone’s hands AND THEY WERE ALL SMILING SO BIG IT WAS SO COMFORTING, ESPECIALLY BRENDON AND DALLON. Then I asked if we could just do some cool peace signs and big smiles (Dallon kind of ignored that part, but it’s okay he still looks beautiful). They were all so enthusiastic when I asked it was so reassuring because I wasn’t sure if it was kind of a stupid pose, but yeah!! Here is my picture and I’m so so happy with the way it turned out!!
ALSO when I was leaving I turned to Dallon and said, “oh yeah I love The Brobecks by the way!” And he smiled at me and did a little salute with two fingers to me and said, “thank you.”
And yeah then I just said bye and walked out but it was such a great experience I am so lucky and happy to have gotten the chance to meet my favorite band again!!!

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… Me, guys. duh. Hahaha okay so storytime:

Obviously I was super nervous the day this was taken because 1. It was my first con/first photo op ever and 2. It was very very cold in the building so I was shivering and 3. My glasses didn’t go with my Rowena cosplay so when I got into the op room I took em off and everything was super blurry.

So I’m standing in line freezing and blind and I know Mish is there because I see his blurry form but since I can’t see, I don’t know if he’s staring at me. I could be be staring bug eyed at him and he could be staring back and I don’t know it and it’s all very nerve wracking and crazy and the line is moving super fast and I’m not prepared AT ALL. 

I finally get up to him but I’m so freakin’ near sighted that he’s still a precious dad shaped blur and I basically reach out and grope for him like a crazy person and kinda whimper, “MIIISHAAAAAAAAA.” 

He pulls me toward him and he is SO WARM. He is warm and squishy so so so so squishy and he smelled like a gingerbread man. I think he might actually be a gingerbread man. 

Anyway, the rest was a blur (haha glasses pun) I tell him to flip off the camera and he does and he thanks me and releases me into the wild and I stumble off like a dazed animal. 

That’s it! That’s how I met my third dad and I love him so much and next time I see him I’ll have my glasses on XD

He’s super lovely guys, 10/10 will gingerbread again. 

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To my friends with the jiggly bellies: You’re gorgeous.

To my friends with the big thighs: You’re glorious. 

To my friends with the flabby arms: You’re incredible. 

 To my friends who think their weight is keeping them from beauty: You’re beautiful, and no number will ever be able to disprove that.

First drawing of 2016~! I’ve been wanting to draw elf!Jaehwan for a long while now, I’m surprised more people haven’t drawn him such, considering his cute lil pointy ears.

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And here’s the one with Robert!

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Robert was about to leave when he saw us waiting, and he looked at us, waited for a second or two, and asked us if we wanted him to sign anything and walked towards us when he said yes. When I handed him my t-shirt and a sharpie he was sort of struggling with his cup of tea and in the end he just handed it to me and asked if I could hold it for him because there was no security. (they were there but just stayed back where the cars were parked)

After the signature, we got our pictures taken and he went on his way back to the circus. 


Finally met Ginny!!! (And Jmo again yaayy!)

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So they were filming in Stanley Park today. I only got there around 4pm because I had to work. We found our way to the set, where we were not allowed, so we waited sort of close-ish to the circus. We had no idea the actors were actually gonna stop here. But they did. After a bit of waiting, a car stopped really close to us. Suddenly security walks up and Jmo and Ginny step out. Two other fans who were there walked up to them - but not in a way that blocked the actors from getting away from us if they wanted to - and then Jmo walked up to them. Ginny following close behind. The girls walked up to Jmo immediately, but Roxy and I walked up to Ginny. We asked if she was okay with a photo and she said “of course” so we got our pictures taken and thanked her tons of times. She was quiet but smiling a lot.

After that I got my picture with Jmo taken as well. Notice the weird position of my umbrella? Yeah, that was the wind was like. It almost got blown out of my hands. “The wind is crazy today!” she said. 

Then after I got my picture with Jmo, I saw that Ginny was still there, but standing there alone where Jmo was surrounded by the others. So I grabbed my bag and got out my t-shirt, and asked her to sign it. She smiled and signed the shirt, while I thanked her a thousand times more. 

Ginny is so so sweet, and Jennifer too, of course. I’m starting to love these people more and more. This cast is the best!

Also met Jared again!

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Yay! I met Jared again, and got a slightly better picture this time!

Jared is still kinda insecure about himself, because before he came over, he asked either his mom or the security something along the lines of “do they actually want to meet me?” where the security called out to us if we wanted to, and of course we do! So I got my book signed and the picture again. Yay!! 

Robert came over just a bit before, so I got him to sign my book too. I felt weird taking a picture because I got one only a few days ago. 

YAYY!! I Met Colin again!!

Please don’t crop me out of this picture or repost it. 

This was on Wednesday, when I got home after work, I figured out the location they were filming at and decided that I really didn’t have anything better to do and BOOM I was on my way. 

On set, I met the-lady-swan and i-know-how-you-kiss and another girl who’s url I still can’t remember. Trust me these girls are the best. I’ve never laughed (and sung) so much on set! Seriously girls, I’m gonna miss you guys!

So yeah, after having ours of fun by ourselves and a few actors passing by, Colin finally came over to see us!!! He’s such a sweetheart. Asking us about our day, and just talking about how it’d finally stopped raining and all. Yeah, again, such a sweetheart.